Quick Facts
Birth DateJuly 26,2001
Full NameCarson James Lueders
Birth NameCarson James Lueders
ProfessionSinger-songwriter & Guitarist
Birth CitySpokane, Washington D.C.

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Birth CountryUSA
Father NameJon Lueders
Mother NameDiane Lueders
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Height185 cm
SibilingsOlivia Leuders and Jackson Leuders
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YouTube or other social media communication has given a many opportunity because that young and also talented user to show their talent all about the world. So, today\"s write-up is about a young YouTube star, Carson Lueders who has actually gained substantial subscribers on YouTube for his to sing talent. Moreover, Carson is one American singer-songwriter and also guitarist. Besides, the is popular for his struggle singles such as Feels Good, mental Summertime, and also Silver Bracelet. He was additionally featured in we series Chicken Girls as Ace in 2017.

American climbing young singer-songwriter, Carson Lueders to be born together Carson James Lueders on July 26, 2001, in Spokane, Washington D.C., USA. He is the kid of Jon Leuders(father) and Diane Lueders(mother). Moreover, he flourished up v her two siblings, Olivia Leuders(sister) and Jackson Lueders(brother). That holds an American nationality and also belongs to white ethnicity. However, us don\"t have actually much information on his education and learning qualification yet.

Is 19-year-old Carson Leuders Dating? (Girlfriend & Affairs)

Well, 19 year old, Carson might be life a single life with his family. Moreover, the is at this time focusing ~ above his career building rather 보다 being in any kind of relationship or rumors. Apart, that is really close come his siblings and often uploads a video with them. Besides, the is researching in High School, enjoy it his teenage v his friend by playing and hanging out.

Carson Leuders v his rumored girlfriend, Annie LeBlanc. Picture Source: J-14

Nevertheless, there was rumored in 2018 that he might be dating his co-actor indigenous Chicken Girls, Annie LeBlanc. But, Carson neither Annie spoke on their partnership publicly. Besides, Carson said that they room just great friends.

Carson through his rumor girlfriend, Jordyn Jones. Photo Source: Pinterest

Besides, he was likewise a rumor the dating digital star, Jordyn Jones. Yet, Carson hasn\"t shown if he dating Jordyn or not. Apart, that loves come travel, doing photography, and also going on vacation through his family. Together of now, he is just living a happy and also beautiful moment of his life v his family and also friends.

How much is Carson Leuders\" network Worth in 2020?

Carson Leuders is a rising young singer-songwriter, guitarist, and also YouTuber. So, he can have earn a whopping quantity of money from his career. Furthermore, his approximated net precious is roughly $1 million which is comparable to Kathryn Newton. Nevertheless, he likewise worked together an actor in a drama Chicken Girl. So, the typical salary of one actress/actor in the United says is around $50,000-$60,000.

The young increasing singer, Carson v his brother and also nephew, living his healthy and balanced life. Image Source: Instagram
Carson Lueders. According to SocialBlade, his YouTube channel earns a monthly earning of $100-$1.6K and yearly revenue of $1.2K-$19.2K.

Apart, the has got a massive following of 3.3 million pendant on his Instagram account
carsonlueders. Further, the earns approximately $4,000-$4,500 per post on his Instagram. Together of now, Carson is just enjoying his healthy and wealthy teenage life with his family.

Rose come Prominence

The six feet and also one customs (1.85 m) tall, Carson started his career when a regional radio station KIXZ96 featured him at the period of six. After in 2008, the radio station also posted his video on YouTube. Apart, his parents consistently started come upload his videos covering songs of famous stars like Miley Cirus, Justine Bieber, Cody Simpson, and Keith Urban. Besides, that has also won a couple of music contests in addition to \"Spokane\"s gained Talent\".

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On the various other hand, he exit his an initial EP title All work in 2014, he became a celebrity v his sweet and beautiful voice. However, he rose to fame and gained massive popularity after ~ his hit singles likes feels Good, remember Summertime, Young and also Free, and Silver Bracelet. Besides, he likewise appeared in the net series, Chicken Girls as Ace.