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1 "Pt. 1": us all understand that Alice decapitated Pamela v a machete. Deserve to you name the just other fatality in the initial film that included the series" above weapon?
Answer: A line The snake was actually killed during filming. Tom Savina (makeup artist) come up through the idea after finding out a line in his very own cabin while on set.
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2 Who landed on the coast of decision Lake together Alice was pulled under by Jason in "Friday the 13th"?

Answer: The police Alice had been play strip syndicate with bill Brown (Harry Crosby) when she i found it it to be raining and decided come go back to her cabin. After the rainstorm died down, Alice and also Bill noticed that no one else to be around. Lock didn"t recognize that people at Camp decision Lake had actually been gaining murdered every day long. Later, after ~ finding Bill"s body, Alice ran come Mrs. Voorhees, that told Alice the her child Jason had drowned at crystal Lake since the camp counselors weren"t paying any kind of attention, and the existing camp should"ve never ever been reopened. She do the efforts to death Alice, however Alice chopped off she head. The next morning Alice awoke floating in a canoe on decision Lake. She saw the police waving in ~ her together Jason, looking favor a corpse, jumped out of the water and also pulled Alice into the lake.
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3 In the start of the film, us heard to sing from the camp counselors. The scene evolved to a cabin through a name on the door. What animal was the cabin named after?

Answer: Fox top top the front of the door that the cabin was a plaque identifying it as fox. The plaque had two brown arrows outlined in yellow. The 2 arrows crossed each various other to form the letter X. The lift of the board was a faded red. Under the arrows was words "fox" written in yellow. We observed the door that the cabin open, but we go not view who opened it. The person gone into the room and also looked about at the resting children. The intruder ongoing to look approximately the room and saw board games and also a couple of badminton racquets.
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Answer: ended up being site of number of murders back in 1958, when the story begins, 2 camp counselors, Claudette and also Barry, waited till the kids spending your summer in ~ Camp crystal Lake were inhabited to do their means into a loft to invest time together. Claudette was worried the someone would discover them and, certain enough, who did. When the 2 of them started making out, a figure ascended the stairs, how amazing the two of them. The number killed Barry, stabbing the in the stomach prior to advancing ~ above Claudette.Fast-forward come the existing day...on Friday the 13th no less...
5 together a young young at Camp crystal Lake in 1957, Jason was affiliated in a traumatic event that caused everyone believing him to be dead for the complying with two and a fifty percent decades. What to be the alleged reason of death?

Answer: that drowned in the lake. In the initial "Friday the 13th", we find out that Jason drowned since the lifeguards were making love in the bushes instead of watching him. The supposed drowning to be the "original sin" that lugged evil to the area, and the two lifeguards" murder the adhering to year to be the first in a cable violent events that would finish in Jason"s murderous rampage years later.
Your options: < "Jason X", "Freddy vs. Jason", "Friday the 13th" (2009) > < "Friday the 13th" (1980), "Part 2" (1981), "Part 3" > < "Part 4", "Part 5", "Part 6" > < "Part 7", "Part 8" , "Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell" >
Answer: "Part 4", "Part 5", "Part 6"
In "Part 4", Tommy is a 12 year old young who resides at crystal Lake. In "Part 5", Tommy is a 16 year old who is beginning a psychological institution. In "Part 6", Tommy make the efforts to ruin Jason"s body, however instead, bring him back to life.
Answer: Katharine Hepburn It has just started to rain therefore Jack and Marcie run right into a nearby cabin. Jack lamp a candle to gain some irradiate in the room. Jack and Marcie make love in bunk beds. Lock don"t establish Ned"s dead human body is in the height bunk. Marcie tells Jack she requirements to use the bathroom. Marcie runs to the toilet in the putting down rain. Through an exterior window, we see Marcie get in one of the stalls. Together Marcie is in the stall the killer beginning the bathroom. The killer look at Marcie"s feet and also flashlight under the stall. While Marcie is in the stall she hears a noise. She think it is Jack and also calls his name numerous times. Marcie goes come the sink to wash her hands. She looks right into the mirror and also does an impression of Katharine Hepburn. Marcie says, "When i looked right into that mirror, ns knew I"d always be ugly. I said, Lizzie you"ll constantly be plain." Marcie hears a sound comes from the shower. She think it may be Ned and also calls his name. Marcie goes right into the showers to investigate the noise. She opens up the shower head curtain and also there is nobody there. Together she is in one stall, we see the zero of one axe gift raised. Marcie turns around and also sees the axe. The killer lowers the axe right into Marcie"s head. Marcie drops to the floor dead.Katharine Hepburn is a true legend of the silver screen. She to be nominated for a full of twelve Oscars in she film career. She won four of the awards. Her last Oscar win remained in 1982 because that "On golden Pond".
Answer: Pamela Voorhees Pamela, Jason" mother, is played by Betsy Palmer in the inaugural film of the series. She is death the camp counselors because she is extremely angered by your carelessness in letting she son, Jason, drown.
Answer: Machete Jason found his machete later on in "Part II" and has been known to favor it ever before since. The debut of the machete was in reality in the initial "Friday the 13th", when Alice offered one to death Jason"s mother. Because then, the has appeared multiple times in almost every sequel, with the exemption of "Part V, A brand-new Beginning", whereby it was no Jason in ~ all, however rather an imposter. He has never used a chainsaw, regardless of popular belief to the contrary, and multiple images of him through one.
Answer: Friday the 13th Pt. 2 This, presumably, is Jason"s first murder. The takes place at the begin of "Part 2", when Jason kills the girl who decapitated his mother at the end of the original.
Answer: Victor müller Victor Miller created the movie "A Stranger is Watching". He also has written for the soap opera "One Life come Live". He right now (2004) writes for the soap opera "All mine Children".
Answer: Pamela Voorhees Jason"s mother Pamela Voorhees was the original killer indigenous "Friday the 13th". She to be played through Betsy Palmer.
Answer: Camp woodland Green Camp Packanack is a camp close to Crystal Lake and also the setup for "Friday The 13th component 2". Higgins Haven is the setup for "Friday The 13th component 3".
14 What is the surname of the woman character that survives the very first "Friday", only to it is in ousted in the an initial sequel?

Answer: Alice played by Adrienne King.
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15 Kane Hodder play Jason in this movie. In i m sorry of the sequels go he an initial play Jason?

Your options: < part VII: The brand-new Blood > < part VIII: Jason take away Manhattan > < component IV: The last Chapter > < part IX: Jason Goes come Hell >
Answer: part VII: The new Blood
In "Part 9", you can see Hodder in a double role as Jason and also a security guard in the morgue!
16 within a couple of minutes after ~ the begin of the 1st scene they display a cabin with kids sleeping inside. What walk the sign on the door say?

Answer: fox You have to look quick to watch this one.
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17 "Pt. 2": after ~ Jason had dispatched Alice for killing his mother, who was his 2nd victim?

Answer: stunner Ralph Ralph go his finest to warning the visitors of decision Lake the there to be a killer on the loose. That was regularly made funny of since of his belief that anyone who dared intrude top top Camp Blood to be "Doomed!" It was a dead to check out Crazy Ralph go out favor that.
Answer: Muffin The people at the training camp because that camp counselors i found it the stays of a dead dog, and also thought it might have been Terry"s dog, Muffin, yet they chose not to tell Terry. The night Terry stayed behind in ~ the camp in situation Muffin showed up. Meanwhile, Ginny (Amy Steel) told her friends that maybe Jason didn"t drown all those years ago. Maybe he live by himself in the woods, however he taken place to watch his mother gain decapitated in the ahead movie. He can be one "out-of-control psychopath". Meanwhile, the male in the wheelchair acquired a machete to the head. Later, Ginny to be chased through Jason, and ran into Jason"s cabin, whereby she experienced the head the Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer). Ginny"s boyfriend confirmed up and also they dealt with Jason and ran away. Later, they were in a cabin once they heard a sound at the door. The door to be opened. Muffin to be there, tho alive, wagging that is tail. Climate Jason crashed with the home window and got hold of Ginny!
Answer: etc Claudette was singing the tune "Hallelujah" while she play the guitar and sang v the other counselors. Claudette and her boyfriend, Barry, to be both singing with the other counselors. They yet were just looking in ~ one an additional during the entire song. Claudette perfect the song and handed the guitar off to the human next to her. She never ever took she eyes turn off Barry when she pass the etc over. Barry and Claudette both go off together to make the end in the camp"s barn.
Answer: Camp Blood Annie heads to crystal Lake, wade a component of the way and hitchhiking the rest. Stopping in at a local basic store she asks because that directions and also gets nervous reaction from the patrons; they seem unaware that someone is planning to reopen the park -- Annie"s over there to end up being a counselor. Among the diners, a truck driver, provides her a ride in the direction of the camp. En course to his truck, however, Annie is approached through a crazy, old guy who warns her that she"ll never come ago again. "It"s gained a death curse!" the doesn"t stop her, however -- she"s too bubbly and excited.On the ride, the driver tells she what happened at Camp crystal Lake so plenty of years earlier -- the ar is jinxed and also two kids were murdered in 1958; one child drowned in 1957; in 1962 they found out the water was bad. She need to quit. Questioning anybody.He drops she off in prior of a cemetery and she go on.
Answer: 0 In the very first movie, Jason"s mommy Pamela go the killing, every in the surname of avenging the death of she son. The story has it that Jason saw her fatality at the orgasm of the an initial movie, and took over the killing spree himself in the sequel.The reality that Jason had survived in the woods all those year after the an alleged drowning without anyone learning is all the an ext amazing because his own mom was in and also out of those same woods on numerous occasions reaping murderous havoc. Agree this improbability, however, is great to gift able to appreciate the movies in this series.
Answer: Alice Alice survived the first film, however at the begining that the second, she goes down to the kitchen come make part food. In ~ first, she hears a noise but it is just a black cat. Then, she opens up the refrigerator, and also is scared by the severed head the Mrs. Voorhees. Finally, a stranger (Jason) come up native behind her and also stabs she in the temple with an ice pick. Stunner Ralph was likewise in the very first film, and was likewise killed off in the second. Annie and also Marcie to be kills in the an initial film.
Answer: She doesn"t die. Alice is the just survivor that the the killer"s spree. She finds every one of her friends dead one by one. Alice runs into the cabin and barricades herself inside. She ties a rope about the doorknob and then places several piece of furniture in prior of the door come secure it. She runs v the cabin and also closes all the curtains. She look at a jeep traction up and also thinks that is Steve"s. She removes all the obstacles she inserted in front of the door. She runs outside to accomplish Steve. Mrs. Voorhees procedures out the the jeep and also Alice stops dead in she tracks. She asks Pamela that she is. Pamela tells her she used to work-related for the Christy"s, Steve"s parents. Alice tells Pamela anyone is dead. Pamela goes right into the cabin and sees Brenda"s dead body. Pamela climate tells Alice about the fatality of she son, Jason. She speak Alice that is she fault Jason is dead. Pamela pulls out a knife to death Alice with. Alice manages to escape native Mrs. Voorhees. Alice runs down to the lake to hide, but Pamela find her. Pamela has a machete, but Alice knocks it the end of her hand. The two start to fight and Alice knocks Pamela backwards. Alice runs to the machete and then chops off the head that Pamela.
Answer: Ice choose The very first person he killed was Alice, the girl who killed his mother. He murdered her through the previously mentioned icepick, which that had discovered nearby. The hammer was used on a policeman after that in "Part II". The machete, as formerly mentioned, to be his chosen and most frequently used weapon. He has never supplied a brick on anyone.
Answer: Friday the 13th Pt. 6: Jason resides This is among the much more memorable murders, when he pulled a girl right into the bathroom of a relocating RV and also slammed her challenge into the mirror, resulting in a perfect imprint of her challenge in the outer wall surface of the RV.

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