In this foolish Tv lay out Darrel goes right into the movies and sees this girl sitting every by herself. That goes and tries come to talk to her questioning "Can I speak to you because that a minute" and also "Can I have your Number." Its yes, really funny sketch Darrel just keeps pestering her asking if she has actually a boyfriend and then asks for her number. He keeps on talk to her trying to to convince her to give him her number. Climate Darrel start making fun of her name Evan. The keeps asking and also asking for her number however keeps obtaining rejected the tries flirting v her and also making funny of her ponytail. All kinds of stuff you understand Darrel just needs to keep trying and also maybe he could her Number. An excellent luck for him.Nicole Randall Johnson (she is a girl) theatre Darrell, i m sorry is order Darrell yet pronounced prefer Durrell. That is constantly seen in a long yellow shirt with a pull-over argyle sweater. The wears a do-rag on his head and one pants leg traction up. He tries to pick up women, but his persistence in getting their numbers, and also his compliments overwhelm them, and also they end up leaving. That constantly licks his lips and asks women about their boyfriends, where they live, and what they prefer to do. Right here is a Transcript to the skit:Can I have Your Number??Damn.DAMN!OH DAMN!Ok, ok, ok.Ahem.‘Scume ca’I speak to yo fo a minute?ESCUME ca’I talk TO you FO A MINUTE?Uhh, yeah, those up?Uhh, yeah, uhh, my name Darrell, that spelled choose Darrell yet it’s said pronounced Darrell.Uhh, yeah, I just wanna permit you understand the earlier of your head IS RIDICULOUS!Uhh, thanks.Yeah, you room WELCOME.Where’s her boyfriend?Oh my, wha—uh, who?Your boyfriend! where your friend at? Is she getting’ friend refreshments? Is he tall? Is that gettin’ friend Mike n Ikes? Oh, you prefer Mike n Ikes? Is he hefty? Is the comin’ back? wherein your boyfriend? wherein you friend at? whereby your boyfriend?Oh—uh i don’t, i don’t have a boyfriend.Oh girlfriend DON’T? oh you DON’T have a boyfriend?Oh ok, ok, ok, dats coo, yeah.So LISTEN, umm, i was wonderin’, have the right to I have actually yo numba? have the right to I have actually yo numba?No, I-I-I don’t give out mine number…in theaters, wherein I’m about to clock a movie.Ohhh, oh ok, ok, dats coo, dats coo, I gain it, you know.You-You all right into ponderin’ prefer cinemas n do believes n celluloids.Yeah, yeah ok, ok, me too, me too, ok, yeah, yeah, ns respect that. Yeah, keep doin’ your thing miss out on Shallot. Miss out on Gene Shallot. Yeah, yes that’s cute.WHAT’S her NAME DELICATE?OHH! OHH! Umm..Yvonne.OH YVONNE?AW DAMN! hold UP!THAT’S A FRENCH *** surname YVONNE!Yeah mine lil croissant. Lil cheese, on my croissant. YEAH, mmmm!So LISTEN, Ca’I have actually yo numba? could I have actually yo numba?Look, this is my day off and also I just want to clock this movie…alone. I’m sorry.Oh ok, ok, no I acquire it, I acquire it. Ns respect that....So ns can’t have it??Uhh, no I just don’t offer it out.OOOOOOHHHH, ok, ok, I obtain it, I obtain it.Ok, you uhh, friend bein’ every selective ‘cause you gained a PONYTAIL. RIGHT? RIGHT?You think a lotta men cant handle the REGALNESS that a up DO, right? Right?You all prefer Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly. Elegant Kelly.No, no I’m no being anything because I have a ponytail.Oh, Yvonne, Yvonne, Yvonne, Yvonne, Girl. Yvonne, Yvonne. Don’t it is in insecure girl.OWN that ponytail! work-related that up do!OK, ns will.Aw damn, you kinda sexy when you take it my advice, girl, I like that.Yeah, I prefer that, yeah.So, uh, therefore listen, CA’I have YO NUMBA? might I have it? might I have it? can I please obtain the secret code that if gone into telephonically it will certainly pass me v to girlfriend which means it will certainly be her beautiful *** numba?No, no.Could I have it? No come on might I have actually it? deserve to I have actually it? could I have it? have the right to I? have the right to I? can I have it? Ca’I have it? can I have it? No, no, the previews are around to start and also I-I simply want come ponder them…alone, so, but thanks anyway.Oh, ok, yes sir alright, dats coo, dats coo, no, no, I obtain it, you know. Girlfriend wanna like, friend know, go through the every the intricacies of cinema. Ok. Ok. Yeah, for this reason you, girlfriend know, keep-you save doin’ her thing. Girlfriend know, keep doin your thing. Yvonne Shallot, Yvonne Shallot. My tiny brie, yeah, yes bye. Alright, alright. I will miss out on you, though, will miss you. Alright you gain your day girl, alright? take it care.

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