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To dream of finding coins represents positive feelings about gains being made in waking life. Feeling great having much more than you did before. Insight into problems, boosted power, or flexibility gained. An useful insight. It may likewise reflect feelings of being lucky. A lucky discovery or rare coincidence in waking life. Let go or lost methods that have reemerged. Awareness that the value that miscellaneous in her life holds.To dream of coins stacked represents feelings about yourself having actually a lot an ext of something 보다 you go before. You may additionally be saving resources or biding her time come cash in a favor or opportunity. Awareness that stored value in part area of her life.To dream the casually flipping a coin represents a absence of importance you feeling for something you"ve i found it yourself gaining with. Lucky or worth you don"t take seriously. A casual perspective towards something lucky that"s taken place to you. Feelings about yourself gift luckier or more attractive than other people.To dream of playing heads or tails v a coin to represent a casual attitude around a decision. Letting life or fate pick something for you.To dream of silver- coins symbolizes lucky or coincidences that you are noticing yourself enjoying. You may feel lucky to have more than friend did before. Possibility or surprises the have lugged you insight, power, or freedom.To dream of gold coins represents hopeful feelings about power or resources that you can use whenever girlfriend want. Noticing you yourself liking something an useful you have. You may be admiring methods or possibilities that room always easily accessible to you. Enjoying understanding you have power or liberty that is always there if you want it.To view someone else through gold coins to represent you or who else the is enjoy it noticing freedom of an option or the strength to suffer what lock want.To see negative or evil human being with gold coins symbolizes negative aspects of your personality that are enjoying noticing have the strength to do choices. It might reflect negative life cases that perpetuate fears or disappointment. Girlfriend may likewise feel totally powerless to protect against someone that has more power or resources than you.To dream of picking up a coin may reflect feelings about effort gift made to accomplish ideas, insights, or purposes you"ve thought of. Negatively, it may reflect wasting time with ideas you think friend are an excellent that might not in reality be good ideas.To dream that a coin stamped v a details year might reflect a beneficial idea or understanding that only works in a specific method that is represented by every little thing the symbolism the the year represents.Example: A guy dreamed of recognize a coin. In waking life that felt lucky about having uncovered a systems to a problem that that never had to care around again.Example 2: A woman dreamed of listening a coin soil on the ground. In waking life she had actually thought increase a new idea to gain money out of she husband prior to their divorce proceeding started.Example 3: A mrs dreamed of see herself choose up coins in an empty football field. In waking life she was coming up with ideas to try to win back her ex-boyfriend who damaged up with her.

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In this case the coins may have reflected her feelings about how valuable the insights or ideas were together she attempted to come up through schemes come get ago with her ex-boyfriend.Example 4: A woman dreamed around man being really interested in her and giving her silver coins to aid her purchase lunch. In waking life she was considering dating a male to assist her pay she unpaid bills.*Please view Gold *Please view Silver *Please watch Money*Please view Quarters

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