As a society media manager or moderator, you have to look through and also moderate many comments ~ above a daily basis. However, there can be cases where a comment gets turned off by accident or you require to recognize who deleted whole comment threads on any kind of given day.

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So how can you find out that deleted a talk about Facebook? We’ll show you a reasonably easy way to discover out!

Deleting on facebook comments – a dilemma

Sometimes you’ll spot a comment the really doesn’t belong under among your posts. Obviously, girlfriend or someone rather in your team will delete it. Alternatively, girlfriend or her higher-ups need to understand who taken on a specific set of comments one day. Whether it’s for top quality assurance or just a regime check, it’s good to have accessibility to facebook comment history.

There’s one problem: deleting content on facebook is considered to it is in an irreversible action. After girlfriend delete a article or a comment, girlfriend can’t inspect what to be deleted. You can’t even uncover out who deleted it. The content disappeared. For this reason essentially, girlfriend can’t see who deleted a discuss Facebook if you’re only using on facebook to moderate comments and also messages.

This puts a lot of responsibility on society media managers and moderators.

However, there’s a third-party tool that can aid you track all comment history, so that won’t it is in an issue. The an excellent news is the it’s available in’s social Inbox.

Using to view who deleted a comment on Facebook

If friend delete a comment on Facebook via, it will certainly disappear on Facebook. Therefore whenever a user “dirty deletes” or your very own moderators simply delete their comment, you’re absent context.

It will still be accessible for preview in, though. You will even see i m sorry moderator turned off the comment


This is a commonly asked for choice in society media agencies whereby a few people job-related on moderating one on facebook page. In situation of a mistake or a rash decision, the team will understand who is accountable. 

If in ~ some point you will should get back to turned off comments, you have the right to filter’s social inbox by ‘deleted’ and see every the turned off comments. 

Don’t forget about’s social Inbox analytics, wherein you can check how many comments have been turned off on your analyzed Facebook page in a chosen period of time.

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