This is the exact same spherical propellant used in Hornady’s innovative and also award-winning, high-performance factory ammunition. This fabulous propellant meters flawlessly and makes lever activity cartridges choose the 30-30 Winchester productivity velocities in excess of 100 fps over any published handloads, with even greater gains over manufacturing facility ammunition. Other cartridges encompass the 35 Remington, 308 Marlin Express, 338 Marlin Express and the 25-35 Winchester.

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The perform of cartridges and bullets is minimal with this highly dedicated powder, but where that works, it yes, really works!

Available in 1 lb. And 8 lb. Containers.


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- Cartridge (Required) -
- Bullet load -
- Gauge (Required) -
- covering (Required) -
- Load kind -
- Shot load -
Case: Twist: Primer: Barrel Length: Trim Length:
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George Gardner

A precision rifle enthusiast and also owner that GA Precision, George most likely needs small introduction. He to be trained as an armorer in the us Army, where he spent 6 years together a military Police Investigator. After serving his country, George spent two decades serving his community as a police officer. He retirement from the north Kansas City Police room after tours through Patrol department and the K-9 – medicine Unit, with additional duties together the department Armorer, SRT Unit Sniper, and variety Officer/Instructor. The still offer the NKCPD as a range Officer volunteer today.

In 1999, George opened up GA Precision after ~ apprenticing with three gunsmiths. Since opening GA Precision, George has actually been building some of the finest precision bolt guns and custom rifles. An avid shooter and outdoorsman, George takes pride in the high quality custom rifles that G.A. Precision is making and looks forward to the future of developing the best professional custom rifles top top the market.


Jaclyn Bryan

Hailing native the Kansas City-area, Jaclyn is a rifle shooter specializing in precision rifle shooting. After taking up competitive shooting in 2016, she, won the Precision Rifle collection Production department in 2017 through her Savage Stealth. She has due to the fact that entered the Open division and has completed all end the country at countless national level events, consisting of the PRS Finale in 2018.

Jaclyn has likewise taken up extreme Long variety matches, consisting of King of two Miles in brand-new Mexico, where she put 14th out of 80 invite competitors. In her totally free time, she shoots in NRL22 society matches about the Kansas City area, where she stays with her husband Shane and where she works as a pharmacist.


Zach Hinze

Zach, a resides of McCook, Nebraska, began shooting trap and hunting once he to be 10. Soon, Zach to be shooting skeet and also fell in love with the sport. A couple months later, Zach shooting USAYESS compete in cool Island. Conveniently he to be attending weekly, monthly, and also annual shoots, which contained Nebraska state, USAYESS, and also many more. Zach began attending nationwide shoots in 2018, consisting of Junior Worlds, junior Olympics Nationals, and also USAYESS Nationals.

Through shooting, Zach has met many civilization in the shooting community. Former lead pilot of the Blue Angel’s john Foley has reached remained in contact together with Remington Mcbee and also several others.

In addition to shooting, Zach theatre plays baseball, basketball, football, and also track & field. That volunteers together an alter sever at Mass top top Sunday at church and is a member in the Civilian Airpatrol Program. He play trumpet in the small High Band and also I am an honor roll student in ~ St. Pat’s.

Zach has several friends that are acquiring into reloading shotshells because of Zach’s reloads. They are impressed through the irradiate recoil and how cheap that is compared to buying new AA shells for exercise or matches. Every one of them room asking your parents for shotshell presses now.


Todd is a vain shooter and firearms instructor. A longtime resident of Virginia, Todd competes in end 16 different shooting techniques (to include USPSA, 3-Gun, steel Challenge, IDPA, Olympic fast Fire, Shotgun shooting Sports). Todd is additionally a sought-after firearms instructor because that military, law enforcement, and also competitive shooters around the world. His proven expertise in firearm manipulation and shooting approaches has magnified the skills of numerous individuals and also agencies. Because that over 25 years, he has worked in the weapons industry in product development, working and consulting with small arms manufacturing and also related products. He is likewise a noted TV personality, regularly appearing on TV programs Shooting USA.

He is a four-time civilization Champion, 13-time national Champion, the just Triple Crown winner in activity Shooting Sports and also has 600+ (and counting) neighborhood and local shooting competitions. He has over 35 years’ experience in shooting, with roughly 50 loads of projectiles downrange through the aid of Powder.


Regina Milkovich has actually been the leading female in precision rifle shooting because she first picked up a rifle in 2009. She continues to be the only female to take it home overall wins in nationwide level precision rifle competitions when she winner the 2016 NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle challenge and 2018 K&M Kahles Precision Rifle Competition.

A continuous shooter, Regina has finished in the top 20 routinely and also in the peak 10 quite typically in both the nationwide Rifle League and also Precision Rifle Series. She helps organize and also coordinate Arizona’s own national level event, the Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge. She’s additionally the co-director that her neighborhood club, the AZ LRPRS, assisting in facilitating monthly matches transparent the year. She newly took top top the role of Southwest local Director because that the Precision Rifle Series. In her off time, Regina write for numerous publications in both print and also digital mediums, trains other shooters, and also mentors number of up-and-coming female competitors in the precision rifle discipline.


Dianna Muller earn a Bachelor of science in Criminal Justice/Psychology from university of central Missouri and also retired indigenous the Tulsa Police room after 22 year of service. She assignments included Patrol, Street Crimes, Narcotics, and also Gangs.

Although her family hobby was horse shows and barrel racing, she father introduced her to USPSA in high school. After beginning a life and also career in Tulsa, she sought barrel racing till she found 3-Gun in 2009. Through 2011, she offered her farm yard and every one of her steeds to focus on 3-Gun and the second Amendment. “I to be intrigued with 3-Gun since, together a police officer, i relied top top all three platforms at work. The game hooked me, however I fell in love with the people!” because returning come competition top top 2009, Dianna has actually earned a plethora of High Lady wins, consisting of the 2013 and also 2016 USPSA women Open nationwide Championship. She has also competed because that the USA in two Pan-American Shotgun matches and the 2015 IPSC human being Shotgun females team that carried home gold! Dianna’s also won the 2015 NRA civilization Shooting Championship females title.

Dianna has actually been highlighted by the NRA in “American Warrior”, the Washington Post and also NRA Women. She has actually been named as a co-host top top “Shooting Gallery” top top the outdoor Channel. She has competed on the TV series, “3 pistol Nation” and an upcoming display called “The huge Gun” ~ above Sportsman Channel, airing in Q1 2016. She has a passion to present the shoot sports and also showcase gun owners and the second Amendment in a hopeful light. In 2016, she to plan to lead a delegate of ladies to Capitol Hill in an effort to offer legislators a challenge to placed with pistol owners.

Dianna currently competes in the function of Captain because that Team Benelli. Ryan and Dianna proceed to not only compete, yet train and also film almost everywhere the country.


Brian Neace thrived up in southern Idaho in the Snake river Plain, surrounding by miles and also miles of high desert to the north and bordered ~ above the south by publicly wilderness. Farming up, Brian spent very small time indoors, through his passions gift split in between baseball and spending time in either the river, the desert, or the mountains.

Baseball won over for a time once it took him come Gonzaga university on scholarship together a pitcher for the Bulldogs. Brian invested three year in Spokane as a Zag till his baseball career to be cut brief by a tragic aircraft accident the took the lives of his parents and also younger sister. Brian moved earlier to Idaho, where he completed his bachelor¹s degree in company Finance at Albertson¹s college of Idaho. Later, he started a granite countertop business enables him the moment to pursue his passion for long-range shooting and high-country public land mule deer and elk hunting.

The terrain in southern Idaho regularly requires a hunter to be able to take shots at 400 yards and well beyond. The desire to know, when, how, and also if he must take this shots together with an unquenched thirst for competition, command Brian come shoot precision rifle events. In Brian¹s first full season, he achieved several peak ten finishes, two regional match wins, and also a 20th place as whole finish in the national Rifle League.

Brian now competes in both the PRS and NRL pro series. Simply In the 2019 season, the will contend in twelve two-day national matches and also 15 regional matches across the country, totaling 4,170 precision hand-loaded complement rounds burning about 131,355 grains (18.75 pounds) that Varget in matches alone. Copy that will come close to consisting of practice rounds invested at his one-of-a-kind shooting selection he built on the sheet of the Snake river Canyon. Snake river PRS society has end up being his pride and also joy through a dedication to cultivation the sport by recruiting and supporting brand-new and youth shooters.


Growing increase on a secluded farm in rural southeast Kansas, Ryan spent the greater component of his childhood in the woods, plinking and also hunting. Working and also enjoying the outdoors were simply a normal part of day to day life. No part of the landscape, from pop cans come squirrels, to be immune to a 10 round burst from a Ruger.

Ryan earned a Bachelor’s of scientific research in Chemistry and also Plastics Engineering and also a Master’s of science in design Technologies. After graduating college, Ryan relocated to Tulsa, yes sir to take it a position as a plastic engineer and also in 2011 began shooting 3-Gun competitively. Ryan still has a enthusiasm for hunting, however 3-gun provides Ryan and wife Dianna the possibility to take trip together and also compete with and versus amazing people.

As of 2014, Ryan and also Dianna have end up being full time hunters and competitors, concentrating most predominately on 3-Gun. In 2015, Ryan and also Dianna travel to over 36 events throughout the world, consisting of Italy and new Zealand. Girlfriend can discover Ryan on ‘Shooting Gallery’ on The out Channel, and ‘’. Ryan has volunteered because that HAVA and also Freedom Hunters occasions getting injured vets right into competition and/or hunting.


From their residence in Montana, Shoot directly with Chad & Marsha complies with Chad, Marsha and their two boys-Walker and also Wyatt-across the world in searching adventures. Each week the Schearer family members will hunt with a selection of weapons from archery, muzzleloader and also shotgun to centerfire rifles and will not only focus on the hunt, however will it is in filled through educational advice to make the viewers far better sportsmen and also sportswomen.

ABOUT CHAD: Chad is a people champion elk caller and also two-time Eastern us Elk calling Champion. A license is granted Montana skilled Outfitter and Guide freelance writer, his articles and also photographs have been featured in magazines consisting of Outdoor Life, American Hunter, American Rifleman, Field and Stream. Chad is likewise the director of heralding & Media relationships for CVA Muzzleloaders, PowerBelt Bullets, Bergara USA, DuraSight Rings and also Bases, Quake Industries and also Konus Optics. Funded by plenty of of the searching industries top manufacturers, the has conducted over a thousands hunting and also fishing seminars across the united States and also has hunted and also fished extensively roughly the world. The is also the previous Editor the Blackpowder Guns and also Hunting Magazine.

ABOUT MARSHA: Marsha is the co-host the Shoot right with Chad & Marsha and also is a license is granted Montana expert Guide. In addition, she is likewise an outdoor writer and photographer, and also a nationwide seminar speaker.

ABOUT WALKER: pedestrian is 15 years old and has pursued from Africa to Hawaii, and also several places in between, consisting of the Yukon in Canada. He took his very first turkey and also mule deer at period 6 and his first bull elk at age 9. Pedestrian loves waterfowl hunting with his black color lab Pow.

ABOUT WYATT: Wyatt is 14 year old and also has likewise hunted Africa, Hawaii and also other says as well. He harvested his first turkey and whitetail deer at period 5 and also completed his turkey grand slam by age 11. Wyatt has actually won plenty of elk call competitions in ~ the ISE ideal of the West Elk phone call Competition. He also placed 2nd in the people Elk call competition. Once Wyatt’s not searching or fishing that loves contending in rodeos and roping turn off of his horse, General.


Phillip Velayo currently serves as Gunwerks’ Long range University lead Instructor. Phillip is a 10-year marine Corps veteran having actually served his entirety career in the reconnaissance Sniper community. Throughout his time, Phillip completed 4 abroad deployments and served in every billets easily accessible to a reconnaissance Sniper, to encompass Scout Sniper Team Leader, cook Scout Sniper, and also Scout Sniper Instructor. His last three years of company were spent at the first Marine department Scout Sniper school as the major Marksmanship Instructor. Phillip has attended every follow-on formal enlightenment Sniper courses, having actually graduated with honors and recognized as ‘High Shooter’ indigenous all. In 2016, Phillip was nominated because that Scout Sniper Instructor that the Year for his meticulous indict that led to institutional changes in the cultivate of marine Scout Snipers in both official schools and unit level training.

Phillip is also well well-known as a country ranked precision rifle challenger in the Precision Rifle series and national Rifle organization circuits.


Residing in Cheney Washington, Jake Vibbert own JC stole targets Inc. And is a strong competitor in the Precision Rifle collection and the national Rifle League. In just five years, he has earned an exceptional shooting resume with regular top finishes at nationwide level events. In fact, Jake has compiled much more wins than any type of other Shooter in the United claims at nationwide level Precision Rifle collection and nationwide Rifle organization events throughout that span. At this time Jake has actually over 65 optimal three podium finishes in the last 4 years, an additional record!

Jake travels the nation shooting, directing precision rifle matches, and teaching precision rifle classes. The has additionally put together the first online Precision Rifle Training series of that is kind, getting viewers from everywhere the people on the JC steel Targets website.

A committed husband and father, Jake has actually formal levels in sporting activities medicine and youth ministry. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting and also fishing with his family and also mentoring youth with his ministry service.

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Make an development to Jake and also you’ll instantly get a huge grin and also firm handshake. One is difficult pressed to uncover a nicer person.