pip-boy super zoom bug, video game breaking

» Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:24 pm

whenever i lug up mine pip-boy now, that is zoomed in. I cannot see the peak or left of the pip-boy"s screen. This is bound to a personality savegame because my other personalities do not have actually this difficulty at all.

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would favor a solution various other than start a new name / play various other characters.

Sarah MacLeodPosts: 3422Joined: Tue Nov 07, 2006 1:39 am

» sat Nov 28, 2015 3:47 to be

I have this exact same issue.

The personality is hold the pip boy method too near to your face.

Work arounds1.) download the pipboy app.

If you have a clever phone, this is awesome. A tiny odd, but everything works.

2.) use the best mouse switch to traction the pip young away

It returns right away, however you will check out what is on that while stop the right mouse button. This lets you look at it at least if you can;t use work about 1.

Jeneene HuntePosts: 3478Joined: Mon Sep 11, 2006 3:18 pm

I have actually this exact same issue. Did not know it to be per character as I only have actually the one character. I"ve resorted come hitting the tricks like M to carry up the pipboy map. Ns for pipboy inventory. O for pipboy radio stations and also so on...

Zoomed in this close is stupid however I don"t know exactly how to settle it. That was choose this the minute I placed the pipboy ~ above in vault 111.

I have the very same problem. Read a few people tried come mess through the FOV but that didn"t perform anything and I placed it ago to normal.

Okay, solution:

Open fallout, pack your save.

Pull your pip young up and also then push the console switch "~"

Type fov 80 or fov 90.

Just play with the settings until it transforms to what you deserve to see, I put mine top top 80, as 90 acquired kinda small.

Don"t shot to change the ini settings in your save folder, because that some reason they arnt loading in-game.

Guys...it"s a button that transforms how close your character hold the pip-boy come his or she face. I had the same problem too...it"s the ago button ~ above a controller, not certain what it would be for keyboard and mouse. Also, if you hold this switch down and move the mouse/joystick, your character will move his arm approximately with the pipboy. Useless yet kinda neat, i guess.

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Nah bud, this is one actual an insect that"s unrelated to the zoom feature. We could still zoom, just made it also worse. That is a documented FoV issue. There are a bunch that forum articles on heavy steam and here about it now.

The FOV command operated perfect to solve it. I finished up utilizing 75. Ns think fov means feild of view, in this situation it"s one offset as to where the facility of the personality is in referral to the face. This have the right to be used to readjust the see for once something happens and also the player is either made larger or smaller sized (not sure what usage fallout would have actually for this, but I have actually played other gamings with "shrink rays" that the fov is changed and lowered to make you feeling shrunken...)

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