Note: The measures in this procedure describe the windows Server 2012 R2 or home windows Server 2012 user interface. Whereby applicable, any type of differences for home windows Server 2008 R2 are noted.

To add roles and services on home windows Server 2016, see add Windows Server Roles and also Features (Windows Server 2016).

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Verify that windows Server 2008 R2, home windows Server 2012, or windows Server 2012 R2 is mounted with the recent updates. To inspect for updates, pick Control dashboard > windows Update. create an applications pool, if necessary. You deserve to use the default application pool or develop an application swimming pool that is committed to Integration Broker.
choose Start > Server Manager. In Server Manager, choose Manage > include Roles and also Features. In the add Roles and Features wizard, click following until the Server Roles page appears. pick the complying with roles, climate click Next.
Note: as soon as you choose Web Server (IIS), a dialog box appears prompting you to confirm functions that are required for web Server (IIS). Verify that monitoring Tools is included, then click add Features.

Features .NET frame 3.5 attributes .NET frame 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and also 3.0) HTTP Activation

When you select HTTP Activation, a dialog box appears prompting you to confirm attributes that are compelled for HTTP Activation. Click add Features.

Note: On windows Server 2008 R2, you select these options: .NET frame 3.5 attributes .NET structure 3.5 WCF Activation HTTP Activation

IIS Hostable web Core Windows procedure Activation company WinRM IIS expansion

For example:

number 1. Home windows Server 2012 R2

Click Next, climate click next again to display screen the applications Server function Services page. In the application Server role Services page, select the following function services.
Application Server duty Services Application Server role Services .NET framework 4.5 (do not adjust if preselected) net Server (IIS) assistance
Note: when you pick Web Server (IIS), a dialog box appears prompting you to confirm attributes that are required for web Server (IIS). Click include Features.

Click Next and click following again to display screen the net Server duty (IIS) duty Services page. In the web Server role (IIS) duty Services page, pick the following duty services.
Web Server duty (IIS) duty Services web Server accept the default selections permit the complying with option: administration Tools IIS monitoring Console IIS 6 management Compatibility

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Click Next. Click Install. when the surroundings is finished, click Close come close the include Roles and also Features wizard.