Some human being find acquisition baths a snore, however that’s due to the fact that they’re not making use of their imaginations. The reality is, there are tons of fun and interesting things to do in the tub when you’re bored. The tub isn’t just for gaining cleaned up. 

What room some points you deserve to do in the bathtub? You deserve to sing, meditate, shave your legs, do business, hear to music, act, clock movies, and much much more. The tub doesn’t need to just serve the function of relinquishing dust to the drain realm.

A bath can also be fairly tedious especially in comparison come showers, yet they don’t have to be. Save on reading to gather ideas that I have actually come increase with and ones i have got from few of my female friends and family members about how to do your bath tub time much more enjoyable, and hopefully inspire you to come up with your own an innovative ones!

You can…


Because let’s confront it, the acoustics in her bathroom space fantastic. Singing in the bath tub is perfect because that folks that (like me) are too shy come indulge in karaoke, however still feeling the music in your soul. So plugin your favorite playlist and also belt those ballads until you do Steven Tyler proud.



Even if you’re the end of school, a long soaking bath is a great time to take a minute to teach yourself something useful. Lifelong learning is one of the most proactive ways you deserve to improve her life, therefore take advantage of it and learn as regularly as girlfriend can. The bathtub is as an excellent a location as any.

Read Something

No matter what genre of material you choose to read, the bath tub is a great place to do it. Reading devices such as Kindles currently come in waterproof variations, but if you take an old school file book in the bathtub with you, you’ll want to make sure that the is you soaking in the book, and also not the publication soaking in.

Listen come The Radio

There space a wide selection of waterproof radios top top the industry that are designed specifically for use in the shower head or bathtub. When we listen to the radio in the car, we’re typically so worried around our commute that we can’t yes, really enjoy. The bathtub has no such boundaries. Hear to her heart’s content.

Listen to A publication Or Podcast

Rather than reading a book on a waterproof mobile machine or risking your record books in the bathtub, you can listen to a book on audiotape or fire up one of your favourite podcasts (mine is the Joe Rogan podcast!).

Make A Grocery perform Or To execute List

It may not be one of the most exhilarating points to execute in the bathtub, but you’ll thank yourself later on when you have actually it all written out and ready to go as soon as it’s time to go shopping. The bath tub is additionally a an excellent place for to-do lists, due to the fact that you’re i can not qualify to it is in disturbed and also can think clearly about what you must accomplish. Probably you can finally put resolving the front door on her list. speak Yourself through A Problem

If girlfriend walk about talking come yourself world might start to doubt you’re a small off, yet in the bathtub there is no one around to judge you (except your pet). Give yourself a good talking-to and also figure part stuff out.

Practice A Speech

You can practice your favorite speech from movies or television, or you have the right to pretend you winning an compensation for many Awesome human being in The Bathtub. Or you deserve to pretend you’ve won an compensation or room being interviewed for just about anything. Allow your creativity run wild.

Bring A Friend


Not just do you acquire the chance to indulge in part intimate bonding time v your far-ranging other or a casual fling in a range of non-boring poses, maybe also just a really good friend. You’re likewise conserving water by bathing two world at the very same time. The a win-win. I favor to lug my kitten.

Do A tiny Day Drinking

Because everyone knows a bottle of wine in the bathtub doesn’t count choose it go in the rest of the house. Or you can make you yourself a fancy cocktail and also brood favor Don Draper. One of two people way, you’ll be infinitely much more relaxed as soon as you obtain out. Just don’t write a to-do perform while intoxicated!

Indulge In some Tea Time

Not into alcohol? shot taking a warm beverage prefer tea or coffee right into the bathtub with you. This is especially luxurious on cold winter mornings when every bone in your body is screaming at you come climb earlier under the covers.

Take A balloon Bath

One that the much easier things to carry out in the bathtub when bored, but it’s a classic. Surround yourself with towers that bubbles and also make you yourself a balloon beard. If it’s good enough for five year-olds, it’s good enough because that you.

Use A bathtub Bomb


Bath bombs come in a range of colors, scents, and also effects, ranging from the spa-like come the important bizarre (looking in ~ you, Pennywise the Clown bathtub bomb). Besides coloring her bath water a cool color, they likewise make you smell an excellent and spark curiosity in your cat.

p.s – ns really like these bathtub bombs, they occupational quickly, last because that the expression of mine baths and are a great price! (The connect is come Amazon).

Binge your Favorite Show

Nothing claims me time favor putting your laptop on her toilet seat, firing up Netflix, and also settling in because that a couple of episodes of your favorite streaming hit. Make certain that your electronic devices are well away indigenous the water, and do not plug them right into the wall for safety.


Many human being consider themselves too fidgety because that meditation since it is hard to remain in one place for for this reason long, but bathtubs room basically built for that. So skinny back, close her eyes, and find your state that nothingness.

Light Candles

Candles are an awesome bathtub accessory, even if it is you have actually romantic company over or not. Choose a few scents you like and fire them up for a important luxurious bath time. Naught says, “this is my serene place” like transforming your tub into Kenny G’s rehearsal space.

Deep problem Your Hair

Let’s face it, girlfriend don’t give your hair sufficient TLC on the daily. The tub is the perfect ar to shot that deep conditioner you bought however never used or to comprise that monster mayo-beer-egg white concoction you’ve to be dying to coat your hair through to do it strong and shiny.

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Shave your Legs


Shaving your legs in the bath tub is a lot much easier than it is to cut them in the shower. Plus when you’re staring down the size of the tub, you’re more likely to notification that you’re obtaining a little prickly anyway.

Throw yourself A work Spa

Who needs fancy spas that price hundreds the dollars? gather up some masks and scrubs, cut up some cucumbers to placed over her eyes, and turn your bathroom into a five-star spa. It’ll price you pennies in comparison and also is even much more relaxing since you don’t have to go everywhere to execute it (or for this reason I’ve been told).

Contemplate In Silence

How frequently do we gain the possibility to yes, really listen to our own thoughts and also contemplate the definition of life? not that much. Take benefit of her solitude and get deep in your very own head. The tub is one of the best places for it.

Use bath Paint and also Soap Crayons

Who states bath paint and soap crayons are simply for kids? Indulge in her inner graffiti artist and tag your own bathtub. You have the right to either usage it favor a whiteboard or simply doodle to her heart’s content. Then to wash it all away.

Eat A Snack

Want to eat a pint of ice cream cream wherein no one have the right to judge you? The tub is the perfect location to do it. Simply make certain it’s nice and clean before you shot this one.

Pretend she Brooding In A Movie Montage

Any time the hero is thinking over the grand overarching themes of his life, the does the in a bathtub or shower. Generally with emotional instrumentals. It is in the hero, and consider your own beginning story as you sit in a sea the bubbles.

Practice Holding your Breath


Get scientific with it and also time yourself with a stopwatch, make the efforts to increase the quantity of time each time. Friend never recognize when this sort of skill could come in handy, or potentially also save your life one day.

Learn A Language

Everyone always talks about how they need to find out -insert language here- however hardly anyone makes the time to carry out it. Kill 2 birds v one (Rosetta) rock by firing increase an audio language finding out course in the bathtub. Perform it every time you gain in, and you’ll be speak Esperanto or Klingon in no time. “Buy’ ngop!”.

Wash Clothes

Practice because that the unavoidable zombie apocalypse and accompanying absence of electrical energy by taking a load of laundry and also a washboard and washing the in the bathtub. You’ll obtain a far-ranging amount of evaluation for exactly how much your grandmother had to occupational to keep people in clothes. Ruhspec.

Practice an Argument

There’s naught worse 보다 being in an argument and also not having actually anything scathing or witty come say. Exercise ahead of time and sharpen that stairwell wit therefore you’ll get the last zinger in following time you in a spat.

Take A tub Selfie

Bathtub selfies space all the fury these days, so take it one and make certain to record your perfect (non-revealing) angle. Write-up to social media and also show the civilization that you take baths, and also you are not ashamed.

Turn It into A ball Pit

Because why not have a sphere pit in her house? This is specifically fun thing to carry out if you’re having a party, however don’t it is in surprised if plastic balls finish up anywhere your bathroom.

Hide indigenous Serial Killers (Or anyone Really)

Need to sneak far from someone? Creep right into the bathroom, lay down in the bathtub, and pull the shower head curtain. For part reason, this is just one of the last areas anyone ever looks.

Scare The Crap out Of who (Literally)

A tub is the perfect location to hide before jumping out and also scaring the pants off of among your housemates. Just make sure to pull the jump scare prior to they gain their pants down or do anything embarrassing.

Learn how To Snorkel

Nobody desires to learn how to snorkel in former of various other people, and also learning to snorkel in a genuine body of water can lead to embarrassing floundering. Plus, you don’t want to learn while you’re actually on vacation. Exercise ahead in the tub, and you’ll be prepared to walk on your following cruise or beach getaway.

Get A Rubber Ducky Or various other Bath Toys

It’s your bathroom. Live your ideal life. Gain that rubber ducky if you desire one. Your tub is her sanctuary, her Fortress that Solitude, and also no sanctuary is complete without a few toys. Just be certain to put them far before company comes over, or you’ve gained some explaining to do.

Do Business

Rehearse your next presentation at work-related or capture up on writing that agency email. Several of the greatest service masterminds on the planet execute their brainstorming in the bath.

Dye your Hair

You have the right to either select a normal shade or go all out and dye your hair something important rad, like electrical blue. If you have a project for squares the won’t enable for such awesomeness, you deserve to pick up a short-lived dye that won’t last past your next shampoo.

Browse On her Phone

Because goodness to know Reddit will certainly not have the ability to survive for half an hour without her input. Pass a phone right into the bath tub is risky business, but doable. Just make certain it is no plugged into the wall, together this have the right to lead come electrocution. And also you’re no that bored.

Fill up Water Balloons

Filling increase water balloons at an the end spigot is conspicuous, and detrimental come an ambush attack. Instead, fill up your water balloons in the bathtub behind a locked door. The bath tub also makes a good place to store extra ammunition.

Bathe her Pet

It might not it is in the many fun thing on this list, yet given just how much most dogs and also cats hate acquiring a bath, it’s certain to not be boring. Add to it most likely needs to be done and makes for part pretty hilarious video and photos.

Whiten her Teeth

One of the many annoying things around whitening her teeth through a mouth guard is exactly how long you need to sit with it on. A bath tub is the perfect location to execute it, since thirty minute doesn’t feel so lengthy when she doing the in the bath.

Catch increase On The News

Everyone knows we don’t spend sufficient time recording up on present events, and also knowing those going on renders you a far better conversationalist. Capture up on analysis the newspaper or placed a live stream of the news on your phone or laptop to gain woke.

Practice Juggling v Soaps

Because really, once else space you walking to collection aside time come learn exactly how to juggle. Google up a tutorial and also get come work. Got good enough to juggle three bars that soap in ~ a time? gain them nice and slippery. Welcome to hard mode.


Everyone knows your ideal ideas concerned you when you’re in the bathtub or shower. Make certain to always have a notebook and pen adjacent so you deserve to capture any gems of genius the come bubbling up when you room mid-bath.

Watch A Movie

You can have to get up halfway through and also drain and refill the bath with fresh hot water, but nothing is an ext indulgent 보다 sitting earlier in the bath tub and watching one of your favourite flicks.

Work Out

Sit-ups will more than likely slosh water out of the tub, but you can always bring some dumbbell weights in and do a couple of arm curls if you’re soaking. Foot lifts and stomach contractions can additionally be performed there is no displacing too lot water.

Make the Glow In The Dark

Break open a light stick, to wash it over a bottle, then pour the bottle of water right into a normal tub of water. Boom, immediate glow bath. Pair with some washable light in the dark paint, and you have a bathtub rave on your hands.

Take A Cat Nap

The bathtub is the perfect place to skinny up versus a spa pillow and also let yourself doze and also drift for twenty or thirty minute to re-energize. Be certain to store your head well over water because that safety.

Talk To someone On The Phone

Hanging the end in the bathtub is the perfect ar to catch up on some phone calls. If you’re fear to bring your phone close to the bathtub, you have the right to always collection it to speaker phone and also place it on the bathroom respond to instead.

Take A medicinal Soak v Bath Salts

Epsom salt come amended v a range of different essential oils to add different scents and properties to them, and also Epsom salt chin is very good for sick muscles and for the objective of relaxation.

Give yourself A Massage

Grab a vibrating handheld waterproof massager and also work out all those kinks. Plenty of come v a long handle so you can also get those difficult to reach locations too.

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Practice Reflexology

Reflexology is a special form of massage in the hands and feet that have the right to have positive wellness benefits. Other than that, it simply feels really good. Provide yourself a pretty thorough hand and foot massage and also see how much better you feel afterwards.

Take A Milk Bath

Make prefer Cleopatra and draw yourself a milk bath for the can be fried beauty indulgence. Over there are countless powdered milk bath soaks now available that have added fragrances and also other necessary oils, or you deserve to just use powdered milk and hot water. Include some dried oatmeal if you have itchy skin for added relief.

Groom your Facial Hair

Pluck your errant chin hairs if she a lady or design and wax your mustache come gentleman’s perfection. The warm water from the bathtub will assist open your pores and make plucking hairs much less painful.

Take An ice cream Bath

Not just is this a an excellent way to problem your muscles because that athletic performance and test the boundaries of her physical endurance for this reason you can brag to her friends, it’s additionally a fun method to reenact the scene indigenous Titanic. We’ll never let you go Jack.

Plot civilization Domination

If you to be the dictator-in-chief, just how would you operation things? let your imagination run wild. Obtain kicked off by thinking about the first declaration you would make if friend were chosen President the the World. Or overlord Supreme, every little thing floats her toy boat.

Act out Weird Scenarios That would certainly Never take place In The real World

Admit it, we’ve all done this in ~ one suggest or another. The bathtub is the perfect ar to live the end your many vivid fantasies. Make believe isn’t simply for tiny kids. You’re all alone in your comfort zone, so nothing be afraid to acquire a small weird.


Now that you’ve plotted your human being domination, you can sit back and daydream around how wonderful life would be as President the the World. Or together a ninja. Or as a cat. How about a potato? whatever you can conjure up.

Make some Waves

Slide backwards and forwards till you have produced a mini tsunami. This is an ext fun if you have actually some plastic boats to slosh around. It is in forewarned, this could end up putting some water on her bathroom floor. Still, precious it.

Pop bubble Wrap

So many human being like to carry out this, but the noise of that annoys just about everyone rather in the room. Indulge in your darkest balloon wrap popping fantasies and take a paper of it into the bathtub with you. Popular music away to your heart’s content.

Do Affirmations

Because you recognize you’re an amazing person, but sometimes it’s much better just to hear it out loud. Pick out part nice declarative sentences around yourself and say castle over and over till you believe them. Rinse and repeat until you’re a wade confidence bomb.

Play part Bath Basketball

Get among those small kid basketball hoops through suckers ~ above it and also stick it come one finish of the bathtub. Take an appropriately sized ball, and it’s game on. With enough practice, friend can acquire scarily great at this and also be the ideal wastebasket record ball hoops champion top top the planet.

Make Jewelry

Thread some beads top top a necklace or make among those little plastic keychain points out of craft lacing the everybody and their brother made in summer camp.

Go down The Wikipedia rabbit Hole

Wikipedia is among the ideal websites to learn absolutely random things that you never knew you required to know. Hit the random button and also start educating yourself on something you can possibly think of.

Write A quick Story Or Book

Bathtubs are the birthplaces of inspiration, so begin outlining your next bestseller in the tub, and who knows? at some point you can be the next Stephen King telling world how you composed your first novel in a bathtub. It’ll do a great talk show anecdote.

Do her Nails

It’s tough to carry out your manicure to wherein you won’t accidentally mess it up before it’s dry together you’re moving around, but if you’re in the bathtub, you’re no going all over anyway. Simply be sure not to spill any type of polish top top the porcelain, as it can be nice porous.

Make Playlists

Throw together some playlists for the holidays, playlists for your favorite bands, playlists for her moods, playlists for her life. Be sure in the bathtub is the perfect location to create the perfect mix tape.

Meal Plan

Hate having to figure out what come eat because that supper after ~ a difficult day in ~ work? arrangement your meals ahead because that the main while you’re lounging in the bath tub and buy every the groceries later. Your future self will say thanks to you and also applaud your an abilities at adulting.


Because in the bathroom, nobody is approximately to make you self-conscious. Practice your pop and also lock and also groove until the win is a component of you. Bonus point out for not splashing too much water top top the toilet floor in the process.

Make A Sensory Deprivation Chamber

This bring away a staggering 200 cup of salt, however if girlfriend dissolve 200 cup of salt right into an average-sized bathtub and mask off all potential resources of light, congratulations! did you do it just developed your very own mini sensory deprivation chamber and can currently float top top the surface ar of your own bath water.

Make Crazy deals with At Yourself

Honestly, where else carry out you have the privacy and also comfort to execute this other than your very own bathtub? for this reason grab a handheld mirror and get prepared to acquire weird. Bonus point out if you take pictures.

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