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Ned assist finding location

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at the Sorrows camp, when dealing with the entrance to Crossroads Cavern, I watch an unexplored place on my compass close to the SW. As soon as moving about to find it, the disappears. Whereby is this place and also how do I gain to it? i wouldn"t be questioning this if my explorer perk had operated with this map.Thanks, G3
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part places can only be accesed via caves take it crossroads and half mouse cavern 2 new cave top top the other side rock bone cave has equipment take fifty percent mouse cave take it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the Sorrows camp ar we have:Sweet flower caveSorrows campCrossroad cavernWhite bird caveGlass chime caveStone bones caveHalf computer mouse caveDid I miss any?I also see two unexplored places at three Marys cavern that ns can"t access. All I"ve discovered here was 3 Marys and also Three Marys cavern.
sounds like this dlc has method too countless locations. Castle overlap sometimes? lock not prefer the mojave "locations" room they?
sounds prefer this dlc has means too numerous locations. Castle overlap sometimes? theyre not like the mojave "locations" space they?
Pretty much, yeah. Numerous landscape attributes that don"t actually offer a story purpose. Nearly all have loot of some type, though. Periodically you need to look quite hard.
i think HH makes finding map markers much harder since the map architecture is much much more vertical than we"re offered to in Fallout. What I median is there"s numerous strange ways to acquire high increase in mountains. It"s a an excellent thing overall of food to have a dynamic map, simply makes it a little harder come find details places.
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