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there is a residence in new OrleansThey contact the Risin" SunAnd it"s to be the destroy of plenty of a bad boy.And God, I recognize I"m one.My mom was a tailor.She sewed my brand-new blue jeans.My father was a gamblin" manDown in brand-new Orleans.Now, the only thing a gambler needsIs a suitcase and a trunkAnd the only time that he"s satisfiedIs once he"s out on a drunkOh, Mother, tell your childrenNot to execute what I have actually done.Spend your resides in sin and also miseryIn the house of the risin" sun.Well, I"ve got one foot ~ above the platform.The various other foot on the train.I"m goin" earlier to brand-new OrleansTo wear the ball and also chain.Well, over there is a home in new OrleansThey call the Risin" SunAnd it"s been the damage of many a poor boy.And God, I recognize I"m one.
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