This build is about being all offensive and also lashing the end elemental spells. You will have restricted survivability capabilities, yet this pays off with over the optimal damage

Before starting

This construct works for the main character. However, Morrigan can additionally definitely use this, as she additionally has many an abilities in elemental tree

Elves room the best beginning race in terms of starting attributes for mages.

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If you usage it top top the key character execute Circle the Tower very first to gain 16 shrewd (I recommend doing this on all characters)

You will need to have actually a healer in your party prefer Wynne to keep your tank v high HP (more top top that later on)

For this build to work-related you will need to have actually a solid tank that deserve to ensure the you space not gift hit. Because you will have actually low hp and you will usage it to actors spells

Get pickpocketing talent come unlock additional side quests in Denerim



Magic – attribute which will rise your spell damage. This is all that you need for this build

Contrary to reasoning that blood mage needs constitution you have to avoid it. Her mana pool will be your HP + MP. Due to this you will be able to cast spells easy without any large limitations



Pickpocket - Level 1 (if you space the key character)Combat Training - Level 4Tactics - Level 4

If girlfriend have any other clues left invest based upon your preference.



You will use two main specializations: Blood Mage and also Spirit Healer. I suggest acquiring the last one 2nd at level 14 and Blood Mage in ~ level 7. This will rise your spreading pool early on in the game.

NOTE: friend can additionally take Arcane Warrior and invest 1 capacity point right into Combat Magic. This will permit you to use Helm that Honnleath, the best helm in the video game giving +2 to every stats. Otherwise, if it is being provided by rather you deserve to skip it

How come unlock Blood Mage?

To unlock this expertise you will must do the Arl the Redcliffe story quest. You will must be a mage and also enter the Fade.

Once you with the critical Demon that will present its true form. You will then have actually a conversation through it. If you room able to strike a deal among the rewards will certainly be the Blood Mage specialization.


For this type of build, friend will want to usage all the spells that scale Spellpower.

Level 1 - 7

At the start of the game, we want to build the offensive capabilities that the mage,

Winter"s understand – an excellent single-target spell, freeze enemies

Frost weapons – development spell, to gain the next talent

Cone that Cold - area of impact skill, petrifying opponents (even though it looks like they space frozen)

Heal – an excellent to have actually at a begin until girlfriend will have actually a specialized healer.

Flame Blast

Flaming Weapons

Fireball - an area of impact crowd control skill the knocks ago enemies. Great when dealing with weaker enemies.Spell Wisp - provides a middle bonus come spellpower

Level 7-14

Get Blood Mage expertise at level 7. If you execute not have it unlocked execute Redcliffe castle"s main quest to attain it. You can likewise wait it spins level 14 and just take the soul Healer specialization.

Your the strongest crowd manage skill will just be obtainable on the Blood Mage tree at level 14. So prior to that, you will want to have unlocked Blood Sacrifice

Blood Magic – enables using hp to actors spellsDrain Life - does not do much damage but can be provided to quickly regenerate several of hp.Death Magic - this is optional, yet you have the right to use the to recover HP. It synergizes well v Blood Magic.Curse that Mortality - great damage with time ability. Scales v spellpowerDeath Cloud - an capability that transaction a most damage and also can cause Entropic Death. Be careful how you usage it, together Friendly Fire is possibleBlood Sacrifice – your main healing spell, which friend will use to take HP from your tank

Level 14+

Get the second specialization either spirit Healer or Blood Mage

Blood Wound – tremendous skill, allowing to paralyze living adversaries in a broad area with fast casting. It additionally has a short cooldown and also deals damages over time.Vulnerability HexAffliction HexMisdirection HexDeath Hex - cast this on enemies when they get in the death Cloud area. The an outcome will it is in an Entropic death combination. This is the biggest damage-dealing assignment combo in the game.Mana Drain - can be provided to recoup some MPMana CleanseSpell Might - this sustained capacity will enable you to more maximize your spellpower.Mana Clash - this ability will allow you come one-shot practically all adversary mages in the game

If friend have any points left feel free to placed them into Waking Nightmare, Arcane Mastery or any kind of other spell that looks interesting or advantageous to you.

In the end, you have to have all of these capability at her disposal:



I list the end by the priority which tools you must use. The an initial ones room for the end game or close come it.

NOTE: you require to have at least one item v “Improved Blood Magic” status:

NOTE: if you will certainly be using equipment that boosts elemental Damage, for example, +10% fire damage, over there is a cap of 30% for the element. So, having actually Wilhelm"s Magus Staff and Dalish battery will reach the limit, and also equipping ring Twitch ( through a 5% increase to electric damage) would have actually no effect.




Tevinter Mage Robes

First Enchanter Robes

Archon Robes


Unfortunately, nothing unique here, gain gloves that an increase your many used element skill: Storm Talons, Ashen Gloves, Elementalist’s Grasp, etc.


Fade Striders – ideal boots because that mages, no other good alternative so just take what you find



Belt that Magister Lords


Ring that Study

Any element rings favor Frostshear or Dalish battery



As this construct is short on Hp and uses hp to cast spells, beat it through your main character. However, it deserve to be supplied both through Wynne and also Morrigan.

You should apply all the buffs: order Wish, Blood Magic and also Spell might to maximize your damage dealt.

Use cure to heal her tank after Blood Sacrifice (if you carry out not have a healer or she is the end of MP)

Constantly use Blood Wound as it has actually a quick cooldown and allows to control the battlefield

To deal maximum damages use death Cloud + death Hex.

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The build deals significant damage, the Blood Wound will paralyze most of the enemies and if you are not being assaulted by archers, there should be no troubles handling other opponents.