This attach explains what helps to boost the trigger of the Coup de Grâce (see trigger table)

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The frequency that a Coup de Grâce emerging is enhanced by the adhering to conditions:

Critical pan equipped +6%Overcritical fan equipped +7%Hypercritical fan equipped +8%Dire vital fan equipped +10%Combat activity medal +3%Martial artist, Ranger, or Luminary +3%1 various other party member primed +0.8%2 other party members primed +10%3 various other party members primed +36%10% damage taken +0.75%20% damages taken +1.5%30% damage taken +3%40% damages taken +6%50% damages taken +12%60% damage taken +24%70% damage taken +48%80% damage taken +95%

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It additionally depends top top what you"re fighting. If it"s any type of easy death monster, your opportunities are yes, really low, but if you"re fighting a major boss (such together Corvus) your chances are increased.


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Your coup de grace counts on her vocation

Warrior - renders a attack that will constantly be a an important hitMartial Artist - Terroises enimies that cannot be stood up to , and also tenison that the user goes as much as 5Preist - Heals every allies in one walk ( its like multiheal or omniheal for totally free but the HP restore is dictated just by the user"s wonder mending)Ministrel - boosts chance the doding and also counterattacks ( that is like back atcha ( the a sheild skill learnt at skill suggest 88 ) but with increased chance)Mage - every MP expenses for speels are diminished to 0 because that a few turn (useful for doing an effective high level spells)Theif- 100% possibility of item autumn on the enemy used top top , does no guranantee bosses though.

Paladin - renders use invincible and all opponents attck the user calculation ut useless.Ranger - incread resistence to breath atttacks , attack and also defence by 1 levelGladiator - raises tension of user to 50 or 100Arenemantalist - Multiplies Xp drop ranging from ×1.1 to ×1.9Sage - Restores every or practically all MP relying on the customers statsLuminary - exact same as Martial artist but the adversaries boogie.