Q: Does little Caesars take it Apple Pay together a payment method?

Little caesars takes Apple salary at most of that is locations and also through the tiny Caesars app.

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Little Caesars locations & apologize Pay

The best means to determine if a tiny Caesars place accepts Apple salary is by using the apologize Maps app. This application is commonly already on many iPhones. If it is no on her Apple mobile device, it deserve to be downloaded from the Apple application Store.

To find out if a tiny Caesars take away Apple Pay, open up apple Maps, and search because that the restaurant you wish to visit.Once you traction up the small Caesars in the app, scroll down to the “Useful come Know” section. Right here you will see the apple Pay logo and/or “✔ Accepts apologize Pay” if the place takes apologize Pay.The image listed below taken native the apple Maps application shows an example of a little Caesars that takes to apologize Pay. Circled in red is the apple Pay logo design which suggests that this details place in Inglewood, California accepts apologize Pay.


Little Caesars app & apple Pay

The tiny Caesars application also enables payment using Apple Pay. Girlfriend will view the choice to pay through Apple Pay at checkout if you have actually Apple Pay collection up on your Apple device.The image listed below from the little Caesars app shows what the app looks like as soon as Apple pay is available as a payment option.


Does small Caesars take it PayPal?

Note that tiny Caesars does no accept PayPal comparable to its rival Pizza Hut. The Twitter an answer from tiny Caesars Pizza confirms PayPal is not a payment option.

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We apologize for any kind of inconvenience, but no, PayPal is not an option when checking out. Just card payments and Apple pay are right now accepted.