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Hi,I just moved to the UK and my Element is being shipped as I type. It have to be below in a pair more weeks. I have a question/favor to ask of someone with a generous minute to spare. I simply rented an apartment with a garage. The garage opening is 84"-85" wide. My Element is 71.5" wide (without including the few inches the side check out mirrors add to this calculation). Would someone measure the width of their side watch mirrors in both the extfinished and folded in positions and let me know exactly how wide they are? I would certainly prefer to recognize just how challenging it will be to enter and exit the garage opening, or if it"s going to also be feasible.Thanks for your time and also assist.
I dont think I would worry around the mirrors fitting I would certainly concern around obtaining your butt out of the E as soon as its in the garage... If the garage opening is smaller in width than the rest of your garage you need to be fine. There is no means the mirrors folded up would certainly be more than 13-14 inches. If it does revolve out to be to huge for your garage, I will gladly take your E off your hands for you. :razz: Then you can get a Smart Car! I actually always wanted one and would certainly have actually imported it if it werent for the reality that I would look favor a freak obtaining out of it... Tiny TINY automobile through a 6"3" perchild gaining out of it...
Tessa YOfficial EOC decal providers"03 Black, EX, Manual, Tinted front windows, Angel Eyes Fog Lights, Carpet, Full length tribal effects, and so on, and so on and also yadda yadda...
I measured my mirrors for you. The actual length of the mirror assembly is about 10.5 inches yet because it sits at an angle, it actually just protrudes about 6 inches additionally than the body of the automobile below it. Measuring from the side window to the most outside part of the mirror is about 10 inches but aget, because of the contour of the bodyjob-related listed below the mirror, it only actually protrudes about 6 inches. I folded the mirror and measured from the side window to the outthe majority of component and it was 6 inches. The mirrors perform not fold flat against the vehicle. Again, because of the contour, folding the mirrors will only conserve around 3 inches on each side. FYI.

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I gained 82" from mirror guideline to mirror pointer measured with the front home windows. About 74-1/4 with the mirrors folded in.
Hey,I have a two car garage. My various other vehicle is a Cherokee and also once I park both in it I can not exit using the driver"s or passenger"s doors. I need to use the E"s "escape hatch" (rear liftgate).Looks specifically good if I"m going to a Blacktie affair (NOT). Climbing in or out of the escape hatch; the neighbors have to think I"m James Bond or somepoint. LOLThx,Phil
Thank you all for your replies. You have actually assisted confirm my estimate that I will certainly have actually a small over an inch of error on each side of my E driving through the garage door opening. This is going to be fun, yet it might simply enhance my driving capability. I will fold my mirrors in to buy me a little more room. If anypoint, I will be able to park in front of the garage, which will certainly be favor on street parking (tough to come by in the Clifton neighborhood of Bristol). I have believed of buying a Smart automobile, favor after I crash the huge box right into somepoint. Just because tbelow is a line in the middle of a road below does not mean that tbelow is enough room for two cars to actually fit side by side on that road. Major roads must be no trouble though. I can most likely fit a Smart vehicle in the ago of the E
The wierd thing about this garage is that as soon as you gain in, tbelow is sufficient room for 2 cars. In fact the landlord is storing a automobile in the second area (not a lot I deserve to carry out about that). Cheers