It’s simple to imagine that professional athletes live a charmed life. Dale Earnhardt Jr., however, verified that isn’t always the case. In spite of being the kid of a motorsports legend and also growing right into a legitimate star in his own right, Junior’s an individual life had actually some noteworthy bumps follow me the way.

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Take, because that example, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s partnership with his wife, Amy. While the two room still married today, things might have finished much differently if no for a woman named Jane.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Had an impressive NASCAR career

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Even if friend don’t know much around motorsports, you’re probably acquainted with the Earnhardt family. While his father prospered into a NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Did pretty well because that himself, too.

Junior didn’t start out dreaming of control a race car—he plan on gift a mechanic in ~ his dad’s auto dealership—he ultimately found his way behind the wheel. He started out top top the quick track scene prior to moving approximately the Busch collection in 1996; his talent was noticeable and, two years later, he madehis Winston Cup Seriesdebut.

Once he reached the highest possible level of the sport, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Came to be a NASCAR fixture. While that wasn’t quite as effective as his well known father, the still walk pretty well for himself. Throughout his time on the circuit, Junior winner 50 races throughout NASCAR’s Cup series and what’s at this time called the Xfinity Series, came in very first place at two Daytona 500s, and was namedNASCAR’s Most famous Driver ~ above 15 separate occasions.

NASCAR success couldn’t solve an individual problems, though

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When you watch a rich and famous expert athlete on peak of your game, it’s straightforward to imagine that their life is perfect. Dale Earnhardt Jr., however, proves that isn’t the case.

In a conversation through Graham Bensinger, small admitted that he had actually gone to treatment at various points in his life. He also explained the he and also his wife, Amy, necessary some assist at one point in their relationship.

“Amy and also I were described this lady called Jane,” Earnhardt Jr. Recalled. “And, prior to I met Jane, and also before us went to see Jane, me and also Amy were having a difficult time figuring out just how to do our connection work. We wanted to it is in married; us both want to gain married. We both wanted to have a family, but… every job was like grinding gears. Just a lot of tension, and also disagreement, and misunderstanding.”

Jane regulated to conserve Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s relationship

Dale Earnhardt Jr. And also his wife, Amy, space still going strong, many thanks to Jane. | picture by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

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Today, Dale Earnhardt Jr. And also Amy room still together. That fact is due, at least in part, come Jane’s influence.

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“Jane was the reason why we’re married,” Earnhardt Jr. Explained. “Jane is the reason why we’re having actually a family, and Jane is the reason why every work is method better, girlfriend know. We don’t have actually the grind gears anymore, and also we don’t have the disfunction anymore.”

Junior’s frank confessions didn’t end there, though.

“We weren’t walking to make it,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. Said of his partnership with his now-wife. “We had actually the potential come be an excellent and have a good family together but, if us didn’t have actually Jane, i don’t think that us would have actually met the potential.”

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