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Need some help plz. 02 sports trac. Driver door latch will not open from inside or out. I pull on the handle(s) and get/feel nothing. Any type of info would help. Thanks in advance,Zac

Remove the front seat from inside to gain room or if girlfriend have enough room eliminate the door panel, reach in and also release the mechanism, then fix every little thing rods or levers failed. A junkyard is a great place come grab replacement parts.
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Thank friend for her info. Maybe simply a bit much more if friend can/will. I assume there room "clips" connecting the levers or rods come the device on the latch. For whatever reason I"m guessing these clips broke, at the exact same time??? carry out you understand a usual or proper name because that these or simply clips. My only other guess would be the the mechanism has frozen up or is stuck somehow and needs lubed. Again I appreciate the knowledge. Zac

Yes there"s most most likely plastic clips or retainers that became brittle and also broke. That"s why I claimed a junkyard might be the best place you can just rip into the door and pull out exactly what friend need. Your neighborhood Ford dealer can be able to help you identify the specific part #"s for reference. Castle usually have actually diagrams v exploded see of the parts. Sometimes you can discover the diagrams online as well through parts depts.
"Artists who look for perfection in every little thing are those that cannot achieve it in anything."- Eugene Delacroix (1798 - 1863)
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