Guide Dragon ball Raging Blast 2 : just how to unlock characters

Android #13: Successfully finish Dr. Gero"s boss mission in Galaxy mode.

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Android #14: Successfully complete the Android #13′ boss mission in Galaxy mode.

Bardock: Successfully complete the ceo of Saibamen mission in Galaxy mode.

Bojack: Successfully finish Zangya"s boss mission in Galaxy mode.

Cooler:Successfully complete Frieza"s boss mission in Galaxy mode.

Gohan: Successfully complete Teen Gohan"s ceo mission in Galaxy mode.

Gotenks: efficiently completes the ceo of super Gogeta mission in Galaxy mode.

Hatchiyack: clock the video "Dragon round Z: The arrangement To Eradicate The super Saiyan!"

Janemba: Successfully finish the Pikkon ceo mission in Galaxy mode.

Kid Buu: Successfully complete Krillin"s boss mission in Galaxy mode.

Meta-Cooler: Successfully finish Cooler"s boss mission in Galaxy mode.

Pikkon: Successfully complete Piccolo"s ceo mission in Galaxy mode.

Mecha-Frieza: Successfully complete Meta-Cooler"s ceo mission in Galaxy mode.

SSJ3 Broly:Successfully complete Broly"s boss mission in Galaxy mode.

SSJ3 Vegeta: Successfully finish the SSJ3 Broly boss mission in Galaxy mode.

Super Gogeta:Successfully complete Vegito"s ceo mission in Galaxy mode.

Teen Gohan: Successfully finish Kid Gohan"s ceo mission in Galaxy mode.

Turles:Successfully finish Raditz"s boss mission in Galaxy mode.

Vegeta (Scouter):Successfully finish Goku"s ceo mission in Galaxy mode.


Lover that titles acquire at least 50 titles. Battalion struggle at the very least 50 battles online. Cell game Champion win the cabinet Game. Civilization Tournament Champion victory the world Tournament. Well begun... complete the first combat zone. Collector the securities gain at the very least 10 titles. Gyeongju to the medals acquire 300 challenge medals in the combat zone. Training fruits obtain an S++ because that the very first time. North Galaxy complete Galaxy setting with more than 40 characters. Southern Galaxy finish Galaxy mode with more than 30 characters. Eastern Galaxy finish Galaxy mode with more than 10 characters. West Galaxy finish the Galaxy mode with an ext than 20 characters. Globetrotter hit in all maps. Warrior extraordinaire! complete Galaxy mode with much more than 50 characters. The battle continues... success 50 G1 vs. CPU battles. The fight has simply begun victory 20 G1 vs. CPU battles.The basics are vital finish the whole tutorial. Strength level... 5... You lose 5 battles online. Grasp of the minigame break as countless balls as possible in the mini-game during the loading screen. Prize maniac Get more than 100 images. Finest friends struggle 10 G1 vs. G2 battles. Formidable enemy destroyed! finish a fight in Galaxy mode for the an initial time. Pioneer find a secret level in the combat zone. First Galaxy! finish "BOSS MISSION" in Galaxy mode for the an initial time. An initial step towards supremacy finish the very first Supreme Zone. King that curiosities view all the character profiles in the Museum"s personality Encyclopedia. Famous scene Get much more than 30 images. Shenron, fellas!!! Evoke Shenron because that the an initial time. Takkarapt poppolunga! Evoca Polunga because that the first time. All shapes use every type of every transformable characters at least once. Take it easy fight an online battle for the very first time. Beautiful memories Get an ext than 250 images. Location hunter acquire at the very least 100 titles. Capsule corporation founded! obtain all the items. King of Battles finish all combat zones. Supreme amongst the supreme finish all supreme Zones. all music gain all the music native the game. every costumes Unlock all the costumes. All personalities Unlock all characters and also shapes. True Cell video game Champion Cell game Champion at daunting Level. True civilization Tournament Champion civilization Tournament Champion at an overwhelming Level. I want a more powerful opponent! victory 30 battles online. Galactic domination!!!! finish Galaxy mode with every characters.

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Raging Blast Trophy


Epilogue Look in ~ the awards. Yamcha"s premonition Win versus Yamcha through Saibaiman making use of the Supreme strike "Saibaiman Bomb". A blog post from Goku through Super Saiyan 2 Gohan rag., beat cell Perfect Body v Supreme Attack: Kamehameha Father-Son. Farewell to the brave warrior making use of Majin Vegeta, defeat Majin Buu with Supreme Attack: final Explosion. Lone Warrior using the Android No. 17 or the Android No. 18, defeat Super Saiyan Gohan that the future through Fusion. The end of everything using Super Saiyan Goku, win Freezer"s maximum Power v Supreme Attack: Kamehameha Furiosa.