As humans, we are all susceptible to the inescapable feeling of humiliation. However, being embarrassed around one’s own heritage is a emotion that nobody should need to experience. In today’s day and age, learning to love that you are as an individual is a substantial accomplishment. This is the main point idea behind Amy Tan’s brief story, “Fish Cheeks,” as she outlines the general idea the self-acceptance. The narrator, fourteen year old Tan, declares her love for she minister’s son, Robert, who unlike herself is “as white as mary in the manger” (Tan 1). This crush is anything however healthy, primarily because Tan is wake up to reveal her true self to him. This hesitance she portrays is strikingly recognizable in the adolescents of today’s world. Amy Tan 's story,…show an ext content…She writes in a means that teens are able to relate to, together she share her personal story of self-acceptance. Tan writes come appeal come a young audience through the usage of coherent word choice, humor, and the overall message. Like countless young girls, Tan uncovered herself pressured to fit in v the share in an effort to you re welcome others (in her case, Robert). Her insecurities space presented as at an early stage as the first paragraph as she wishes for a “slim new American nose” and compares Robert’s ethnicity to her very own (Tan 1). As a young girl, she look at her distinct features and also traditions together something that holds her ago and she is cynical to adopt them. In a similar manner, plenty of young civilization today space not comfortable in their own skin. In the direction of the end of the story, Tan’s mommy tells her “You have to be proud you space different. Your just shame is to have actually shame” (Tan 2). With these words, her mom speaks the end to whole generation of teens by proclaiming that it is vital to embrace and memory diversity; the just shame one should have is the dead that outcomes from acting critically upon one’s differences. Just years later does Tan pertained to the present of she mother’s an excellent intentions. Tan reflects upon the event, stating the for that details Christmas eve dinner, her mother had chosen every one of her favorite foods (Tan 2). From this approach, Tan reveals the the dinner symbolized her heritage, and also altogether, was something she should have been proud

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The results of Kate's Birthmark in Jill McCorkle's Ferris Beach

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She \"always wanted to say that if it to be a birthmark it need to be she fault\"(p.44). She mother, however, is unsympathetic and also explains, \"I simply want her to check out that she can't let this ruin her life; there space things we just need to accept\"(p.48). Kate's mother tries to constantly repeat her that things can be worse and she shouldn't whine. However during her at an early stage childhood years, Kate's birthmark does affect her and it is tough for she to accept. Kate feels the her birthmark is an open invitation for others come hurt her.