Shady business, terrible customer organization

really very sketchy service practice by Troll and also Toad. Ns mailed them roughly 60 cards, most of which to be in an excellent or good condition. They graded the cards the same day the package was delivered and also it was only 40% of the quoted order total and never contacted me around the great of individual cards to define why so low. Virtually 10 days after i still have yet to get the payment or be contacted. I Can't attest buying from them yet never sell your cards to these scammers! they are offering your cards because that 3-4x the price they give you and also it's a horrible attracted out process to obtain paid on height of it. Usage at your own risk!

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end 2 month currently from purchase and i…

end 2 month currently from purchase and i tho hvt acquired either the package or any kind of tracking number, additionally there is q high shipping cost even tho i bought because that over 30 euro, they not answer any type of of mine emails and just ignore the problem

poor Customer organization

I've been ordering indigenous Troll and also Toad because 2017. 12,000 dollars+ spent. Loyal customer. Newly in 2021 the high quality of cards castle sent has degraded significantly. Ns purchased a silver paper Isochron Scepter and asked in bespeak notes for it to it is in "Near Mint" together I payment for. A played and curled copy showed up despite the stimulate notes. After ~ contacting customer organization they refused to give any helpful realistic financial alternatives to settle the issue. My first time availing that customer business after spending 5 numbers with them end years and also it to be awful. I imply going to TCG player and also other web page that value you and would (and have!) fixed issues like this in a heartbeat. 1/5 Troll and Toad. Your customer service sucks.


no an issue in over 4 years.

I’ve been taking care of T&T because that over 4 years. Castle have detailed a meaningful and also necessary service in buying mine surplus and unwanted cards. Wether it has been credit or cash no issues. I’ve purchased lot of of booster and other boxes and have had actually zero issues. If you see complaints about how long it’s taking for shipment - disregard them. Take it up through the poorly managed and inept postal service. Admittedly getting better now. However, I had packages not delivered for numerous months throughout the height of the pandemic. Had one parcel, that ns paid come expedite native SF to PA, took end 3 weeks and also that to be for overnight delivery. This is not the fault of the sender!

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terrible checkout process and poor customer organization

had a an extremely unpleasant endure with customer service for my recent attempted checkout. Checkout had failed but an authorisation hold was nonetheless placed on my payment map for the complete amount that the order. Instead of declining the transaction so the the authorisation organize would be lifted promptly, ns have had actually to wait the full authorisation holding period of end 10 organization days for the host to expire normally (i.e. V zero activity from TNT). Customer business was ghastly with no attempt to recognize the mechanics the what ns was relenten (i.e. Just insisting that the card had not been charged - this is not what i was saying). It has actually taken end 2 main to deal with this and also after gift a customer for years I will be really glad to never purchase anything native TNT ever before again.