There are many ways to cook your steak, yet the difficulty is it deserve to sometimes be messy. That is why we have this guide on how to cook sirloin steak ~ above a George Foreman grill for you.

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 While you can select from many different meat cuts, the sirloin steak is just one of the ideal that you have the right to get. It has actually a nice balance the meat and also fat, so it stays tender and also juicy as soon as cooked.

Even when cooked in an open up fire, the sirloin steak have the right to stay tender. The meat juices additionally enhance the beefy odor of the reduced of meat, for this reason you do not acquire just the taste indigenous the fats. 


In regards to the appliance that you have to use, you can use a regular charcoal grill. However, it reasons a lot of dirt and mess that you will have actually to deal with cleaning it more than cooking.

 With a George Foreman grill, you will certainly no longer need to go with the hassle of cleaning or setting up the fire. It is among the finest grills the you can use while avoiding mess in cooking.

So just read on together we go through the whole step-by-step procedure of food preparation your sirloin steak perfectly and see the simple tips and tricks you have the right to learn while cooking the sirloin steak.


Table of Contents

ProcedureRoasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

What You will certainly Need

 Of course, friend will obtain the sirloin steak, but there is a means to choose the finest one. Based upon the watch alone, girlfriend will have the ability to get the sirloin steak that has actually the ideal quality

The sirloin steak must not look also thick and too meaty. A good 1-inch or a half-inch thick steak is a good sirloin steak through just enough lining of fat on the sides and also the middle.

 The fats must be well-distributed throughout the meat to ensure the no spot will dry out from cooking. So ask her butcher to offer you the sirloin steak cut with the ideal marbling.

Or you can order them native Snake river farms because that is what I have actually been doing these days and I love the results I gain from their premium high quality cuts. Girlfriend should certainly give them try.

Now, to do the beefy odor stand the end more, friend will should have some spices. Ensure you get the finest rub the will match the beefy reduced of meat to acquire the best flavors. 

With the said, you execute not should make a the majority of rubs or overdo the application of it. If you execute not have actually a rub, you deserve to go with the simple salt and pepper combination.



You can additionally use wet marinade if girlfriend want, yet I would certainly not introduce it. The Goerge Foreman grill is a close up door grill which means that the helps save the juices the the meat within it. 

As lot as possible, do the spices natural and avoid fabricated flavors. You will only improve the meat’s flavor, and also you carry out not require other ingredients for creating other flavors.

You will additionally need come prepare few of your favorite side key if girlfriend get tired of the meaty flavor. Acquire a healthy one favor salad or mashed potatoes to go through the sirloin steak.




Step 1: Prepare The Meat

Before something else, you will require the meat to absorb as numerous flavors native the flavors to enhance the flavor. So acquire your rub or spices and mix them all in a small bowl.

 For this recipe, ns only offered the an easy salt and pepper mix along with a touch of garlic powder. You can additionally use fresh garlic by chopping or mincing properly prior to mixing.

It is finest to usage a obstacle if you perform not have much time to spare. Mix them well with a spoon or through your hands, and also then permit the sirloin steak dry the end a small bit by patting it through a file towel.

 If you room using salt and pepper as seasonings, you do not have to wait and cook the steak best away. However if you space using powdered rubs, then you should let that sit because that an hour. 

You need to rub to go into the meat, for this reason in seasoning, usage your hands to press the obstacle or seasonings into the meat. Let it rest in the fridge for 1-2 hours to let the absorb the flavors.


Step 2: Preheat The Grill

Five minutes before cooking, gain the George Foreman grill preheated. This is basic task because you will not have to deal with fuels such together charcoal or timber pellets in a firebox.

You only require to location the grill top top an open countertop and also then set the temperature to the highest. Let that preheat because that about5 minutes until the reaches the preferred temperature for grilling. 

While doing this, the steak have to be the end of the fridge and also should be resting on the table. Let that reach room temperature so that the seasonings or rubs will begin to melt into the sirloin steak.


Step 3: chef The Sirloin Steak

Once the sirloin steak has reached room temperature, and the George Foreman grill has preheated, ar the steak inside the grill and close the grill’s lid and also let it cook.

Another convenient attribute of the George Foreman grill is the you carry out not require to typically open the grill to check the meat. Girlfriend also do not need to flip the steaks in the center of cooking.

 The George Foreman grill cooks the steak indigenous both the top and bottom parts of the grill. So just wait because that about four minute before checking the steak within to see if done.

For a much more accurate measure up of the doneness, usage a meat probe and place that in the sirloin steak’s thickest part. Aim for medium-rare doneness at 125 levels Fahrenheit.

If you desire to walk further, you can make a medium-well steak out of the by aiming for 155 degrees Fahrenheit. However, I would not recommend it together it can be as well dry or too challenging when done.


Step 4: Let it Rest

 Note the the steak will continue cooking also after you take it it the end of the grill. For example, you aiming because that 125 levels Fahrenheit, take it it the end of the grill if it reads 120 levels Fahrenheit. 

Prepare a clean cutting board and also then permit the meat remainder there for about 5 minutes. It will reach the desired internal temperature and doneness while also helping the meat remain juicy. 

After 5 minutes, get your knife and also slice the sirloin steak thinly. Prepare your side dishes and then serve them to your household or guest while enjoy it the steak with a nice glass that red wine.


Best side Dishes For her Sirloin Steak

There is not lot hassle and also work the you should done when cooking the sirloin steak ~ above the George Foreman grill. The is very easy and also convenient for this reason you have the right to do various other things.

However, you can be having actually trouble trying to find the best side dish to pair v the delicious sirloin steak. For this reason here, we have some proposal that you can conveniently make and also serve v the steak.


Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This next dish is not just healthy however is also really easy to make. You will only need a few cloves of garlic, potatoes, salt, and pepper because that the seasonings and included flavors.

 It perfectly complements the steak’s flavor, and also you will only require a few minutes come prepare it. Simply boil the potato in a pot when the sirloin steak is likewise being cooked and while resting.

Get the potato to a soft texture and then mash them utilizing a spoon or a blender. Chef the cloves of garlic ~ above a different pan v just enough oil till they start to adjust color.

 Mix them with the mashed potatoes, and then add a little bit of cream cheese if you want to change the consistency. It will certainly also include some tanginess come it, garnish through some new basil and also serve.


Mushroom Bordelaise

This is more of a compliment or seasoning quite than a next dish, but you can add it with the sirloin steak as soon as served. Friend will usage both mushroom caps and also stems for this.

 Cook the mushroom in butter and also olive oil, and also then include some seasonings to her liking. You deserve to either serve it on peak of the sirloin steak or bring it come the side in a small bowl.



 Sirloin steak is a beautiful reduced of meat that is an extremely juicy and also tender when cooked right. Therefore if you want to know how to, over there is the an easy guide above that will help you master how to cook it.

The George Foreman grill is a very convenient and easy appliance come use. Once you placed the steak top top the grill, you deserve to just wait because that it to chef without needing to flip it over.

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So if you space a busy person like me, climate it is finest to chef your sirloin steak in a George Foreman grill for this reason you have the right to do other tasks while waiting for your delicious meal to cook.