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This job is mostly discontinued. If girlfriend want custom songs with many of the progressed features, pick up Clone Hero: link has to be taken from JasonParadise"s stream, check him out! everyone!With the help of many human being (see credits at the finish of the post), I regulated to create a tool based upon QueenBee that functions something like GHTCP, yet for guitar Hero human being Tour.This device will add(!) song to the game, not change the ones the are currently there. You simply feed that MP3s, chart and also info about the songs, and also in a minute the tune will show up in her game, in the practice Songs section of quickplay.Quick feature list:- support charts for guitar, bass and drums, every difficulty- support every one of the GHWT features (overlapping notes, open up bass note, 5 lane drums, slider, ...)- edit already created song"s attributes (name, artist, year,...)- delete tune from the game- separated tracks for every one of the music instruments- sections and also drum filling supportInstructions for use:Attention: This device supports just FeedBack charts at the moment. There however is a means to usage EOF come chart custom songs for GHWT. Once you space done charting the song with EOF, take it notes_ghwt.mid, pack it in FeedBack and also hit save. This will create .chart paper compatible through this tool.- Make sure you operation this regime as administrator!- If you want to take benefit of all of the GHWT features, girlfriend will need to chart the song a little bit differently, 보다 you might be provided to. Please describe this guide that I composed to do clear just how to chart the songs for GHWT and this tool: ... Rting.docx- all music records that you want to use through this tool must be in this format: MP3, 128 kb/s little rate, 48000 Hz Sample rate.- If girlfriend don"t have actually mp3 because that every instrument in the song, just leave a blank space in the textbox. The device will automatically include silence instead of this instrument. However, that is strongly recommended the you mute one of your mp3s and use it rather of this feature, because when you leave the ar blank and you pause the game, the music will not protect against playing.

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- you re welcome chart star power phrases. The tool should be able to convert the song without SP phrases, but better be safe than sorry :) If the chart conversion freezes, take it a watch if friend charted SP phrases.- There space three exe records in the folder through the tool, girlfriend will only use Importer.exe - the other exes will certainly be called when you operation the tool and also you don"t have to worry around it.Troubleshooting:- The music papers generation can take a while to process, so please be patient. If the regimen seems choose it froze, just wait a couple of more moments.I expect you will enjoy this tool and also your practice songs in people Tour. If girlfriend have any troubles v the tool, simply write that under this write-up or to me by PM.Big many thanks to every the human being that assisted me to develop this tool:Nanook - for developing QueenBee.ocz (the guy that produced the every in one mod) - for inventing exactly how to encrypt FSB files and also creating the vocals import toolThe_Rock_Band_King - for lengthy support and ideas :)bluzer - because that helping out with FSB filesAgain, give thanks to you really much guys, there is no you this tool would not end up being reality.Here you deserve to download the tool: ... Porter.rarMost recent update here: ... Update.rar