Deez Nuts jokes is just that: an terrible joke. Yet, when in a when a joke is so stunning silly that it rises above its own dreadfulness and arrives at a higher plane the entertaining. Girlfriend would like not to snicker—each self-regarding some part of her cerebrum is dismissing the roaring motivation. However, friend can’t support yourself. That is the allude at which you realize you have an terrible joke so ghastly the it’s yes, really clever.

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Also, the thing is, everybody needs an awful joke indigenous time to time speak to them “father jokes” in the event that you should, however, it’s not simply fathers who love a decent groaner. In this, we’ve gathered 30+ Deez Nuts Jokes from the finest clever devastating jokes that will certainly make lock snicker so difficult you cry—regardless of how difficult you attempt and stand up to.

Here us go!

A male’s 2 most beneficial possessions, and the brag of his masculinity. Generally when the expression “deez nuts” is used it is to screen one’s genital prevalence over either rise an tremendous dismiss or merely piss them.

Me: do you like farces?

Unfortunate casualty: uh… absolutely in part cases

Me: well exactly how you would favor a couple o’ Deez NUTS ENYA Mouth?!

Me: You in ~ any suggest been come Chewons?

You: those Chewons?

Me: Chew top top Deez Nuts

“Need 2 CD’s?”

“No doubt.”

“Need to see deez nuts?!?”

“Hello allow me acquire your vehicle.”

“Why not acquire deez nuts.”

Do friend incline toward tapes or discs?


Well observe deez nuts.

Now you realize how various these Deez Nutes hoax are! for this reason the next time, if you want a break from your regular routine, just read these 30+ Deez Nuts Jokes that Aren’t So negative Yet Funny because that a brand-new experience!

“Honeys be favor “Meth”; i be like “What?”.“We desire some complimentary CDs”; i be prefer “See Deez Nuts!”


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You ask do you dance to Oldies? If so, you reply You run to hold deez nuts!


Me: perform you favor parodies?Victim: uh…yeah sometimesMe: well how’d you prefer a pair o’ Deez NUTS ENYA Mouth?!


Make sure your penis is cleanRub the up v vasoline


“Hey, execute you want some tape and also CD’s?”“What am i gonna perform with that?”“You have the right to tape my penis to her forehead therefore you deserve to See Deez Nuts!


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Me: You ever before been come Chewons?You: whats Chewons?Me: Chew on Deez Nuts

“Want two CD’s?”“Yeah.”“Want to watch deez nuts?!?”

“Hey permit me borrow her car.”“Why don’t you loaned deez nuts.”

Do you prefer tapes or cds?Cds.Well check out deez nuts.

Ask someone execute you desire to view bofa? lock respond Sure, why not? you then contact out Bofa Deeeeeez Nuts! that is then up to you even if it is you honor their request come actually see bofa.

Ask a baseball fan, Circa 1999, did you want the Yankees or the Expos to win the people Series. This is a win-win. If they to speak Expos you yell reveal deeeeeeeeeeez nuts!! the is then approximately you even if it is or no you reveal doze nuts. If they say Yankees, girlfriend yell Yank top top Deez nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts! however dont enable them to yank on your nuts.

Call out someone, Hey Phil, also if they space not Phil. Once they respond, Phil who? that is your possibility to exclaim Phil Deeeeeez Nuts!

Ask someone have you taste Captain Ds? as soon as they respond regarding whether or not theyve consumed food from the renowned seafood restaurant, you gain to verify, Captain Deeeeeeeez Nuts?!

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Ask your friend, execute you recognize anyone who has Feltys? If they room unfortunate to have actually a friend who has actually Feltys syndrome (which according to < register or Signin come view outside links. > is a complication of long-standing rheumatoid arthritis), it is your opportunity to exclaim feel Deez Nuts!!!!

Ask your scholarly friend, perform you prescribe to the theory of Dr. Rubdy? If they have actually read the file Sensitizing Learners towards a much more Productive class Participation: an ‘Exploratory’ technique by Rani Rubdy of the national University of Singapore, they are most likely to respond v a resounding yes. Then it is your rotate to shout rub Deeeeez Nuts!!! If they ask who Dr. Rubdy is, girlfriend say obstacle Deeeez Nuts! climate grab your crotch, and then define that Dr. Rubdy created a really important file on class participation.

Do you know George Lichty? lock may recognize that he is the author of a book titled Grin and Bear It, or they may not. However either way, you acquire to say George Lich Deez Nuts!

You can ask as soon as you watched Alias, were you a pan of Rimbaldi? There will be among two responses. Ive never seen Alias. Who is Rimbaldi? Or they will certainly say Yes, ns love Rimbaldi. Either way, you have the possibility to scream Rimbald Deeeez Nuts!!!!

You deserve to ask, do you desire a bag the goodies? Everyone have to say yes. Then you get to speak A bag of good Deeeeeeeez Nuts!

When her friend looks come be experiencing from allergies, sell them some Claritin D. Climate they accept your offer, clarify. You room willing to give them Claritin Deeeeeez Nuts!

Is her favorite brand-new Orleans Saint Reggie bush or attracted Brees? If they speak Bush, you gain to chuckle in ~ the evident juvenile reference. Yet if they determined the star quarterback, you yell attracted Breeees Nuuuuuuuuts!

Have you watched the classic film certification David Duchovny called House of D? Your best scenario is that they have no idea what you are talking about. Regardless you yell residence of Deez Nuts!

Who is your favorite DJ? Theyll surname someone, and unless they space rude, you will do it ask yours. Your reply? The only man who I have the right to trust come count under the Weekly top 40 is rick Dees. Stack Deez Nuuuuuts!

You ask: “Who makes the better french fries, McDonalds or Wendys? depending upon their response, you get to yell either “Micky Deez Nuts!” or “Wen-Deez Nuts!”Originality factor 4: human being have to be calling McDonalds Micky D’s for a while. On the other hand Wendeez is new.

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The grand Daddy of them All: execute you favor CDs? Wait for itSee Deez Nuuuuuuuts!Originality element 0: This is the an initial Deez Nuts joke. The rulez, however it is definitely not original.

Come on males I recognize we gained some old schoolers in right here with some classics so let me listen them. Feel complimentary to throw any type of other great jokes in below as well.Have you checked out Boffa? Boffa who? Boffa deeeez nuts……..I gained a couple of more for later on if you acquire bored this evening bust your wife or your girl it works everytime. And also yeah for this reason what ns still act choose a child sometimes…stay young

“you wanna beat something, beat these nuts nugga”- The Wash

Who ya obtained the phils or the yanks?phil deeez nutz or yank deeez nuts. That worked an excellent when lock both went to the human being series.

Whats not correct you got the bubleeees.

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Yo you checked out Heidi? Heidi? yep Heideeeeez nutz in yo mouf.

10 cents for fifty percent an hourIn the bed or in the shower

I desire my money backShe’s gained a filthy crack

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So I gained by baseball batAnd I provided that crack a whack