around Laurence Yep Laurence Yep is a native and resident of SanFrancisco. He got his B.A. In literary works from the college ofCalifornia, Santa Cruz in 1970, and also a Ph.D. In English native SUNY Buffaloin 1975. He offered his an initial story when he to be 18 and also has gone on topublish end 20 novels and also folk tale collections. His Chinese Americannovels, among them Dragonwings (Harper & Row, 1975) and also Child of theOwl (Harper & Row, 1977), have actually won numerous prizes, consisting of theNewbery Honor, the international Reading association Children"sBook Award and the Boston Globe-hom book Fiction Award. His two one-actplays, salary the Chinaman and also Fairy bones were produced by the AsianAmerican Theater agency in san Francisco in 1987, and, in a revisedversion, by Pan eastern Repertory Theatre in new York City in may 1992.Pay the Chinaman was contained in TCG"s anthology, between Worlds:Contemporary Asian-American Plays. Yep has taught an innovative writing inAsian American research studies at the college of California, Berkeley, andwas writer-in-residence at UC, Santa Barbara. He obtained a 1990fellowship in fiction indigenous the national Endowment because that the Arts. Around the beat The phase adaptation of Dragonwings to be commissionedand initially produced, under the direction of Phyllis S.K. Look, byBerkeley Repertory Theatre in the fall of 1991. The play was toured toBay Area schools as component of the theatre"s Programs because that Educationfrom September 30 through November 23, 1991. Indigenous mid-October throughearly December 1992, the Lincoln facility Institute, in association withthe john F. Kennedy facility for the Performing Arts, will produce a tourof Berkeley Rep"s manufacturing to schools and also other publicly venuesthroughout the east Coast, including Lincoln Center and the KennedyCenter, the Triplex center for the Performing arts in reduced Manhattan,the Annenberg center in Philadelphia and also Emerson university in Boston. InDecember 1992, Berkeley Rep will open a new production that Dragonuings aspart the its Parallel Season. In March/April, this brand-new production will bepresented by Seattle Children"s Theatre at the Intiman Theatre inSeattle. Dragonwings was developed in workshops in ~ Berkeley RepertoryTheatre, the Kennedy Center"s Theatre because that Young People and theSundance Playwrights Laboratory, and with dramaturg Mame Hunt.

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The CharactersMoon Shadow, Chinese boy who grows indigenous 5 to 14 in the course of theplay. Mother, Chinese mrs in she late 20s. Windrider, Chinese male inhis 60s. Black color Dog, Chinese teenager. Dragon King, a middle-aged dragon.Played by the same actor together Uncle glowing Star. Miss Whitlaw, Americanwoman in she 60s. Play by the same actor as Moon Shadow"s mother.Earthquake Dragon, a young dragon. May be played by the exact same actor asUncle glowing Star or black color Dog, or by one of the stage Assistants. TwoStage Assistants: The actors play Uncle bright Star and also Black Dog candouble as one of them, relying on the scene. DRAGONWINGS scene 1 America. The year is 1928. Moon zero enters native stage ideal asan adult in a 1920s peaked cap and also coat. He wears wire-rim glasses. MoonShadow: when I to be a boy, mine father had a special dream. A StageAssistant shows up from upstage, help Moon Shadow remove his cap, coatand glasses and exits phase left. Under his coat, Moon zero wearsthe an easy clothing that a peasant young in China in 1905. Moon Shadow: Thenit became mine. This is ours story. Moon Shadow: Shadow begins atai-chi-like activity which segues rhythmically into a mime of paris akite. Together Moon Shadow begins to tug in ~ his kite, his mom entersquickly from phase left. She wears a spot peasant costume. Mother(Urgently): Reel in the slack. Hurry. There. You recorded the wind. MoonShadow: Oh, no. Mother: (Guiding his hands): Don"t permit the windtake it. Moon Shadow: It"s choose the kite"s alive. Mother: Thestring is her leash. The kite, her dog. Keep hold. (Stepping away)Maybe we"ll record a phoenix. Moon shadow (Letting it fly higher):Look at it go. Mother: not so fast. Moon Shadow: It"s mine. Papamade it for me. Mother: not so high. (Pause) perform you mental him? MoonShadow: When"s he coming earlier to China? mommy (Watching the kiteanxiously): once he"s rich. Then he"ll leaving the land of theGolden Mountain. Moon Shadow: Grandmother states it"s a big, bigmountain. Three thousand miles large and a thousands high. And also all youhave to do is take a bucket and scoop up the gold. Mother: Thewind"s switching. Moon Shadow: therefore if father"s sit on topof a yellow mountain, why doesn"t he choose up part nuggets and also comehome? Why go he work-related in a laundry? mother (Wistfully): ns don"tknow. I"ve never ever been there. Mother and Moon Shadow remain onstage.Uncle shining Star and Windrider get in from upstage. They occupy an arearepresenting the interior of the Peach Orchard laundry in SanFrancisco"s Chinatown. China and the laundry room stagedsimultaneously. Uncle bright Star is hanging clothes. The sleves of hiscollarless shirt room rolled up. Windrider is ironing. Black Dog stumblesin. That is around 18. His dandyish apparel are mussed and hisface is cut.Black Dog: They"ll be sorry. Windrider: What taken place to you? BlackDog: I"ll have their heads. Uncle shining Star: Where"s yourqueue? black color Dog: White demons cut it Uncle shining Star (To Windrider):They"re beginning in again. Windrider (Going come a window): wherein arethey? black color Dog: Left"em in ~ Union Square. Uncle bright Star:Stupid! What were you doing outside of Chinatown? black Dog: Walking.Windrider: were tlley comes this way? black color Dog: castle were as well drunk towalk far. Uncle bright Star: you couldn"t outrun them? black color Dog:They began it. Uncle bright Star: and you simply stopped and talked?Black Dog (Grabs the iron): I"ll brand them. Windrider: It"shot. Black color Dog: Should"ve finished it. Windrider bring away BlackDog"s eight while, Uncle bright Star bring away the wrist the the handholding the iron. Windrider: patience down. Uncle shining Star: Stupid! BlackDog: permit me go. Uncle shining Star and also Windrider wrestle black Dog to theground mom is now flying the kite. Moon Shadow: Why don"t youever talk around the gold Mountain? Mother: your grandmother has actually all theanswers. Moon Shadow: She says that demons roam up and also down themountain. And they beat anyone they capture taking the gold. With sticksbig together trees. However if you execute like they say, they let you take a littlenugget. Mother: Look at the kite. Choose a small rainbow. Moon Shadow:Grandmother states that she heard about this male over there. The let ademon touch him. Only the demon had poison on his hand. Knocked the manout. When the guy woke up, he remained in chains. Is the true? Mother: Howshould ns know? Moon Shadow: grandm heard that from Aunt Piety and sheheard that from a man down by three Willows. And also they all swear it"sthe truth. Mother: Then i guess the is, Moon Shadow: then why did you letfather go there? Mother: us didn"t have actually a choice. Moon Shadow: Whydidn"t we go v him? Mother: The white demons won"t let anyChinese women right into their country. For this reason the men have to go alone. MoonShadow: will certainly I need to go as soon as I"m a man? mommy turns away as ifshe is soaked up in paris the kite. Windrider and Uncle bright Star aretending black color Dog"s cuts. Uncle glowing Star (Applying anantiseptic): Stupid bum! that could"ve been your head. Be cunning. Besilent. But over all be invisible. How deserve to you go residence to China nowwithout your queue? The an initial Manchu who sees you will think you"rea rebel. Black Dog: By the moment I leave, mine hair"ll be lengthy andgray. Uncle shining Star (To Windrider): Hunh! Still wants to beat theprince ago in China. Black color Dog: much better than here. Demons every around.Why"d you carry me to mountain Francisco? as much as my belt in dirtyclothes. In boiling water. (Holding up his hands) Look at them. Crabclaws. Part father. Together Uncle glowing Star pipeline in disgust, black color Dogaddresses Windrider. Black color Dog: and now you desire to beat the huge shot.Want to bring your young to this country. Didn"t you learn anything?(He exits) Moon Shadow waves a letter at his mother. Moon Shadow:Mother! Mother: review slow. (Taps ear and makes fist) What my ears hear,my psychic holds. Moon Shadow: It"s to me! Mother: not to me? MoonShadow: No.(Reading) The sixth day that the second month that thethirty-first year that the era continuing Enlightenment. Dear boy. So muchhas occurred that I must share it v you. Ns wish the western folkwould let your mother come here; yet they do not. So you must the floor of the gold Mountain. Windrider (Simultaneously): Inthe land of the golden Mountain. Mother: No. You"re only ten.Windrider: the is her time as it when was mine. Moon shadow (Reading):It is her time as it when was mine. Mother: It"s also dangerous.Windrider stretches the end a hand towards Moon Shadow. Moon shadow (ToMother): I want to go. Mother: No. Moon Shadow: I"ll write. Mother:I"ll have actually every letter check out to me best away. Over and over. Sowhat my ears hear, mine heart will hold. They embrace. The stage Assistantappears through Moon Shadow"s box containing his worldy possessionsand hand it to mother who provides it to Moon Shadow. Mother, StageAssistant and also Windrider exit. Hesitantly, Moon Shadow begins to circlethe stage, representing his passage across the Pacific. He stop atstage center. First Voice (Voiceover): i am through the immigration serviceof the United says of America. We should ask you questions to verifyyour best to get in this country. You should answer truthfully. Carry out youunderstand? Moon zero (Timidly): Yes. First Voice (Aggressive): Whoare you? Moon Shadow: Lee Moon-Shadow. Very first Voice: What is yourfather"s name? Moon Shadow: Increase. An initial Voice: What is yourmother"s name? Moon Shadow: Springtime. An initial Voice: How many roomsin your house? Moon Shadow: Three. First Voice: How countless windows doesyour residence have? Moon Shadow: Two. Very first Voice: How plenty of trees outside?Moon Shadow: One. A plum tree. First Voice: any kind of animals? Moon Shadow:Two chickens and also a pig. 2nd Voice (Aggressive): Who space you? What isyour father"s name? What is your mother"s. How numerous rooms inyour house? How numerous windows go your residence have? How numerous treesoutside? any animals? Moon shadow (Answering, confused): Moon....Increase....Spring....Two, ns mean, three. A pig tree. Plums andchickens. Third Voice (Overlapping second Voice): Who space you? What isyour father"s name? What is your mother"s. How plenty of rooms inyour house? How countless windows does your house have? How countless treesoutside? any type of animals? an initial Voice (Overlapping third Voice): who areyou? What is your father"s name? What is her mother"s. Howmany rooms in your house? How numerous windows walk your home have? Howmany tree outside? any animals? Moon zero (Overlapping very first Voice;increasingly agitated):Moon-increase-Spring-three-two-pig-plum-chicken-increase-two-three.

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AllThree Voices: Who space you? Moon Shadow: Moon Shadow. All 3 Voices:Who are you? Who space you? Who are you? Moon Shadow: Moon Shadow!