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Well I guy I have actually a an easy question that most might ask. Ns thinking around getting a focus . It is a 2002 ford emphasis lx v 90k,Really nice car.It has actually the 2.0 split port .Just wonder R these great engines or what due to the fact that I have heard bad things . Must I stay away or what .Thanks front of time.

Are you planning on purchase the vehicle at 1AM?(then over there is no require for a bump once this to be the 3rd thread down and also there is no one online best now)It"s the very same as any kind of car, counts on just how it was, or wasn"t, taken treatment of and maintained. Ns take no one at your word anymore. If they have receipts climate I call them credible.Pretty lot though the car should it is in fine for a while yet so lengthy as that was preserved properly. The only bad component about the 2.0SPI is they space prone come dropping valve seats. That can be a actual hassle and get spendy. But there are much far far much more cars on the roadway that have actually never reduce a seat 보다 have. Approximately you if you want to play the odds. Probably use that expertise to haggle the price down?
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Well, mine 2002 SPI LX now has 155K+ miles on it. As soon as I obtained it native a financial institution repo sale it had around 32K top top it. It"s to be to Myrtle Beach, to be a everyday commuter, and has to be deer hunting. It has been a good little auto until just the last couple of months. (I"ve acquired a secret hesitation.) I adjust the oil and also rotate the tires top top a continuous basis. Ns really feel the preventative maintain is the key to vehicle longevity. How was the automobile you are interested in cure in it"s previous life?

The valve seat trouble is the biggest problem, if friend can get over the Toyota Corolla-esque strength from the SPI. There space a the majority of hills in WV. Ns hope it"s not an automatic.Of course, with any vehicle, there room inherent difficulties from age that you"ll want to be mindful to inspect. It"s nearing 10 years of age, so rubber parts can be going, every coolant and also heater hoses need to be inspected carefully.
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Well, mine 2002 SPI LX now has actually 155K+ mile on it. Once I got it native a bank repo revenue it had about 32K top top it. It"s been to Myrtle Beach, been a everyday commuter, and has been deer hunting. It has actually been a an excellent little auto until just the last couple of months. (I"ve got a secret hesitation.) I readjust the oil and rotate the tires top top a continuous basis. Ns really feel the preventative maintenance is the crucial to vehicle longevity. Exactly how was the automobile you are interested in treated in it"s previous life?
The vehicle has been really good and took care of yet not baby babied. It is a 5 speedtinted windows, pretty rims ns thinks i gonna role the dice and take a chance with it.I setup on takeing care of that so that will help lol
I lengthy as ns baby the car and also not run the dog poop out of that . Please tell me i be good lol. The automobile runs really smooth and like a brand-new 1.

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All I deserve to tell girlfriend is what I"ve seen on here: you might get a warning about the valve seal because you"ll have a miss that friend can"t pen down. One plug will save fouling, compression will be low in that cylinder, and if girlfriend don"t resolve it- farewell bye motor. Now it could be with all the mileage the you either have actually one the is not going to me destruct, or the person had actually it repaired as soon as it self destructed. You can ask castle if they had any kind of valve job-related or head job-related done to the car. Sometimes people have a big repair like that, and then offer the car. It"s weird, but true. Some human being will pay for a $1500 repair, then market the car for $1500. IMO your vehicle should price you $1000/yr no counting gas and routine maintenance. Brand-new cars deserve to hang it up. Provided cars- that takes a very an excellent used vehicle to give you $1k/yr average, however it"s no impossible.
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