Molasses is a thick syrup acquired from pure sugar cane juice. This syrup has actually a light to deep brown color and also a unique flavor. Molasses is supplied in cooking, baking, and grilling. It can be added to sauces and also marinades too. If molasses is rather sweet, that is high in magnesium and potassium. Deserve to molasses go bad?

Molasses is quite sensitive come heat and humidity. If the storage conditions are hot and also humid, there is an boosted risk the mold growth. This is why it is important to store the product the right means to stretch its shelf life!

If you’d choose to know an ext about the shelf life and storage infos of molasses, continue reading below.

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Sugar beet molasses top top a spoon

Can Molasses go Bad?

Yes, molasses have the right to go bad. Molasses is similar to love husband in taste yet the previous has a shelf life. The said, as long as the storage problems are ideal, over there is no factor why molasses won’t store for a long, long time.

It is also worth noting that molasses is highly hygroscopic. It attracts and retains moisture so bacterial expansion is likely if save improperly.

Since molasses is sensitive to heat and humidity, it is ideal to store the product in a cool, dry ar away native sunlight. This goes for all types of store-bought molasses: light, dark, and also blackstrap. Sulphured and also unsulphered varieties of molasses need to be save this means too.

Sealed, unopened party of molasses will save for 10 years in the pantry and also maybe much more if kept in the refrigerator. Opened bottles that molasses have to keep because that 1 come 5 years if stored properly and kept sealed after ~ every use.

Black Cane sugar Molasses in a Bowl

Signs the Molasses has Gone Bad

It is hard to recognize if molasses has actually gone negative simply because the texture, taste, and also flavor of the product will remain the very same for years.

There room no precise signs that would clue world in that the molasses has spoiled. Friend just have to pay close attention to slight changes in the color and also flavor of the product to recognize for sure.

The just time you’ll recognize for certain that the product is no much longer usable is if you see the presence of mold growth. If because that some factor the product has actually turned off-color or there was a adjust in its aroma, discard the product.

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How to store Molasses?

The best way to store molasses is to store it at room temperature or store it in the refrigerator. If you want to save the product in the pantry, simply use the initial packaging.

Place the product in the darkest, coolest (not freezing) spot in the pantry. Store the product away from sources of heat and also humidity. The shelf life that molasses could be expanded if the temperature is stable.

You can likewise refrigerate molasses however the viscosity the the product will certainly thicken. This is because of the chilly temperature. Over there is no additional prep essential to store the molasses in the fridge, use its original packaging.

Cold molasses is difficult to pour (hence the expression “slow together molasses in January”) so you require to warmth the bottle up before use. Just immerse the container in heat water because that a few minutes and the molasses will certainly become an ext fluid.

Black Molasses in a Bowl and also a Spoon

Can You freeze Molasses?

You deserve to freeze molasses because any type of food deserve to be frozen. However, this is no a recommended storage method at all. For one thing, freezing temperature could influence the viscosity of the product. Thawing frozen molasses boosts the threat of mold growth.

Also, since molasses keeps practically for a te in the pantry, there is no should freeze the product to prolong its shelf life.

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If say, friend still want to freeze the product, you need to transfer the molasses in a freezer-safe container with an airtight lid. Pour the product into the container however do no fill it to the brim. Cover v the airtight lid and write the storage date before sticking in the freezer.

Molasses in a dish

Can molasses walk bad? Although the will store for ages, molasses go have minimal shelf life. That won’t keep forever but shot the storage advice we’ve outlined over to expand the storage life that molasses!