ABSTRACTOur experiment is draft to determine if white candle burn at a faster or slower price than colored candles. . Simultaneously, we also included a candle make of beeswax. This beeswax candle was contained to view if a herbal beeswax candle would certainly burn faster or slower faster than the artificial paraffin wax candle. Us will usage candles that the very same size and shape and manufactured through the same company. They will be lighted at the very same time and also the temperature of the room will certainly not change. The only difference between the candle is the color. This can assist reduce the variables in the procedure.PROCEDUREFirst we gathered five taper candles, one white, one green, one beige, one blue and one gold all made through the same firm and all the same height.Then us gathered a tapered candle make of beeswax the color of which was beige, it also was the same height and made by the exact same companyThen we attracted markings ~ above the candle in ~ equal distances with sharpie to note how far the candle melted over time.We trimmed every wicks to the exact same height. The candles were each put in multiples of the exact same candle holders.We lit the candle simultaneously, with aid from others.Finally, us observed and also recorded the results as soon as the candles melted to their corresponding lines.CONCLUSIONThe white candles burned slightly faster than walk the colored candles. We think this probably happened since the white candles are much more natural. This conclusion go not enhance our hypothesis.Research paperPurpose- perform white candle burn quicker than colored ones? us hypothesize the the colored candles will burn much faster than the white one because the colored candles contain an ext chemicals. The white candle is more natural and contains under chemicals. The independent variable is the shade of the candle. The dependent variable is the rate at which each candle burns. The manage is the all candles room from the exact same manufacturer, and also all room measured at equal intervals and also are burned simultaneously.AcknowledgmentsWe would choose to thank Mrs. Raiford because that purchasing our candles and also Mrs. Mills for hosting our experiment.Research A candle is a piece of wax with a wick installed inside. The form of candle we provided was made of paraffin wax. Paraffin is a petroleum byproduct developed when oil is refined into gasoline. It is a white odorless solid the is the most typically used wax for candle making. High Melt suggest paraffin, i beg your pardon is used to host the structure of taper candles, has actually a melting point greater than 130 levels Fahrenheit, or 54 levels Celsius. . The beeswax candle is a herbal wax produced in the beehive of honey bees. The wax is make by the cheap of worker bees as soon as the wick of a candle is lit, the flame travels down towards the wax that the candle. The melted pool of wax fuels the fire after being absorbed by the wick. Once researching even if it is its color influenced the burning rate of candles, we found that the results of various other experiments varied greatly. In one experiment, a white, red, blue, orange, and also green candle to be tested. In this instance, the white candle take it the longest time come burn. It reached its last marker 20 minutes after the very first colored candle. The result of this experiment support our hypothesis, the a fancy candle will certainly be the fastest come burn. In one more experiment, using yellow, blue, white, pink, and also green birthday candles, the white candle to be neither the fastest nor slowest come burn. That came appropriate in the middle. This an outcome neither supports no one disproves ours hypothesis. In the experiments we researched, every experiment supplied candles that were the same in size, style and manufacturer, to remove variables. . In the beeswax matches the paraffin wax experiment our hypothesis was proven to it is in false. The beeswax did not melt much faster than the paraffin wax candle.

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