I recognize I need to use the mix formula due to the fact that the professor wrote it prefer this:

There are $3-O"s$ and also $2-W"s$ climate $\frac9!(3!)(2!)= 30240$

My concern is the factor they have actually $(3!)(2!)$ as the denominator is since they are just repeated characters?


Yes. Us have full 9 characters and also out of i beg your pardon O is repeating thrice and W is twice.

So in denominator 3! and 2!.

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In basic if we have to find in how numerous ways all letter of word are arranged.

Then we use,

$\frac\text(Number of complete letters)!\text(No. Of times 1 letter repeating)! × \text(No. Of times other repeating)! × ..$


We have actually $(3!)\;\textand\;(2!)$ in denominator since we have actually repeated terms.

Suppose you claims that the prize is $9!$ but in all these you incorporate the instances in i m sorry you have same words.

Let us say the $\textO"s$ be $O_1,O_2,O_3$ climate the words may kind be $BRO_1WNWO_2O_3D$ and $BRO_2WNWO_1O_3D$ and many others yet as you can differ them here you can not differ in in between $\textBROWNWOOD$ and also $\textBROWNWOOD$ due to the fact that the $O"s$ are not numbered so you cannot realise the I changed the position of $O"s$. And as you take it $9!$ as answer you counting both that them.

So you must divide by $3!\;\textand\;2!$

Hope it helps!!!

answer Feb 9 "17 at 17:17

Harsh KumarHarsh Kumar
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