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Ralph never understands why Jack feeling he have to kill him. Once he confronts Jack at lock Rock, he to know it will certainly be dangerous, but he doesn"t expect the blatant killing of Piggy and also Jack"s utter fail to feel remorse. Jack endorses the killing. Wounded by Jack"s spear, hiding in the...

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Ralph never ever understands why Jack feeling he need to kill him. When he confronts Jack at lock Rock, he knows it will be dangerous, however he doesn"t intend the blatant murder of Piggy and also Jack"s utter failure to feel remorse. Jack endorses the killing. Wounded through Jack"s spear, hiding in the forest, Ralph considers the truth that there is an "indefinable connection" in between himself and also Jack, meaning that Jack would certainly "never let him alone; never." however he instantly tells himself that the boys aren"t that bad; the Piggy"s fatality was an accident. The imagines going up to the tribe and also saying, "I"ve obtained pax," and being welcomed right into the group. However he to know he is currently an outcast, ""cos I had some sense."

Still, he cannot master the reality that Jack would deliberately kill him. The sneaks approximately Samneric if they"re ~ above watch and presses them because that an answer around Jack"s plans. The twins have a hard time to express the horrible reality to their previous chief; castle say, "They hate you, Ralph. They"re going to carry out you." the obviously method murder, however Ralph can"t expropriate it, and he presses further. Lastly the boys explain that Roger and Jack room "terrors" and that Roger has "sharpened a rod on both ends." Ralph cannot fathom the definition of the warning. It method that they intend to death Ralph prefer they would certainly kill a pig, probably by control one sharp finish of the stick up his rectum. Climate they would certainly behead him and also place the head top top one pointed finish of the stick and plant the other pointed finish in the ground, as is their exercise with pigs. Ralph "tried to attach a an interpretation to this but could not." later he considers that further: "What did the mean?" even when the guys have collection the island top top fire, Ralph can"t recognize their true intent. The thinks, "What can they do? win him? for this reason what? kill him? A stick sharpened at both ends." although Ralph runs for his life and knows Jack is searching him, also to the last he doesn"t understand why that "must" die or that Jack can be capable of the utterly savage action he is planning.