It’s not precisely a secret that previous felons have a stormy time finding work. Now we’ll take the time to uncover out just how to discover the best job, beginning with: walk Circle K rental felons?

Circle K is component of the convenience sleeve industry and is recognized for your fuel, coffee and also fountain drinks. If you are interested in assisting client with service for your quick, day-to-day needs, this short article with aid you acquire a job at one K v a felony. With each other we will certainly look in ~ the adhering to questions:

Does one K hire people with misdemeanors:How perform I apply?Does circle K do background checks?Will my felony disqualify me?

Many on ours team right here at Success relax are former felons or professionals who have actually worked closely with them. We recognize it’s an overwhelming out there when looking for a project with a criminal background. That’s why we directly call companies and ask lock if lock hire previous felons.

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Our score is to make task searching a bit less complicated for friend so the you’re maybe to accomplish a regular life.

So, without further ado, let’s look at at exactly how to gain hired in ~ Circle K through a felony record.

Does one K rental felons?


Official firm policy because that hiring felons

While we were can not to contact Circle K come ask lock if castle hire previous felons, our research study doesn’t avoid there. We will proceed trying to do contact, though.

Right now, the quick answer to this concern is uncertain. Back it’s typically left to the discretion that the individual store managers and circumstances, virtual research mirrors Circle K commonly does no hire felons.

Has one K rental felons in the past?

Circle K has hired former felons in the past. It counts on the store manager in ~ the location you are applying to and also the case surrounding the offense.

Does circle K hire people with misdemeanors?

Circle K does hire those through misdemeanors. The company’s hiring techniques are the same for misdemeanors as they are for felony convictions.

Is one K on the Ban the box list?

Ban the box is a campaign set out to do exactly that: ban the box on employed applications that asks if a human has any prior misdemeanor or felony convictions. The same Chance organization Pledge, produced during the Obama Administration, states businesses that have actually signed the Pledge will give former felons a shoot at creating a normal life for themselves.

Both the Ban package list and also Fair Chance business Pledge allow employers come look in ~ an application based on the applicant’s front work history and an abilities before judging them due to the fact that of a vault offense.

Circle K is not on the Ban the box list, and also that pesky crate is had on their application (we checked). They additionally have not committed to the fair Chance business Pledge. However that doesn’t mean you can’t acquire hired in ~ their company with a felony. It’ll simply depend top top the certain location and also position you’re using for.

Does one K have actually special programs for hiring felons?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like Circle K participates in any special programs for hiring felons. This is likely due to the fact that receiving an market of employment is dependency on the individual save managers.

What room the odds someone through a felony will obtain hired?


Our research at Relaunch Pad provides your odds of acquiring hired at Circle K v a felony as uncertain. While ours attempts to contact the firm have unable to do unanswered and also they aren’t on the Ban the box list, virtual research shows they’ve rental employees with a criminal past.

What space some entry-level jobs?

At circle K, the key entry-level positions are in customer service. This will include such duties as greeting customers as they come into the store and also up come the counter, running the cash register, and credit card machine, fall merchandise and general save upkeep.

Starting off as a customer organization representative permits you to learn how the store functions, allowing you to move up in the firm to assistant save manager, store manager and/or a this firm position.

How to gain hired in ~ Circle K through a felony

We recognize they’re not on the Ban the box list, but you’re wondering exactly how do you get a job at one K, right? Well, let’s take it a look.

First, girlfriend will want to fill out an digital application or submit a resume. If you struggle with developing your resume, Relaunch Pad has actually come up through a guide to composing resumes for felons to aid you.

Either way, you’ll desire to make sure to use ideal grammar and punctuation. If girlfriend still aren’t confident, walk to a regional job placement agency and they deserve to assist girlfriend further!

The next phase is the interview. Below are a few pointers on how to nail the interview process:

It’s constantly advisable to be on time, even early.Dress for success. Have clean, wrinkle-free clothes and accordingly styled hair. If girlfriend have any kind of tattoos or piercings, shot to sheathe them increase or take them out. Firm policy on these things can be handle at the finish of the interview.Answer all concerns honestly. The fact will come the end eventually, so it’s ideal to be upfront around everything.Highlight your an abilities and previous occupational history. Have actually you operated at a convenience store in the past? permit them know. Operated a cash drawer and credit card machine? Talk about this. If friend haven’t, that’s okay, too! guarantee the interviewer that you room willing to train and are up for the challenge.Informing the interviewer of any classes, training, volunteering or community company you’ve participated in will also be a great talking allude during the interview. This will display that you haven’t been sitting around doing nothing and also that you’re functioning on getting ago to a common life.Ask your very own questions. If you need a record and pen to make notes throughout the interview, take it them through you. In ~ the finish of the interview, speak up. Ask any kind of questions friend have around the place or the company. This will present Circle K the you have actually been paying attention and also that you are interested in functioning for them.

Does circle K execute background checks?

Because us were can not to with a circle K representative, there’s no critical answer to even if it is or not they carry out background checks. Many companies do perform a background check at some allude during the hiring procedure though. Virtual sources display that some Circle K places will command a background check, when other places do not.

Here’s what you have to know about background checks:

If your felony conviction is seven years old or more, these claims won’t look at them in the elevator check:

CaliforniaColorado*Kansas*Maryland*MassachusettsMontanaNevadaNew Hampshire*New York*Texas*Washington*

(* sometimes specific pay or salary bracket positions need one.)

These next eight says won’t take into consideration court situations where girlfriend were uncovered not guilty:

AlaskaCaliforniaHawaiiIndiana (limited check)KentuckyMassachusettsMichiganNew York

Be ready if friend live in the adhering to states. They will look at every little thing on her record, consisting of not guilty verdicts.

AlabamaArizonaArkansasConnecticutDCDelawareFloridaIdahoIndiana (extensive check)IowaLouisianaMaineMississippiMissouriNebraskaNew JerseyNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOregonRhode IslandSouth CarolinaTennesseeUtahVermontVirginiaWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming

Company ratings

We took the time to check out circle K’s ratings. ~ above, one K’s rating is 2.7 out of 5 stars. Combined reviews come from both past and also current employees. Countless of them say upper administration is decent, pay is favorable and hours space flexible. The bulk of employees additionally enjoy the customer interaction experience. Downfalls often tend to be around relationships in between co-workers and store policies on lunches and also breaks.

What felony convictions could have a difficult time obtaining hired here?

Does one K hire felons? it looks choose the answer come this is yes, yet there room some felonies to be mindful of:

Theft charges might make it complicated when dealing with cash or merchandiseIdentity theft might pose a trouble when working with a credit transaction card machineViolent or dislike crimes might interfere since you will certainly be in direct call with the general public.

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However, this is where being honest and upfront will occupational to her benefit. Using the interview procedure as her platform, friend will be able to let the firm representative know about any front convictions and the actions you’ve take away to get rid of them.

Does one K medicine test?

We don’t understand firsthand if one K conducts drug tests. When using for any kind of position, it’s ideal to play it safe and also move forward as if castle do. Nothing an excellent comes indigenous going v the interview process just come fail a drug screen!

Have you applied for a task or worked here? Share her experiences!

Did this article help you get a job at circle K with a felony? We’d love to hear the details. This is your chance to assist others with similar circumstances get ago to living a healthy, fertile life!