Does picking that specialization affect the story line? Will civilization hate me if I pick it?



It was initially planned for Wynne to call you the end on gift a Blood Mage while in the visibility of Knight commander Greagoir and first Enchanter Irving in ~ the finish of the broken Circle quest. Dialogue to be recorded, however was cut from the game. It deserve to be viewed in this fan-made reconstruction:

Wynne: prior to we go any further, ns would favor to lug something increase if ns may. I should thank you because that what you have done, however I have actually watched you and also seen some things that reason me concern. The spells friend use are unfamiliar and not taught by the Circle. They space powerful, and also disturbing. Whereby did you discover to execute this magic?

Warden: (Persuade) lock were not my spells. You room mistaken.

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Wynne: Oh, please. Credit me at least with the capacity to tell different casters apart. I recognize what ns saw.

Warden: (Persuade) The Grey Wardens teach me.

Wynne: but there is only ever before one mage Warden in ~ a time, and also you are that mage. That taught you?

Greagoir: ns can think that the Grey Wardens teach your recruits spells that would certainly be…frowned top top by the Circle. No hope times speak to for no hope measures.

Irving: The Wardens have actually many books reserved for themselves alone. Lock contain the wisdom of every Grey Wardens past and present, mages included.

Warden: Yes. That"s right.

Greagoir: The Grey Wardens" methods might be questionable, however I must believe their intentions are, ultimately, good.

Wynne: I hate to say this, however some the the points you were doing to be hardly distinguishable from what those blood mages to be doing.

Greagoir: This is a significant accusation, Wynne.

Warden: every little thing I"ve done has made me much better at battling evil.

Greagoir: Tell united state now…are you a blood mage?

Warden: Yes, ns am.

Greagoir: You recognize what occurred to Jowan and also you witnessed what castle did to the tower.

Irving: that pains me to check out you"ve fallen so far. You were strong enough without blood magic…

Warden: Why execute you let the Chantry dictate the extent of her power?

Irving: It"s not about power, however respect for life—your own, and others. Do what girlfriend wish, Greagoir.

Because you did spare the tower, Greagoir then gives you the option to peacefully surrender and also go on trial v the Chantry, through him saying the he will plead for the cool cleric to spare her life. The Warden can select to refuse, which leader to Greagoir saying the you have to be eliminated.

I imagine that this conversation was reduced for two reasons. First, it creates a new outcome in i beg your pardon both the Mages and the Templars turn on you, definition you don"t have either faction as an ally. Second, as soon as you say the they space Grey Warden spells, Wynne notes that "there is only ever one mage Warden in ~ a time" therefore you had actually nobody come teach you (with Irving thinking that friend learned indigenous Grey Warden books). It appears that the developers chose they didn"t want to limit themselves in this way, so they cut the referral to it.

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Unfortunately, this method that in the final version of the video game your allies, Wynne included, don"t it seems ~ to treatment that you"re utilizing Blood Magic. However, you can accept this indigenous a roleplaying view by imagining that you had actually an off-screen conversation and managed come convince her companions that they to be Grey Warden techniques. If you go so far regarding actually make Wynne a Blood Mage, then you have the right to reason that she doesn"t totally recognize blood magic (since the only time she has seen it has been briefly during combat) and that she wants to believe the lie that you really are teaching her secret Grey Warden techniques.