From looking at him, it's pretty apparent that he's based all approximately skill. Although, I might be inaccurate, yet pre-timeskip, someone stated that someone v Mihawk's strength must have actually a evil one fruit, stating that he does have actually a adversary fruit. I recognize I'm going to get downvoted a lot because that this, for this reason I'm not going to comment or I'm gonna shed a many karma, although, I'm reasoning that the may have a evil one fruit revolving around speed and such. Indigenous the anime, the made it look prefer he was moving at speeds virtually instantaneous, except constantly. That was almost like the shave an approach or Luffy's immediate moving technique, except constantly law it. The shave an approach has been presented to be offered as simply a one time thing, no as an actual consistent running thing.

TLDR: Pre-timeskip, someone claimed someone with Mihawk's power must have a adversary fruit, and also he resembles slight superhuman abilities.

Edit: He also sank 50 pirate pearl pretime-skip

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