Are you considering purchase or adopting a bobtail cat? lengthy on love but brief on tails, domestic bobtail cats have end up being increasingly well-known in the united States. In fact, the Cat Fancier Association, Inc., The worldwide Cat Association, and The American Cat Fancier are three American cat registries the recognize countless short-tailed felines.

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If she in the market for a short-tailed kitty cat, below are the top 10 cat breeds v uniquely brief tails.


1. American Bobtail

Image Credit: Ievgeniia Miroshnichenko, ShutterstockOriginating in the early 1960s this American breed is one of the biggest in the world, tipping the range at up to 13 pounds! regardless of his wildcat looks, the American Bobtail is a huge baby and also loves come cuddle on the couch or put in your lap. His unique look is topped off with lynx-like ears, toe tufts, and also crazy mutton-chop cheeks.

2. Manx Cat

Image Credit: PradaBrown, ShutterstockThis distinct breed of cat originates from the Isle of male situated in between Ireland and an excellent Britain. Her shortened tail is actually as result of a naturally emerging mutation. Some Manx cats deserve to have no tail in ~ all. A ship’s cat breed, Manx cats are recognized for your superb ratting skills. Castle come in a myriad of colors and coat patterns, consisting of brown, black, and also tri-colored.

3. Cymric Cat

Image Credit: Jumpinjim, Wikimedia CommonsWhile part folks take into consideration the Cymric simply a long-haired variation of the Manx, this stubbed-tail feline has actually a dynamic history. Her name comes from the Welsh native “Cymru,” and though she bloodline has been traced back to the Isle of Man, Canada has actually long declared they developed this unique cat.

4. Pixie Bobcat

Image Credit: Nynke valve Holten, ShutterstockA fairly brand-new breed, the Pixie Bobcat deserve to be traced come the mid-1980s in a small town dubbed Mount Baker, Washington. Significantly resembling the American Bobcat, this cutie is well-known for his bushy brows and also deeply set, heavily hooded eyes. Lock are recognized by the TICA and the ACFA and are sweet and affectionate with almost every various other person and pet.

5. Highlander Cat

Image Credit: DigitalDirt, Wikimedia CommonsIf you’re on the hunt because that a truly wild looking cat, the Highlander Cat might be purr-fect for you! This experimental breed is the an outcome of a intentional cross in between the Desert Lynx and also the tropical Curl, both likewise recently developed. Cultivation to be in between 10 and 20 pounds, this felines are playful, confident, and easygoing. Nothing let their large cat look fear you off! This each other is extremely people-oriented.

6. Mekong Bobtail Cat

Image Credit: Alex Opryatin, Wikimedia CommonsOriginally native Thailand, this beauty beauty was named after the Mekong River. Arisen as a Russian breed and recognized through the civilization Cat Federation in 2004, the Mekong Bobtail cat was considered royal felines by 19th-century kings in Russia. They have gorgeous blue-hued coats through distinct suggest colors on their paws, faces, and ear tips. Additionally, they can have icy blue eyes.

7. Japanese Bobtail Cat

Image Credit: slowmotiongli, ShutterstockThis adorable little fur-ball’s tail much more closely resembles that of a rabbit’s instead of a short-tailed cat. Aboriginal to south east Asia and also Japan, the Japanese Bobtail cat has been about for an ext than 1,000 years. Showing up in timeless Japanese art and also folklore, this cat is considered a good-luck charm if she has actually one paw raised.

8. Kurilian Bobtail Cat

Image: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, ShutterstockA big, fluffy boy, the Kurilian Bobtail cat originated in the Kuril Islands off the eastern coastline of Russia. Well-known by The global Cat Association together an “Advanced new Breed,” the Kurilian Bobtail has actually a kinked, brief pom-pom tail because of a herbal mutation. Lock can prosper to be as huge as 10 pounds and are fantastic jumpers.

9. American Lynx Cat

Image Credit: skeeze, PixabayOriginating in the united States, these cat are one of the newest each other to struggle the bobtailed cat market. They can weigh anywhere from six to ripe pounds and look choose the American Bobcat, through scruffy paws and also exotic markings. They are recognized by the Rare and also Exotic Feline Registry.

10. Desert Lynx Cat

Image Credit: Kristin Guyer, PixabayAlso know as a Caracal, the Desert Lynx is one more newly developed American cat breed. Their many distinctive function is your large, tapering ear that boast 5 centimeters of tuft and black fur.


Final Thoughts

While some folks think the these previously mentioned cat breeds have purposefully docked tails, every one of these short-tailed cat’s stubby tails come native some type of hereditary mutation. What they absence in tail length these kitties an ext than makeup because that in love and also loyalty.

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If she seeking a unique cat breed, think about getting among these stubby tailed felines!


Featured Image: Seregraff, Shutterstock

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