Manganese is a change metal, discovered in the first row that the seventh tower of the regular table that elements.

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Atoms of manganese save on computer 25 electrons, 25 protons, and 30 neutrons. The atomic symbol of manganese is Mn, and its atom number is 25.


Manganese’ atomic weight is 54.94.

It is solid in ~ room temperature, has a melting allude of 1246 degrees Celsius, and also a boiling suggest of 2061 levels Celsius.

Manganese was uncovered by a scientist referred to as Johan G. Gahn in the year 1774.

Characteristics and also Properties

In its traditional form, manganese is a solid, silver and also gray colored metal. Manganese shows up very comparable to iron in the appearance and also in much of the functionality, together well.

This provides sense, together iron is the aspect next to manganese on the layout of the routine table.


The pure form of manganese is very hard, brittle, and also breakable. The is no malleable in ~ all, and cannot be worked on in any type of manufacturing capacity because it breaks very easily.

Like iron, the pure, standard kind of manganese is shiny at times, if polished, but in general any type of exposure to air will lead to tarnishing.

It gradually gets overcome by rust or decomposition as soon as put into call with water, just like iron.


Where is manganese found?

Manganese can primarily be found in the Earth’s external crust layer.

Unlike other transition metals, such together gold, silver, and platinum (which are really rare), manganese is actually the twelfth most generally found and also most abundant recognized element, metallic or otherwise.

Manganese ore

Manganese deserve to be found in compounds, or ores, in the planet with many other types of metals, and smaller quantities of that can likewise be uncovered in the ocean.

The major miners and distributers the manganese incorporate Australia and South Africa.


How manganese is supplied today

Manganese is commonly used in the intentional production of various steel alloys for industrial uses.

It is very common to fuse manganese and steel in order to make things favor very solid steel appliances. Stainless steel is among these uses.


Manganese can also be offered in alloys that aluminum, especially in the aluminum can be ~ that are mass created to store miscellaneous beverages.

Other common uses of manganese encompass application in batteries, gasoline additives, and also color for paints, glass, and also ceramics.


Organic supplies of manganese include enzyme functioning, the breakthrough of strong bones in humans and other mammals, the functioning of the endocrine and also digestive systems, such as with liver and also kidney functioning, and plant photosynthesis.

Discovery of manganese

The very first person to purify and also isolate manganese together a new element to be Johan G. Gahn, a chemist from Sweden, in the year 1774.

The presence of manganese was recognized to science prior to this, but Gahn to be the first person may be to properly isolate it from other minerals.


Manganese to be named based on the Latin word because that magnet (magnes), although this is technically a misnomer because manganese is not magnetic in nature.

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Due come manganese’ similar structure, appearance, and duty to iron, it supplied to be referred to as an element from the iron group in the periodic table, comparable to the categorization of the platinum group.

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