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Gossip Girl no necessarily a great show — that problematic, to say the least, in regards to its depictions of accurate every character that isn’t a wealthy white person, it’s destructive with plotting, and also Ivanka Trump had not one, however two cameos across the series — however it’s a present that was necessary for the teenager canon. While the high quality of the Upper eastern Side melodrama may have waned end its six seasons, one point — the soundtrack — continued to be consistent.

Compiled by Alexandra Patsavas — probably the most famed music super ever and the mrs responsible because that the Twilight, O.C., Grey’s Anatomy and Hunger Games soundtracks, amongst others — the show’s music to be a reflection of that time and place. The oscillates between little-known indie-rock (Brisbane’s ball Park Music score a sync v a tune from your debut album means back in 2011) and mainstream pop music (Jason Derulo’s ‘Whatcha Say’ soundtracks a an especially heated Thanksgiving lunch).


Patsavas’ decision come pick and choose from both political parties of the indie/mainstream division that was so existing in the mid-2000s to be savvy — she taken that Gossip Girl’s audience was component of a generation because that whom genre classifications would mean basically nothing. Looking in ~ a perform of song from any type of given Gossip Girl episode is choose looking in ~ a maintain Spotify playlist: the songs space stylistically disparate, however they occupational as a whole.

2017 point out ten years since Gossip Girl premiered and in honour, we’ve collected 9 the the ideal musical moment from the show (with a cap tip to the very committed YouTube channel that’s catalogued a entirety 79 of these).

Serena arrives earlier in Manhattan

Season 1, illustration 1Song: ‘what Goes Around…Comes Around’ — Justin Timberlake

Gossip Girl’s pilot is an incredible exercise in setting up tensions that unravel because that the rest of the season (and series, for that matter).

This step — Serena’s entrance ago into the Upper eastern Side social step — develops Blair’s estrangement indigenous her finest friend, Nate’s implicit attraction to her, and Serena’s disillusionment through the UES clique and also her mother. Justin Timberlake’s bitterness breakup anthem ‘what Goes about … comes Around’ fits the mood perfectly, Blair’s apparent horror at the prospect of Serena’s return mirrored in the song.

Blair confesses she hookup through Chuck come a priest

Season 1, illustration 8Song: ‘One mainly of risk (Demo)’ — The Virgins

Chuck and also Blair’s romance is one of the many fraught components of Gossip Girl, however some of the syncs in the Chuck/Blair scenes are killer. This one, a demo the a track by new York tape The Virgins, came to be instantly iconic ~ a couple of seconds (literally a few seconds) of it were offered in this episode.

YouTube is littered through fan-made compilations the Chuck and also Blair scenes collection to the song. It makes sense that this — as opposed to any kind of other of the thousands of songs used in Gossip Girl — has become the couple’s phone call card. That scuzzy, secretive, and the lyrics, a collection of vaguely sexist come-ons, seem to describe Chuck and also Blair’s partnership to a tee. It’s likewise bland together hell, and also hard to hear to in complete — again, reflective of Chuck and also Blair’s relationship.

Blair ruins Georgina’s life

Season 1, illustration 18Song: ‘Do friend Wanna’ — The Kooks

After a couple of episodes worth of manipulation and also scheming, Georgina Sparks — a recurring antagonist in the collection — gets the very first of many Blair Waldorf-orchestrated comeuppances in the series. The Kooks’ ‘Do you Wanna’ soundtracks the scene, Luke Pritchard’s vocals gradually becoming an ext and more manic together Georgina realises she fate. The track starts come wig out appropriate as Blair it is intended a classic Waldorf zinger: “Haven’t you heard? i’m the stunner bitch approximately here.”

Serena and also Nate kiss at the White Party

Season 2, illustration 1Song: ‘Paparazzi’ — Lady Gaga

Season 2’s White Party is well-remembered as among Gossip Girl’s best collection pieces, for good reason: set in the Hamptons throughout summer, the looks great, and also it additionally sets up among GG sauciest plot present — Nate’s love triangle through Vanessa and married socialite Catherine Beaton, the stepmother the Blair’s boyfriend lord Marcus Beaton, who is also having an affair through Catherine. His stepmother. Go you catch all that? the bonkers! and the stepmother is play by Madchen Amick from Twin Peaks! the wild!

This scene, wherein Serena kisses Nate to do Catherine jealous, before being seen by she ex-boyfriend Dan, is a classic — Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’, which underscores the scene, swells together Nate and also Serena room seen pashing, and suddenly cuts as soon as Dan appears. Drama, drama, drama.

Serena becomes Queen the Constance and Dan goes earlier to gift a nobody

Season 2, illustration 4Song: ‘Shove It’ — Santigold

The last scene of Season 2, illustration 4 is a doozy — after the dares to go on a day with the new transfer student, Dan finds himself back at the bottom that the society pyramid, v his as soon as benevolent ex Serena back on top and as cruel as ever. Santigold’s schoolyard chant of “We think you a joke” is nasty and beautiful, and also makes up for Serena’s subtlety as she shakes her head at Dan and walks away.

Fights break out at Thanksgiving

Season 3, episode 11Song: ‘Whatcha Say’ — Jason Derulo

This season 3 Thanksgiving lunch is the most openly soap opera-y step in Gossip Girl‘s entire series: collection to Jason Derulo’s ‘Whatcha Say’, lot of conflicts break out along the van Der Woodsen dining table prior to dinner’s even begun.

Rufus finds the end Lily has been lying to him around her mysterious trip a couple of months earlier; Blair thinks her mother is pregnant; Jenny is upset at Eric for sabotaging her cotillion; Vanessa no her estranged mum because that being a disastrous parent; and — my an individual favourite — Serena it s okay blackmailed by the wife of Nate’s cousin Tripp, a congressman the she’s having an to work with. Believe it or not, this is actually one of the much less convoluted plotlines from season 3.

Chuck falls from grace

Season 4, illustration 20Song: ‘Ladder Song’ — Conor Oberst

(CW: domestic violence)

In one of Gossip Girl’s an ext problematic scenes, Chuck, drunk, smashes a window after Blair speak him they can not be together. Lining is the show’s most vile character: he’s abusive and also manipulative from the first episode.

Gossip Girl’s can be fried failing is the it never ever problematises Chuck’s behaviour at all; instead, his abusive plot is provided as incentive for his ‘redemption arc’, and also Blair goes back to the unquestioningly. Conor Oberst’s ‘Ladder Song’ soundtracks the scene, that lyrics nearly seeming to recommendation Blair’s bittersweet split from Chuck: “Kiss the feet the a charlatan / some imagined freedom”.

Chuck apologises to Blair

Season 5, episode 6Song: ‘Video Games’ — Lana Del Rey

And then chuck apologises, and also all is forgiven! like I said, Gossip Girl never forces Chuck come truly acknowledge the heinousness that his behaviour.

It’s particularly disappointing because the display presents Blair and Chuck as its an excellent Romance, and it’s the connection that most fans were emotionally invested in throughout the run. Set to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ — fittingly, a song around devotion come a damaging partner — the scene presents Chuck’s speech as a large Romantic Gesture; realistically, it’s nothing.

Dan reveals he is been play Serena

Season 6, episode 7Song: ‘Kill because that Love’ — Chromatics

At the midpoint the season 6, Dan and Serena space finally ago together and also it seems favor everything’s nice smooth cruising — until Dan reveals to Georgina that he’s only dating Serena again for this reason he deserve to write a scathing essay about her for Vanity Fair, as he’s done to every his various other friends.

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As Chromatics’ Ruth Radlet sings in the beginning of the tune — “Everybody’s acquired a an enig to hide”. The method ‘Kill because that Love’ is provided in this step is typical of just how Gossip Girl likes to finish episodes, with the tune peaking best as a last twist is revealed.