If you’re wondering exactly how to get a girlfriend in GTA mountain Andreas, you should be all set to placed in part work.

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Carl’s potential love matches have a specific set of demands to fulfill, and you require to show them you’re interested. For her efforts, mountain Andreas provides you a distinct achievement, though it’s not compelled to fully complete the game.

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How to obtain a girlfriend in GTA san Andreas

San Andreas has actually six possible girlfriends for Carl come romance. Two of them, Denise and also Millie, are component of story missions, though you’ll encounter the other 4 just by exploring and also having the best stats to attract them.

The home Run achievement is tied to having “coffee” (sex, in other words) with one of the girlfriends, despite you have the right to still gain 100% perfect in san Andreas without dating anyone or obtaining that achievement.

You have the right to buy and also give gifts, yet maintaining any kind of relationship through San Andreas’ girlfriends revolves roughly dates.


GTA san Andreas Dates

Carl has three conventional dating choices for any kind of girlfriend: dancing, driving, and food. Every romance partner has actually a set of preferences and some also have a special fourth day with a possibility to boost your partnership status even further. You’ll need to make the right selections during any kind of kind of day to save the funny meter full and also avoid disappointed Carl’s partner.

It must go without saying, however harming Carl’s day has a an adverse effect ~ above the relationship. Just don’t carry out it.

You also need come visit or day your girlfriend every couple of days, at least while you’re in her certain area. Skipping them for too lengthy will harm your relationship, yet only if you’re nearby. For example, if you’re in san Fierro, you need to visit Michelle regularly but won’t face penalties because that ignoring Denise or other non-San Fierro romantic interests.

Finally, throughout the actual day itself, it"s finest to visit areas near whereby you pick your girl friend up. Acquisition too long to come at a location often results in a fail date, which, obviously, harms your relationship.

How to acquire Home Run success in GTA san Andreas

The home Run achievement unlocks as soon as Carl has “coffee” with any girlfriend. The doesn’t count if that spends time with a sex worker, though.

Normally, you should reach a certain percentage level with among the girlfriends before coffee, however if Carl finds all 50 oysters, they’ll invite him earlier home ~ above the an initial date if that goes well.


GTA mountain Andreas girlfriends

These are the 6 women Carl deserve to date and what you’ll have to keep in mind for each. Collecting every 50 oysters prior to entering a connection will negate their sex appeal requirements.

Denise Robinson

LocationRequirementsDriving dateDancing dateFood dateSpecial dateCoffee
Ganton, Los SantosComplete burn DesirePrefers Ganton and Idlewood, no speed preference. Dislikes affluent areasPrefers the Alhambra clubThe well Stacked Pizza Co., Cluckin" Bell, Ten eco-friendly BottlesPerform drive-bys and let she shootUnlocks at 40%

Denise enjoys journey by shootings and also roughing up competitor gangs. She’s one of the first love interests Carl deserve to encounter, and will encounter, as part of the burn Desire quest. There’s no one-of-a-kind perk in this relationship, however you do acquire a Hustler the end of it.

Millie Perkins

LocationRequirementsDriving DateDancing DateFood DateSpecial DateCoffee
Prickle Pine, las VenturasComplete an essential To her Heart and don"t kill herNo location preference. Prefers mean speedThe Camel"s ToeRestaurants and also BarsWear the gimp suit and speak with Millie. Can not give gifts or have actually coffee after, but you will acquire a 5% bonus towards the coffee meter40%

Millie is technically an antagonist, yet Carl have the right to still get close v her throughout the vital To she Heart mission. She has fewer and also easier needs to make happy, yet only gives you a new car for keeping the connection going.

Helena Wankstein

LocationRequirementsDriving dateDancing dateFood dateSpecial dateCoffee
Flint Range, mountain Andreas15-20% musclePrefers rural areas or affluent and also slow speedsScore 4,000 points. Prefers Alhambra or the Idlewood clubWorld the CoqN/A70%

Helena is just one of the missable girlfriends, but likewise one that the more difficult to acquire close to. However, she does have actually a toolshed v a flamethrower and chainsaw in it. They might not have made that on our best weapons list, however they’re absolutely handy come have roughly anyway.

Katie Zhan

LocationRequirementsDriving dateDancing dateFood dateSpecial dateCoffee
Garcia, mountain FierroSex appeal end 50%Beach areas and Chinatown at normal speeds. Overlook the prompt to drive fasterGaydar station clubParadiso DinerN/A52% or higher

Katie is a nurse who likes pain and also suffering. But disturbing the connotations are, advancing your partnership with her allows Carl store his tools after dying and also use the hospital for free.

Michelle Cannes

LocationRequirementsDriving dateDancing dateFood dateSpecial dateCoffee
Doherty control school, san FierroFat level end 50% and high sex very nice OR sex appeal greater than 90%Prefers Doherty and Garcia and also high speedsGaydar StationPrefers bars, such together Misty"sLet Michelle drive40%

Michelle is easygoing and also loves cars. Keep on good terms with her to unlock her garage together a second auto fix spot, just this one’s free.

Barbara Schternvart

LocationRequirementsDriving dateDancing dateFood dateSpecial dateCoffee
El Quedbrados sheriff"s terminal in Tierra RobadaHigh body weight OR preferably sex appealPrefers the area approximately the station and normal speedsThe Camel"s ToeJays DinerN/A60%

Barbara is a deputy sheriff, and also dating her way Carl it s okay his weapons and also body armor earlier should he finish up arrested at any kind of point.

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If you’re looking for less by-the-rules techniques of acquiring ahead in GTA san Andreas, we’ve obtained dozens of cheats to rest the game virtually any way you want, including in relationships. Any kind of king of the roads should have the fastest vehicle as well, but no matter exactly how high girlfriend rise, don’t forget to recruit corridor members to keep manage over your domain.