Of course, castle are offered for an extremely different situations. Friend would never ever say, “Break a leg” come a friend who is about to have surgery, because that example. Nor would certainly you say, “I’ll store my finger crossed” to someone who is about to play in their team’s football championship.

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And in French, it is the same way.

But today is her lucky day. Because us are around to breakdown all the different ways that you can wish someone luck in French.

Fingers Crossed: exactly how to speak “Good Luck” in French

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Bonne Chance

This is by far the simplest and also most straight translation of “Good luck.” it is the phrase you will uncover in many online translators and phrasebooks. And for many occasions, it will certainly serve girlfriend well together a meaningful way to to express your good wishes.

Here are simply a few guidelines to help you usage this phrase more effectively.

(If you require a refresher on just how to use French preposition likepour, avecanddans,take a look atour handy guide.)

Bonne chance pour…

Sometimes you want to include a bit an ext to your sentence come specify specifically what it is the you space wishing the person an excellent luck on.

The phraseBonne opportunity pour…can be offered to wish someone luck v a particular event or experience.

Some examples:

Bonne opportunity pour ton entretien! —Good luck v your interview!

Bonne chance pour le match! —Good luck with the game!

Bonne possibility pour la suite. —Good luck through what follows.

Bonne chance avec…

This is quite comparable toBonne opportunity pour.However, you normally useavec if you are referring to a concrete thing or person (as protest to one event, i m sorry is a bit an ext abstract).

Here room some examples.

Bonne possibility avec ta nouvelle maison. —Good luck v your new house.

Bonne opportunity avec la voiture. —Good luck through the car.

Bonne opportunity avec ta belle-mère. — an excellent luck v your mother-in-law.

Bonne chance dans…

Generally, bonne possibility dans is used the same way as bonne opportunity pour.

There is one slim difference: bonne possibility dans is much more often used to actions the are already going ~ above or in progress.


Bonne chance dans ton travail. — great luck with your work.

Bonne opportunity dans ce projet. — good luck with this project.

So there you have a expression for “Good luck” which can be provided in a variety of settings.

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There space other methods to wish an excellent fortune come someone. Here are a few.

The Verb Souhaiter

The verb souhaiter method “to wish.”

As v English, you deserve to use the verb souhaiter to wish someone luck.

This verb is conjugated as a continual -er verb, like danser or aimer.

Je souhaite — ns wish Tu souhaites — friend (singular, informal) wish Il/Elle/On souhaite — He/She desire Nous souhaitons — us wish Vous souhaitez — friend (plural/formal) great Ils/Elles souhaitent — castle wish

Another essential note around using souhaiter: pay fist to pronoun placement. In French, indirect object pronouns (such together me, you, him, her, it or them) are placed before the verb that modifies them. This is various from English, in i m sorry these pronouns are placed after the verb.

Here’s just how this looks in action:

Je vous souhaite bonne chance. — ns wish you good luck.

Nous dare souhaitons bonne chance. — we wish you great luck.

Ils me souhaitent bonne chance. — They great me great luck.

Keep in mind, though, the this is a bit formal and may sound strange in more casual settings. When talking to close friend or family, friend are far better off just saying Bonne chance.

Using the Subjunctive

The subjunctive the atmosphere (as its name implies) is supplied to express subjective things choose ideas, feel or opinions.

As such, it is one ideal method to structure your an excellent wishes for others. Check out the complete rundown on just how to usage the subjunctive the atmosphere correctly.

Once you have actually mastered it, friend are complimentary to use it to express her wishes for luck, health and also happiness to those roughly you.

Here are a couple of examples come help.

J’espère que tu aies de la bonne chance. — ns hope girlfriend have good luck.

Je voudrais qu’elle réussisse. — ns would like her to succeed.

Que votre famille ait de bon santé! — may your household have great health!

Be careful around where and also when you usage the subjunctive this way, together it too is quite formal and even a little bit dramatic.

Other ways to speak “Good Luck”

As in English, the French language has actually a rich collection of vibrant metaphors come express an excellent wishes because that someone.

Here space a few of them.

Meilleurs vœux

This phrase, literally meaning “Best Wishes,” is a famous statement on greeting cards, especially throughout the winter holiday season.

However, it have the right to be offered for a multitude of other occasions too: birthdays and also graduations, weddings, new houses, brand-new babies and just about any interesting life event.

For example:

Meilleurs vœux to water votre nouveau bébé. — best wishes because that your new baby.

Meilleurs vœux to water ton nouveau travail. — best wishes for your brand-new job.


Yes, you review that right. This favourite French profanity is likewise a legitimate method to great someone good luck!

As v the English expression “break a leg,” we have the theater community to give thanks to for this colorful method of wishing who “good luck.”

Historically in the theater, it is poor karma to wish someone good luck prior to a performance… (almost prefer tempting fate). The is where we started the legacy of wishing someone great luck by telling them come “break a leg.”

The French use the word merde (which method “cr*p” or “sh*t”) in precisely the same way.

This also harks ago to the days once people pertained to theater performances in a horse and carriage. The much more carriages over there were, the more horse excrement can be found in the street near the theater. Weirdly, the quantity of merde actually was a trustworthy indicator of the success the the performance.

Je croise les doigts.

There are some icons of an excellent luck that show up to transcend language and culture.

A four-leafed clover is universally recognized therefore a symbol. Therefore is one upside-down horseshoe hanging over the door. Vice versa, a black cat is a classic symbol of bad luck over many of the western world. (Although black cats are likewise a famous mascot the French culture!)

The gesture of “crossing one’s fingers” is one more of those universal, time-honored signs of luck.

If a friend or love one is going through a complicated time of i beg your pardon the result is uncertain, you have the right to assure them through the statement, Je croise les doigts (“I’m crossing my fingers.”) This conveys to them that you room visualizing a optimistic outcome.

Je touche du bois.

If you room the slightest little superstitious, you have probably do the remark, “Knock top top wood.”

This is a well-known saying when every little thing seems to be going well, and you are simply waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Traditionally, that is add by the superstitious gesture of touching (or knocking on) a piece of wood.

This superstition is additionally well-known in France. Therefore if miscellaneous is going well and you desire it to remain that way, go ahead and say Je touche du bois. And perform not forget to placed your hand on a nearby wooden shelf or table for emphasis.

Bon courage

There space times as soon as saying something prefer Bonne possibility or Je croise les doigts seems just a tiny little bit heartless.

For this times, you need Bon courage.

Literally translated “good courage,” this is perfect expression as soon as you want to tell someone no to provide up, to hang in there also if miscellaneous is hard.

If your friend is fear of shedding their job, if your parental or sibling is dealing with some frightening medical news or if your significant other is around to take a really tough test in ~ school… Bon courage is her go-to for supplying a small luck with a lot of encouragement.

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So there you have actually it, a way to speak “good luck” in French for every situation. We hope you have actually lots of fun (and of course, several luck) using them.