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Well once I offered to placed them in because that the Ufer ground the was always #4 ceiling copper. Word was I might never gain in problem for that.
Around here and also in the 2011 Code, the minimum dimension GEC (grounding electrode conductor) come a driven rod is #6 copper (#4 CU, if subject to physics damage). You also need come drive two ground rods uneven you can display the single rod has a resistance that 25 ohms or less.I"ve uncovered it"s cheaper to simply drive two and not traction out the earth tester.If you connect to the rebar (UFER) v #4 CU it"s a much better ground and also no rods space required, as chris stated.Don"t forget come bond to your warm & cold water present w/ #4 CUGood Luck indigenous Columbiana, AlabamaMaurice Turgeon,
No idea , because that Canada .Around right here , it depends on what you are asking ? Is the a business panel or a sub-feed panel ? are you talking about the grounding electrode conductor ?Probably lots of other questions , I have not yet believed to ask ?In general , floor conductor for a 100 amp circuit is forced to be at least # 8 AWG copper . Yet that may not be what you room asking ?God blessWyr
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