household Guy: 10 Times chris Griffin to be Undeniably Relatable chris Griffin is quickly Family Guy"s most relatable character and also this is every time that he has actually proven that point.

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The critically acclaimed sitcom Family Guy is one of the most beloved and controversial reflects of all time. If the focus is top top the Griffin family, it"s for sure to say the Family Guy wouldn"t be the same without kris Griffin. Favor most middle children, Chris struggles to acquire attention.

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The Griffins are recognized for being selfish and mean spirited from time to time. Indeed, kris is comparable to his family members in the sense. However, he can likewise be sweet, kind, and a little naive. There have been times that he"s the most relatable character in the family members by far.

Chris Griffin
kris Griffin grapples through feelings that insecurity and also depression. In particular, kris is insecure when it involves his weight and body image. His character evolved over the years, however his body image problems have been approximately since the an initial season. Like a lot of teenagers, he struggles with installation in and also the transforms his human body goes through.

In the episode "Movin" In (Principal Shepherd"s Song)," chris is humiliated when principal Shepherd fat shames the in front of the entire school. Kris is devastated and runs house in tears. It"s a painful moment for chris that many teens go through.

kris Griffin might not be the smartest or most liked person in the world however he does show signs the wisdom and also maturity. In the episode "Dearly Deported," Chris falls in love through a woman he meets in ~ the pool, Isabella. However, she happens to it is in a single mother v twins.

He loves Isabella and also the twins regardless of his mother"s objections. Later, the federal government deports Isabella, but Chris agrees come take treatment of the kids. In the end, chris realizes he"s not ready for the responsibility and maturely expresses his feelings come Isabella.

Chris and also Stewie v their pet
Family Guy is well-known for its crude and surreal humor. However, the present often tackles difficult subjects and also throws in a couple of jokes. The show has dealt with losing a close girlfriend a few times. In the episode "Boys & Squirrels," Chris and Stewie find an hurt squirrel and nurse it back to health.

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They love their pet deeply and treat it favor their child. Later, Chris and also Stewie are ruined when the squirrel tragically passes away. Chris and Stewie battle with losing their pet and also go through the step of grieving. They end up blaming each other but solve their issues in counseling.

7 Chris and Pam"s Love Story

Pam and also Chris
It"s no secret that chris Griffin struggles with dating and also talking come girls. He frequently has no confidence and comes throughout creepy. However, he additionally follows his heart and also takes risks. For instance, Chris drops madly in love v Jerome"s daughter Pam in the episode, "Baby gained Black."

Peter and Lois feel a little uncomfortable, yet Jerome level out forbids the relationship. Regardless, Chris and also Pam want to it is in together, which leader to them to run off. Kris won"t permit anything was standing in the method of his feel or love because that Pam. That"s a love story that numerous have been through.

as noted, chris Griffin battles with his physics appearance and also weight. However, he"s constantly been comforted the his father, Peter, goes through the same issues. Of course, the temporarily changes. In season 2, kris is humiliated as soon as hotel staff and also guests mock him for being overweight.

Chris is devastated yet goes top top a diet and exercises, although the struggles. Later, Peter it s okay liposuction and also other cosmetics surgeries. His ego i do not care enormous, and Chris feel their relationship is fallout’s apart. Peter becomes choose every various other beautiful person, making chris feel bad about himself.

5 chris Gets embarrassed In prior Of The School

High school have the right to be challenging, however there"s nothing worse 보다 a publicly embarrassing moment. Indeed, adolescents never forget. Kris Griffin to know that far better than anyone. In the illustration "Stew-Roids," the unthinkable happens as soon as Chris starts date the well-known girl Connie D"Amico. That becomes one of the popular youngsters for the very first time in his life.

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Of course, the goes straight to his head, and also his ego i do not care enormous. Kris learns a harsh lesson once Meg and Connie display Chris"s awkward home video clip in former of the entire school. Chris is devastated and also returns come being among the uncool kids.

kris Griffin battles in school and isn"t the smartest kid in the world. Characters mock him for his lack of intelligence. Kris is also an extremely sensitive, and his emotion gets pains easily. In the episode "Space Cadet," Chris overhears his parents stating his short IQ and also lack the intelligence.

Chris is an extremely hurt and also plans come prove castle wrong. That goes to room camp however eventually hates it and also wants come leave. However, the household gets trapped on a an are shuttle. Luckily, kris proves his intelligence when he conserves the day. Proving doubters not correct is something a many of civilization can relate to.

3 Chris and also Meg"s Sibling Relationship

Meg Griffin is the eldest kid in the Griffin family and also is commonly the butt of the joke. Peter and Lois can be ruthless and also mean to their only daughter. Chris and Meg have actually a usual sibling relationship. Of course, Chris periodically joins in top top being average to her. However, they additionally have a very close relationship.

Chris shows up to treatment deeply for his enlarge sister. Indeed, he can relate to Meg and also the bullying she go through. Chris and also Meg frequently stick together and have each other"s back. For instance, Chris and Meg once teamed up in a vicious fight versus several of their classmates in the cafeteria.

kris Griffin has constantly been unlucky once it involves love. However, he"s date his same share that beautiful women, including pop sensation Taylor Swift. In the illustration "Chris Has gained a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date," Stewie urges chris to reach the end to Taylor after he gets turned down for the prom. Taylor agrees to be his date, and they build feelings because that each other.

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However, Chris is hurt once Taylor publication a song insulting him. Later, chris realizes Taylor"s fans want her come sing around heartbreak and also being unhappy. Kris sacrifices his happiness and ends the partnership with Taylor for the benefits of her career.

1 Chris struggles To Live as much as Peter"s Expectations

kris has constantly struggled come live as much as his dad Peter"s expectations. Chris and also Peter have actually a complicated relationship in ~ times. Peter has tiny to no regard for Chris"s feelings. He even gives Chris devastating advice that frequently backfires. In the illustration "Long man Peter," Peter convinces chris to be typical to his day Anna and everything walk wrong.

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Regardless, Chris generally takes Peter"s advice but has stood approximately his father. Chris have the right to only take it so much criticism and also mean comments. That ago and forth with his parental is miscellaneous that plenty of can said to.