The Napoleon cocktail cooking recipes is do from gin, curacao, Dubonnet rouge and Amer Picon, and also served in a chilled cocktail glass.

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The Narragansett drink cooking recipes is called for the town in Rhode Island, which subsequently is named for the Narragansett people of indians that occupied the area throughout colonization. Made from old-fashioned ingredients including bourbon, sweet vermouth, Pernod absinthe and also lemon, and served over ice cream in a rocks glass.


Natural Stock

The herbal Stock cocktail is make from Yamazaki 10-year old whiskey, Midori melon liqueur, lemon juice, pineapple juice and banana liqueur, and also served in a chilled cocktail glass.


Naughty through Nature

Show her true naughty side this Valentine"s Day, surprise your lover as soon as again. The mischievous by Nature cocktail recipe is make from Xante cognac, Captain Morgan"s spiced rum, pear puree, apple juice, lemon juice and vanilla syrup, and served shaken in a chill cocktail glass.



The Navaltini cocktail recipe is one orange fancy drink made from UV Orange vodka, orange juice and chilled champagne, and served in a chill cocktail glass.


Navy Grog

The navy Grog drink recipe will meet the thirst of a sober sailor. Do from dark rum, light rum, guava juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, orgeat syrup and tamarind syrup, and served mixed in a cool highball glass.


The Nectaria is do from peach schnapps, triple sec, tequila and also sour mix, and served over ice in a margarita glass.


The Negroni is a standard drink make from Campari, gin and sweet vermouth, and also served through an orange part over ice in a rocks glass.

Negroni 1

The Negroni is a classic red drink do from Beefeater gin, Campari and also sweet vermouth, and served over ice cream in a rocks glass.

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Negroni 2

The Negroni is among the most well known Italian cocktails of every time, recently featured by Anthony Bourdain throughout his travels to Italy. This sport is make from young name Miller"s gin, sweet red vermouth and Campari, and served over ice cream in a rocks glass.