Learn all about cashing a inspect at Walmart, consisting of the information that you need to provide. Discover out the fees and also limits that apply.

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Walmart isn"t just an American hub for retail shopping -- it"s additionally a popular destination for those in need of particular financial services.

One that those important financial services is check-cashing, i beg your pardon is provided by Walmart Money facility (usually uncovered in Walmart stores).

Similar to exactly how you would certainly cash a check at a bank, Walmart enables consumers come cash their checks and have money in their hands instantly.

It permits people without bank accounts (or those who pick not to use them) come cash their checks.

Find out whatever you should know about using this financial business from Walmart.

What types of Checks have the right to Be Cash?

Walmart is really strict with the type of checks that is accepted for its check-cashing solutions as check fraud is a problem.

Therefore, only the adhering to checks can be cashed:

Payroll checksGovernment checksTax refund checksCashiers" checksInsurance settlement checks401(k), retirement disbursement checksMoneyGram money orders issued in ~ a Walmart

As you have the right to see, personal checks space not contained in the list. Walmart will cash preprinted checks, as in those wherein the examine isn"t handwritten.

Ineligible checks

The types of checks that Walmart won"t cash include:

Handwritten checksPersonal checksChecks dated an ext than 180 days priorNon-MoneyGram money ordersMoneyGram money orders no issued at Walmart

Check-Cashing Limits

Walmart has a straightforward limit for check-cashing: $5,000 per check.

During the months of January with April, this boundaries is increased temporarily come $7,500 to accommodate the larger checks that customer might carry in together a result of their taxes refunds.

Funds Payment Methods

There room two methods to receive the cashed funds:

CashReloading a Walmart MoneyCard

When you choose to pack the funds onto a Walmart MoneyCard, the usual reload dues is waived.

The Walmart MoneyCard option is a decent an option if you already use the prepaid card account routinely as component of her financial system.

How lot Does it Cost?

Walmart fees a different check-cashing fee based upon the examine amount.

For check of $1,000 or less, the maximum fee is $3.00.

For checks of an ext than $1,000 up to $5,000, the maximum fee is $6.00.

The fees is deducted native the worth of the inspect so that you"ll receive much less than the check amount.

What details Do You need to Provide?

While no it is registered is needed, you will need to carry out an endorsed check together with a valid type of government-issued ID v your photograph (e.g., state i would card, driver"s license, U.S. Passport, etc.).

Additionally, be ready to provide your Social protection number.

Compared to Cashing check at a Bank

When you get a check, you can go come the financial institution that approve the examine to cash that -- no need to deposit it right into your own financial institution account.

The paying financial institution will verify the examine immediately and also pay out the accumulation to the inspect recipient.

However, this generally comes in ~ a cost.

Banks might charge a non-customer check-cashing fee, which can be a addressed amount or portion of the cashed amount.

There room the expenses of cashing checks at financial institutions as a non-customer:

Cost that Cashing Checks for Non-Customers

financial institution Non-CustomerCheck Cashing fees
Bank of America $8 per inspect for amounts greater 보다 $50.00
Chase $8
BB&T Free under $50; end $50 a dues of $8
BMO Harris Bank $10 ($50 is the minimum quantity you deserve to cash)
Capital One Free
BBVA Compass $10
Citibank Free because that checks under $5,000
Fifth 3rd Bank 1% the the check amount ($4 minimum and also $25 maximum)
HSBC Bank Free for personal checks; $3 for organization checks under $100 and $5 for business checks that $100 or more
KeyBank 1.0% that the check amount ($3 minimum and also $25 maximum)
M&T Bank 2% the the examine amount ($3 minimum)
PNC Bank Free because that checks $25 and under; 2% of the examine amount for checks better than $25 ($2 minimum)
Regions Bank Free under $10, but above $10, 1% of the examine amount ($2 minimum and also $20 maximum)
Citizens-Bank $7
SunTrust Free for checks $50 or under; $7 if higher than $50
TD Bank $10
Union Bank $10 dues for personal checks over $100; $10 for company checks over $25
U.S. Bank $5
Wells Fargo $7.50

Like Walmart, banks will call for identification prior to disbursement of funds. Usually, banks ask for 2 (2) creates of government-issued ID.

More expensive, but more accessible

Compared come Walmart, banks tend to charge a higher fee to cash a check.

However, friend may discover that it is more convenient to walk to a bank branch because there room simply more of the bank"s places than the number of Walmart shop in your area.

Personal checks cashed

Another big difference is that banks will cash your personal checks (again, if authorize by the bank).

These space the checks that room handwritten and also are considered too risky to cash by Walmart.

If you have a an individual check and you don"t have your own bank account, you may have actually no choice than to visit the issuing financial institution to cash the check. As a result, the non-customer check-cashing fee is most likely to it is in unavoidable.

No limits

Unlike Walmart, banks have no stated boundaries on the size of the examine that they"ll cash.

If the examine funds are confirmed to be available, the financial institution shouldn"t limit the payment.

So, also if you have actually a preprinted check, the amount might exceed the limits accepted through Walmart. Again, this pressures you to use the issuing bank (or a financial institution account).


Walmart offers a check-cashing different for consumers -- cheaper 보다 banks and also even cheaper than mom-and-pop check-cashing stores.

The downsides are the restrictions on the varieties of checks and also check amounts.

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Ideally, the checks are deposited into a checking account. Human being who battle to gain approved because that a classic checking account may consider using for an online checking account or a second-chance checking account.