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Query: Coding the Excision of a Sinus Tract

My physician performed a partial excision of 5th phalanx bone. He also excised a "sinus tract" in the 4th interspace.

I have the code for the excision of bone, but I have never heard of excising a sinus tract. The patient is not a diabetic. She had an infected corn that would not heal with local care. Can anyone help me with this?

Amy Ellis, Evansville, IN

Response: I would code the ostectomy of phalanx as CPT 28124 (ostectomy, partial, phalanx, toe).

If the excision of sinus tract was a component of the skin incision to expose the bone, it would not be billed separately. If, however, a separate incision was made for the removal of sinus tract skin-to-capsule, consider CPT 28092 (excision of lesion, tendon, capsule, toe) or CPT 28090 (excision of lesion, tendon, capsule, foot), depending on the specifics of the incised tract. I think this would be reasonable for the procedure you"ve described.

Howard Zlotoff, DPM, Camp Hill, PA

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