Legendary Pokemon are an alleged to be exceptionally rare, but a few trainers in the anime have controlled to acquire their hands on them.

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Nurse joy in a battle outfit native the Pokemon Anime alongside a wild Latias
The Pokemon games have recently started treating Legendaries as plenty of necessary inclusions in compete teams, but the anime has had much much more magic bordering these one-of-a-kind creatures. Most of them room elusive and mythological, being an effective entities that no trainer might ever dream of meeting or catching.

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Or in ~ least, that"s exactly how they"re typically shown. There"s in reality a how amazing amount the trainers who"ve presented off Legendaries in your team, fairly than simply befriending or mind-controlling as much more trainers do throughout the anime. At least eight trainers in the anime have actually properly caught one, and also each one is a valuable member of your teams.

Ash indigenous the Pokemon anime posing with his melmetal
In the anime, Melmetal and also its earlier evolution Meltan aren"t viewed as Legendaries, and instead just as rarely Pokemon the don"t show up all too often. In the games, though, this Pokemon has historically remained banned from virtual play as result of its elusiveness and also power, making Ash essentially an owner of a semi-unintentional Legendary.

This is quickly proved in battle, together Melmetal is a leading Steel-type force against Ash"s enemies in the Alola Championship. Ash normally otherwise befriends most Legendaries, v the one other exemption perhaps being the Ultra Beast Poipole in the exact same season.

Giovanni v his Mewtwo if training it because that battles
Some people might disagree through the an interpretation of Giovanni having "caught" Mewtwo, but it"s arguable the Giovanni has actually even more ownership over Mewtwo as a breeder 보다 a trainer. Mewtwo is made v experiments through Giovanni"s scientists, making the artificially produced in a functionally similar way as hatching an egg.

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either way, Giovanni uses Mewtwo briefly prior to it end up running off, seeing that its strength is too good to simply fight Gym Trainers under his bidding. He"s no a great trainer of this legendary Pokemon, however it still would certainly likely finish up with this Mewtwo having Giovanni as the initial trainer"s surname in its data if it were in the games.

Heatran wait in line by its secret trainer in the Pokemon anime
probably the strangest Legendary included in a trainer"s arsenal has to be this unnamed trainer waiting in heat to authorize up for Sinnoh"s Lily the the valley Conference. Heatran is mostly considered a rare Pokemon rather than a one-of-a-kind Legendary, but it quiet can"t breed and only come in a single encounter in most games, do its arbitrarily ownership particularly bizarre.

This is just one of the strongest Pokemon a lift character has owned, and also the truth that they don"t appear ever again provides one wonder if Heatran wasn"t originally meant to be a legend in the Sinnoh games. One of two people way, this unnamed trainer is most likely worth being afraid the if they regulated to catch such a an effective Fire and Steel-type monstrosity.

Gladion and his Silvally together
It"s quite rare for trainers to record Legendaries in the wild, yet not every legendary that"s "befriended" by a human being is necessarily a companion in the exact same way. This is why Gladion is particularly worth noting, together he didn"t exactly record Silvally (or Type: Null prior to it evolved) as much as he stole that to save it safe.

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that said, these 2 are plainly partners on a higher level than any type of other befriended Pokemon, making it absolutely precious to say that Gladion has caught Silvally like any type of random Pokemon. This trainer is impossible to imagine there is no it, and its distinct nature way it"ll likely never have a trainer use Silvally and Gladion certain can.

Tobias is virtually infamous in the world of the Pokemon anime, having captured not one, but two legendaries without any type of information as to how. Alongside a Darkrai the he wipes the Lily the the sink Conference in Sinnoh with, he also has a Latios ready as a back-up legendary to easily take down foes in a important competitive style.

Tobias end up beating Ash through these two Pokemon, and also it"s among the couple of times that a trainer owning a legendary felt prefer an unfair advantage. This Pokemon are ludicrously stronger than many other Pokemon in the game, making Tobias feel choose a sick prank come make fun of Ash"s inability to win most tournaments.

Brandon could be among the an ext iconic legendary-users in the Pokemon anime, together his location of Frontier brain comes v a vast fascination for history and archaeology. It"s only fitting that this mix comes through a complete trio of Regis, ancient beings made of raw elements that offer Ash a major run for his money in his fight Frontier quest.

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The one Regi that wasn"t able to capture was Regigigas, that he merely befriended while experimenting the Sinnoh region beyond his very first appearances in Hoenn. V two new Regis out in the civilization from current games, fans are surely expecting Brandon to make an additional return for Regieleki and also Regidrago any kind of day now.

friend wouldn"t be wrong for being surprised by this particular Legendary, but there is in fact a Nurse pleasure who own a legendary Pokemon. One that works through the Pokemon Inspection agency comes to possibly shut under the Pewter City Gym, and also brings out a Latias to take it on Brock"s brother and also his Rhyperior.

It"s incredibly unclear just how this Nurse Joy has actually such a rarely and an effective Pokemon, but much prefer Tobias"s Latios it may simply be that these Pokemon aren"t as legendary in the anime together they space in the games. The said, the still paris in the challenge of the mystical nature they had actually in the Pokemon Heroes movie once these Pokemon first debuted.

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The last and also most current trainer to very own a legend is Goh, Ash"s friend and companion in the Pokemon Journeys series who desires of capturing every Pokemon. This includes Legendaries, but he"s rarely succeeded with any kind of of his past encounters, with the one exemption being a Suicune who trusted him enough to briefly go into a punctured Ball.

most of the other Pokemon in this list weren"t presented how they were caught, instead just showing up in the parties of particular trainers under unsure circumstances. This illustration was specifically special, as it confirmed that a Legendary prefer Suicune requires more than simply a will to record "em all, and easily renders fans wonder the story behind trainers prefer Tobias and also Nurse pleasure obtaining theirs.

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