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Question: Wet roads are ______.

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A.) easier to avoid on than dry roadsB.) A problem that just happens when it"s rainingC.) finest handled through snow tiresD.) Slippery roads
Question: prior to a merganser season, to ensure optimal traction as soon as driving ~ above slippery surfaces, check the tires because that inflation and ________.A.) coloringB.) tread depthC.) nailsD.) temperature
Question: ~ above slippery surfaces, watch the car in front of girlfriend and try to monitor in itsA.) direction B.) tracksC.) blind spotD.) wakeE.) rear see mirror
Question: Pavement is many slipperyA.) ~ a heavy downpour B.) at the start of a rain showerC.) during a droughtD.) in the winterE.) on overpasses
Question: when driving on snow spanned roads, you should reduce your vehicle"s speed by ____________ to minimize the danger of collision.➜ when driving top top snow spanned roads, you should alleviate your vehicles speed by ____________ to reduce the hazard of collision.ANS: 1/2Question: If girlfriend should add one 2nd of complying with distance for each environmental factor, how numerous seconds have to you add for nighttime, rain and fog?ANS: 3 secondsQuestion: how does rain create an eco-friendly hazard?ANS: exactly Answer: D. A and also BQuestion: Fog is an eco-friendly hazard because…ANS: correct Answer: B. That reduces your ability to judge distance.Question: hefty rain to reduce your capacity to see and also be seen; in daytime revolve on your __________➜ as soon as it rains throughout the work you need to turn ~ above yourA.) windshield wipersB.) short beam headlightsC.) windshield defrosterD.) every one of the above
all of the aboveExplanation: hefty rain reduce your capability to see and also be seen. In daytime revolve on your windshield wipers, low beam headlights and, if needed, your windshield defroster. Heavy rain in ~ night can nearly blind you. Driving in ~ the speed limit under those conditions is as well fast. You should minimize your rate limit under those circumstances.
Question: Fog can be especially prevalent in __________➜ Fog deserve to be specifically prevalent in blankA.) valleysB.) mountainsC.) citiesD.) plains
Question: as soon as driving in eye and/or ice, sluggish down. Activate the vehicles ______ beam headlights.A.) lowB.) highC.) colloredD.) special
Question: as soon as driving in fog the is ideal to usage the vehicle"s high beam headlights.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
Question: as soon as driving in rain, friend shouldA.) slow down through 5 to 10 mphB.) usage your headlightsC.) have a full reservoir the windshield wiper fluid D.) every one of the aboveE.) none of the above
Question: Where room you most likely to conference fog?A.) in a low lying areaB.) on a hillC.) in a tunnelD.) after ~ sunset E.) top top an open up roadway
Question: once driving in fog, friend shouldA.) use just your fog lightsB.) usage your high beamsC.) use your low beamsD.) use your defoggerE.) use your danger lights
Question: as soon as driving in fog, a driver should neverA.) pass one more vehicleB.) usage low beams C.) usage fog lightsD.) listen for approaching vehiclesE.) drive slower 보다 the speed limit
Question: utilizing high beams in fogA.) reduce visibility by enhancing glareB.) cuts through fog and also increases visibilityC.) is optionalD.) reduce condensation within a vehicleE.) is recommended once it"s raining
Question: as soon as you are driving in a fog, friend shouldA.) drive on the shoulderB.) minimize your speedC.) traction to the shoulder and also wait because that the fog to walk awayD.) Honk repetitively as friend driveE.) Drive v the optimal down, if you have a convertible
Question: Rain and also ___________ will influence your ability to see and also be seen.A.) temperatureB.) windC.) cloudsD.) fog
Question: In cold weather, where the air lacks the precipitation crucial to produce snow, falling frozen rain regularly leads come a hazard dubbed _________.A.) ice cream roadB.) slush black color iceC.) hydroplaneD.) invisible
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