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Dabura:In story setting defeat Dabura with teen Gohan great Saiyaman:In story mode defeat cabinet with teen Gohan or kid Gohan Bardok: In the beginning of DU fly end to Raditz"s spaceship, you must see a ???. Enter it and you should obtain him. Brolly: Beat the on the 2nd time v as Goku rather of son Buu. Gogeta Capsule: top top a time through as Goku/Vegeta.Instead the fighting Uub/Brolly,you obtain an invetation from your sons to fight in a fusion. Just win that fight. Cooler: after beating Frieza under whereby you beat him, have to be SS Vegeta. Win him and Vegeta will certainly tell you about him. Go to Cooler"s red mark and also beat him. Vegeta: Play v dragon universe v goku Fat buu: Play through dragon universe with goku kid buu: Play with dragon universe through goku boy Goku: complete Dragon Universe setting with Broly teen Gohan: complete Dragon Universe setting with boy Gohan Gohan: finish Dragon Universe mode with teen Gohan great Saiyaman: finish Dragon Universe mode with Gohan Goten: defeat Goten in Dragon Universe setting with Gohan Vegeta: defeat Vegeta in Dragon Universe mode with goku Trunks: finish Dragon Universe mode with Vegeta son Trunks: defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode with Vegeta Videl: walk to levels (point 4 on map) with Gohan Captain Ginyu: defeat Captain Ginyu in Dragon Universe mode with goku Recoome: defeat Recoome in Dragon Universe mode with son ogong Frieza: loss Frieza in Dragon Universe setting with goku Android 17: defeat Android 17 in Dragon Universe setting with Piccolo Android 18: complete Dragon Universe mode with krylin Dr. Gero: defeat Dr. Gero in Dragon Universe mode with Yamcha Cell: loss Cell in Dragon Universe mode with teenager Gohan Majin Buu: loss Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode with goku Super Buu: loss Super Buuin Dragon Universe setting with Goku son Buu: Defeat son Buu in Dragon Universe setting with goku Uub: when fighting kid buu use the spirit ball method and success Vegito(Goku): defeat Super Buu as goku in Buu"s body in DU Vegito(Vegeta): loss Super Buu as Vegeta in Buu"s body in DU Gogeta (ssj2): After defeating Broly In Dragon Universe setting Defeat Gotenks at The human being Tournament Arena Gogeta (ssj4): In Vegeta"s DU instead of fighting boy Buu go find Goku who is now a super Saiyan 4. Defeat him and also you will get this Fusion. Trunks (young): defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe setting while playing through Vegeta. Gotenks: to buy in the capsule shop. Dr. Zoidberg: loss Syn Shenron in his Omega kind using base child Goku. Android 16: In Krillin"s Dragon world mode. Obtained to one of the islands near Roshi"s house and take hime come Bulma in West City for repairs to get him. Oceanic Shenron: win Omega Shenron through broly 5 time without shedding Kujila: acquire everyone come at the very least level 10 in the Dragon Arena cell JR: Piccolo will certainly randomly show up in Dragon Arena, beat the to gain Cell JR.

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