Using the exactly torque specifications is important. Not enough torque and your bolt will certainly be in a position to absorb the “hits” versus just transferring the fill when there’s not enough clamping pressure applied. Too lot torque and you hazard damaging threads and also causing other sorts the headaches.

5.0HO (302) input Manifold speak Specs


Lower intake Manifold come Head Bolts

Step 1: 15-20 FT/LBSStep 2: 23-25 FT/LBSUse tightening succession as illustrated above

Upper intake Manifold to lower Bolts

12-18 FT/LBS

Other related Torque Specs

Throttle body to EGR spacer12-18 FT/LBS
EGR Valve come intake manifold spacer12-18 FT/LBS
Fuel rail bolts70-105 in/lbs

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5.0 HO (302) Head speak Specs

Note: Be certain to lightly oil the bolt subject for proper torquing specs for bolts not in the water jackets, otherwise usage liquid thread sealer because that the bolts that are in the water jackets (bottom ones). 


Cylinder Head come Engine Block (Standard Bolts 1972-1992)

Step 1: 55-65 FT/LBSStep 2: 65-72 FT/LBSUse tightening sequence as portrayed above

Cylinder Head come Engine Block (Flanged Bolts 1993+)

Step 1: 23-35 FT/LBSStep 2: 45-55 FT/LBSStep 3: added 90 degrees (or 75-85 FT/LBS)Use tightening sequence as illustrated aboveThe 93+ use “Torque come yield” bolts, you cannot re-use these bolts

Other related Torque Specs

Exhaust manifold bolts18-24 FT/LBS (Cobra: 26-32 FT/LBS)
Rocker eight fulcrum bolts18-25 FT/LBS
Spark plugs7-14 FT/LBS
Valve covering bolts12-15 FT/LBS

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5.0 HO (302) Internal materials Torque Specs

Camshaft sprocket bolt40-45 FT/LBS
Camshaft thrust plate to engine block bolts108-144 in/lbs
Oil pump mounting bolts22-32 FT/LBS
Main bearing cap bolt60-70 FT/LBS
Oil pickup tube to bearing cap nut22-32 FT/LBS
Oil pickup pipe to oil pump bolts (1979-1987)10-15 FT/LBS
Oil pickup pipe to oil pump bolts (1988-1993)12-18 FT/LBS
Connecting pole Bolts22-25 FT/LBS

Other talk Specs

Front engine mountain nuts72-98 FT/LBS
Timing chain covering bolts12-18 FT/LBS
Oil pan mounting bolts 1979 (small bolts)Step 1: 7-9 FT/LBS Step 2: 10-15 FT/LBS
Oil pan mounting bolts 1979 (large bolts)Step 1: 11-13 FT/LBS Step 2: 10-15 FT/LBS
Oil pan mounting bolts 1980-19879-11 FT/LBS
Oil pan mounting bolts 1988-19936-9 FT/LBS
Water pump bolts12-18 FT/LBS
Bell-housing come engine bolts28-38 FT/LBS
Pressure plate to flywheel bolts12-24 FT/LBS
Flywheel mounting bolts75-85 FT/LBS
Vibration damper come crankshaft bolt110-130 FT/LBS