family members Guy: The 10 Worst things Stewie Has ever Done over the years, family members Guy"s Stewie Griffin has concocted a variety of evil schemes, therefore we"ve ranked the worst points he"s ever before done.

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transparent the years, Family Guy has created some hilarious moments. Debuting in 1998, the Griffin family captured the hearts, minds, and also funny skeleton of everyone through a juvenile feeling of humor about the world. Plenty of of the ideal moments came from none various other than Stewie Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) — the morally questionable baby of the family. Debuting together an angry mastermind bend on death his mother, he"s slowly transformed into more of a funny genius that gets into hi-jinks through the family"s dog, Brian (Seth MacFarlane). With that said, even though he"s relocated away indigenous his murderous beginnings, the still finds himself in some less-than-ethical situations and also we love him because that it. So, we"ve compiled several of his worst actions and did our best to location them from the very least worst to ideal worst.

after ~ Brian picks Stewie increase from a playdate, he hears Carrie Underwood"s well known tune "Before that Cheats", and asks to continue to be in the automobile when they gain home so he can end up singing along. While this happens, that accidentally hits the gear stick, relocating the car from park to drive. Once it moves forward, he quickly sets the car ago to the park, which provides him the confidence come drive. That"s as soon as he decides to simply straight up take it the car for a spin.

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Unfortunately, he gets distracted and also smashes into a desk lamp pole. To make matters worse, he doesn"t own up come it, cd driver the damaged car ago home and also waits till Brian notices. Then, once Brian speak him he demands to challenge repercussions because that his actions, Stewie operation away.

after ~ an attempted killing of a playground bully backfires on Stewie, he decides he"s lost an edge. To consist of for it, he operation an experiment to carry out a more evil side of him. Unfortunately, this doesn"t work-related out one of two people — Stewie is tho a simple, fun-loving baby. Instead, that accidentally makes an evil clone that is only focused on injuring and also murdering everything in its path. This alternative-Stewie so evil, in fact, he cuts Brian"s tail off, feeds it come the genuine Stewie, climate murders a woman to stealing her auto as one escape.

He"s ultimately killed in the end by Brian, but this monstrosity will go under as one of the worst points Stewie ever before did, also if it to be unintentional.

So, because that this one, us figured it"s the thought that counts, however we"ll obtain to that. In the two-parter "Stewie death Lois" and "Lois death Stewie", Stewie ultimately follow with with his desire to kill his mommy after Brian gives her a pair that cruise tickets. Obviously, she take away Peter on the trip, however this upset she youngest son. This is once Stewie decides it"s the time to do the deed. So, the takes a speedboat to the ship and also shoots Lois v a submachine gun. This prompts an investigation that clues the finger in ~ Peter. However just prior to he can be sentenced, Lois returns and also blames Stewie. This prompts a whole storyline wherein the baby becomes president and also is ultimately killed by his mother.

It turns out however, this was every a simulation, and also Stewie learned the wasn"t prepared to actually kill his mother.

7 kills Cleveland... Type Of

when Lois return after Stewie "kills" her, things room different. Stewie operation away, just to go back to take his family members hostage. Brandishing a gun, that asks Lois to feeding him, and that"s once Cleveland go in. Stewie instantly shoots him in the heart.

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Not wanting an additional crime under his name, Stewie climate shoves Cleaveland"s lifeless body under the couch cushions and also kidnaps Brian. This is Stewie at his pure worst, and considering he already killed his mother beforehand, us think death again makes him a little worse.

when Stewie discovers the now-former Disney star Hannah Montana will be play a show in Quohog, he needs to go. Unfortunately, a surname that large performing in a town that unknown sells out fast, and Stewie is ruined when that can"t walk — yet that doesn"t avoid him indigenous doing noþeles he can to gain tickets. The reaches a point where that tracks down Brian"s siblings just to murder and also torture them therefore Brian will feel forced to either help him obtain tickets or sneak into the show. One dog explodes, however others are put in a stretching an equipment and an steel maiden in a pretty graphic scene.

It"s a shame Stewie went to those lengths just to find out the pop-star is simply an android created by Disney.

5 pipeline An Overdosing mom Teresa to Die

So, there"s not a lot of context to this one, as it"s one of those trademarked Family Guy flashbacks. In this case, Stewie to be hit through Lois, therefore he operation to his room come lock the door. He admits that hasn"t been this scared because Mother Teresa — a Catholic Saint who collection up soup kitchens and also medical framework for the poor — overdosed in his car.

Since he to be terrified, us can provide him a little bit of a pass, but he displays some questionable morality in this situation, to say the least. Driving v two other people, mother Teresa is viewed passed out with vomit covering her garments. The scene is an extremely tense, but Stewie decides in the warmth of the minute to drive approximately the hospital just to push her unconscious body the end of the car. As soon as the two other passengers protest, Stewie yells in ~ them to simply push she out, and he drives away.

That"s stone cold.

when Stewie learns he"s too quick to attend college, that decides come take manage of his enlarge brother chris Griffin (Seth Green). Through a mind control machine helping Stewie dictate every among Chris" moves, the now has actually someone to perform his bidding. Unfortunately, roughly this time, that way killing Lois.

Obviously, that doesn"t succeed, however, let"s unpack every little thing that wake up here. Stewie take it his brother"s complimentary will away in the really hopes that he can murder his mommy without getting his hand dirty. Chris would, in theory, take the fall and also have come live with the truth that he killed his mom. That"s yes, really messed up.

3 Kidnaps His Bully

once Stewie it s okay an all-new tricycle, he"s ecstatic. Unfortunately, because that him, a local bully beats the up and also steals it. So, to discover his shed toy, that tracks down the son who stole it, records him v a net launcher, ties the up and threatens him through a laser gun. Thankfully, the interrogation doesn"t last too lengthy as Lois find the lost tricycle and also finds him to tell him. Once she opens up the door to share the news, however, she watch the case going down. She asks what is walk on, to which Stewie replies they"re playing house. Once pressed more he says they"re play "Roman Polanski"s house". The joke is nice tasteless, but after you kidnap someone, us don"t think you can really gain worse.

when Peter is far pursuing a job of American football in London, England, Stewie becomes a bookie. Brian decides this would certainly be the perfect time to ar a $50 gambling on a fight in between Mike Tyson and Carol Channing. That loses, and also Stewie concerns collect his winnings. Brian pen it aside, however, and also pays the price. The infant Griffin doesn"t take as well kindly come this and also beats down the dog twice, break his legs, wrecking glass in his eyes and even setup him on fire till he it s okay his money. This is an certain sadistic next of the baby the we never ever saw prior to this moment.

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1 death The Family"s new Dog

once Peter Griffin (Seth McFarlane) watches the renowned stunt show Jackass, he"s motivated to shot his very own tricks. This goes very poorly as soon as the patriarch the the Griffin household finds self drowning. Brian do the efforts to save him, yet strains his ago and is at some point rescued alongside his owner. Uncomfortable at his dog"s lack of heroics, Peter finds an additional family dog. This "New Brian" is a hit through the family, however Stewie can"t was standing the younger dog"s cheerfulness. Once he confronts the instead of dog about his antics, Stewie learn his beloved teddy bear, Rupert to be violated by the brand-new dog. To get even Stewie murders brand-new Brian cuts up his body and throws that in the trash.