Would that be it s okay to use either that them without a comma? would be say thanks to John it s okay too?? It’s for informal

Sorry English isn’t my first language


It’s customary to encompass a comma between “Thank you” / “Thanks” and also a name.

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“Thank John” would only be an ideal if you were commanding someone rather to give thanks to John. On the other hand, if she expressing your many thanks to John, “Thank John” no suitable.

Well said, I have a couple of things to contribute.

"Thanks John," is good grammar if you are saying a sentence prefer "and ns was choose 'thanks john'" because you room not saying it come John. In this situation you room saying something come the reader around John. That is poor grammar if you room saying "Thanks John" to John.

"Thank girlfriend John," is good/bad grammar in the same case as the instance above.

"Thank you, John."/"Thanks, John" is, to my understanding, perfect grammar.

The critical one is 'perfect' grammar since putting a comma between 'thank you' and also 'John' (the human being being directly spoken to) is proper. If you are proceeding your sentence afterwards then a comma would likewise proceed the word John.

Tl;dr great grammar because that thanking someone in both formal and also informal creating is: "Thank you, John." or "thanks, John."

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"Thank John" is sometimes used humorously because it sounds stilted* and also odd. Ns wouldn't speak it to a stranger and also only few of my friend are choose this.

You would commonly say "Thank God" or "Thank Goodness" rather of "Thanks God" once something good happens. For circumstances if you acquire an expansion on an assignment in ~ school, or your mate directly avoided being hit through a car.

You would certainly say "Thanks God" in a sarcastic means however.

*stilted: (of a path of talking or writing) stiff and self-conscious or unnatural.

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