Well, I typically use “half one hour” too. I’m not sure if “a half hour” is correct. It sound a little bit awkward to me.

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Well, I generally use “half one hour” too. I’m not certain if “a half hour” is correct. It sounds a little bit awkward come me.

A half hour is no awkward. Alan’s answer to be a small incomplete, because he said you that “half one hour” is the normal expression, however he didn’t tell you the both expressions are correct and interchangeable. Yes sir nothing wrong with either expression, and also we use them both.

Hi chocolatee,

I agree the a fifty percent hour in isolation go sound a little awkward. Ns think it counts in which paper definition you usage it. Take these two sentences:

I’ll view you in fifty percent an hour - it would be unusual to to speak I’ll watch you in a fifty percent hour.

On the other hand you would say: The programme large 30 minute it is a half hour programme.

In other words for descriptions/measurements the time, ns prefer fifty percent an hour yet if you usage it adjectivally with an additional noun, i would choose a fifty percent hour together in a half hour session/journey/period



I’ll check out you in half an hour - it would be inexplicable to speak I’ll view you in a fifty percent hour.

I agree with every little thing else girlfriend said, Alan, however it would not be inexplicable to say, “I’ll see you in a half hour.” wherein I am, the 2 expressions are fully interchangeable, seem come be equally common, and neither one sounds unusual.

“Let’s spend half an hour gaining our stuff together.” the sounds a little far better in mine opinion than “Let’s spend a fifty percent hour…” or “Let’s carry out this because that a half hour,” both of which sound a little bit awkward contrasted with your “half-an-hour” counterparts. However, i think in the vernacular, both room acceptable and both can roll turn off the tongue when you nothing over-analyze it. Some of it simply depends top top the person and also the situation.

Hi. First, mr. Alan was wrong come say counts IN. Sometimes, ns like discussing others’ mistakes. Let’s take it easy! Both room grammatically right! that’s my first comment! However, fifty percent an hour is an ext generally used as world might’ve developed it before. I dont know how mmsanotherstage2019.com is occurring but i know right here in vietnam us usually have actually a usual idiom saying the language is appropriate the entirety universe and we simply know how to live top top it no inhabit it.

Hi VW,

My sentence: ns think it relies in which paper definition you usage it isn’t wrong as you suggest. The verb ‘depends’ was standing on the own and also the preposition ‘in’ isn’t related to it yet refers to the verb ‘use’. Perform you monitor that?



Hi. First, mr. Alan to be wrong come say counts IN. Sometimes, ns like stating others’ mistakes. Let’s take it it easy! Both are grammatically right! it is my first comment! However, half an hour is much more generally provided as people might’ve created it before. I dont know just how mmsanotherstage2019.com is occurring but i know below in vietnam we usually have a usual idiom saying that language is right the totality universe and also we simply know exactly how to live ~ above it not inhabit it.

This is one more example wherein you blatantly disregard the very straightforward rules of the mmsanotherstage2019.com language if trying to offer advice. If you don’t stop this plot yourself ns will perform it because that you.

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Hi Torsten,

I nothing say this very often, however I agree through Alan!

Here’s an additional example ns found: ‘It was a fifty percent hour drive from the Pinewood Studios.’ ns think it’s also feasible to say: ‘It to be a half hour’s drive from the Pinewood Studios.’ yet in the an initial sentence ns would indicate to put a hyphen between fifty percent and hour. Probably I’m wrong. I imply we let Alan look into this one more time.

But as soon as do you typically use: ‘it relies on…’?


In this situation the lengthy version would be “it depends on in which context.” However, that is genuinely awkward v those 2 prepositions hanging the end there. The feels confusing to a aboriginal speaker. The understandable, yet uncomfortable. So, we leave out the “on.” anyone understands that the “on” is intended, yet it’s an ext comfortable not to say it.

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I beg to target in. I was told the a/an is a kind of mite serving to intensify individuation (+individual). If that is true, could I think of the topic phrases as:

Half one hour = fifty percent (an hour) = half the unity i m sorry is one hour = fifty percent of an hour, the town hall “an hour” together a unity (idividuality); andA fifty percent hour = A (half hour) = the unity every se which is a half-hour, the town hall “an half-hour” as a unit (idividuality)?

Thank you!

“It depends on in which context.” doesn’t sound azer if friend say: it depends on, in which context…Secondly, don’t forget the hyphen in the a half-hour programme.As for prepositions. The double preposition that I see all the moment is “off of” as in he got off of the train. When you have seen it once, think me, girlfriend will check out it regularly.