Before creating this article I have to admit — I’d never give much despite to mine dogs ship button, allow alone tried searching for it. I knew she had one, yet I’d never ever noticed that or given it a second thought.

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And then I acquired an e-mail native a leader asking me about belly buttons it and it acquired my mind wandering. Why perform dogs have belly buttons anyways?

Why execute Dogs have Belly Buttons?

Why carry out dogs have actually belly buttons? Dogs have belly buttons because they’re placental mammals. When puppies are emerging inside your mother’s womb the nutrients and also oxygen they require are passed from mother to infant via the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a functional tube that offers the baby v food & oxygen, and it’s dead waste away from the baby back to the mother.

The belly switch on a dog is the ar where the umbilical cord was cut after birth. Ship buttons are found on all mammals (except marsupials), and they’re essentially just a scar in the ar where the umbilical cord was cut.

All mammals (excluding marsupials) develop inside your mother’s womb through this process. The belly button itself is just the scar leftover from wherein the umbilical cord was eliminated after birth.

The umbilical cord is a functional tube the carries oxygen and also nutrients from the mommy to the baby. – youngsters Health


In the womb mammals get food & nutrients through the umbilical cord. A belly button is the location where the umbilical cord is cut off ~ birth.

Belly Buttons Are just a Scar

The belly switch is just a scar, and also it’s left after cutting off the umbilical cord in animals. Because mammals provide live bear the babies construct inside their mother’s womb, and also the umbilical cord is your lifeline. The umbilical cord passes along nutrients native the mommy to developing baby (or puppy).

After puppies are born the mom will bite off & rest the umbilical cord which leader to the formation of the belly button. In humans it’s frequently clamped & climate cut, and also the amount of cord left on a infant varies through practice.

Where Is a Dog’s belly Button?

Your dog’s belly switch is located on your dog’s stomach, in the direction of the finish of your rib cage. The belly button of a dog can be tough to uncover due to all their fur, and the fact that they’re generally a small, level scar. In part dogs, especially much shorter haired breeds, you may notice a swirl the hair about surrounding their ship button.

Nearly every Mammals have actually Belly Buttons

The bulk of mammals have actually belly buttons, consisting of dogs, cats, dolphins, and also humans – however there space a couple of exceptions.

Marsupials and platypus’ space the just mammals the don’t have belly buttons. A marsupial’s umbilical cord drops off in their mother pouch, for this reason the scar never forms. And also since platypus’ lays egg there’s no umbilical cord to begin with.

Belly Buttons on dog Aren’t commonly Prominent

Rather 보다 being noticeable like the human being belly button, a dogs belly button is typically little more than a small, level scar that’s hidden by fur. You’ve most likely never noticed her dogs very own belly button, and you’re no alone. I had actually to really look really closely to find my dogs belly button.

Puppies don’t have noticeable belly buttons because that a few reasons. The size of their umbilical cord is small. Sustaining a person baby calls for a enlarge umbilical cord, hence a bigger scar. A puppy’s scar heals right into a small slit fairly than a round hole. And the area is conveniently covered v fur, do detection more difficult. – ScienceIQ

A Protruding Belly switch on a Dog Is cause for Concern

A dogs belly button usually go unnoticed, however when the sticks the end it’s reason for concern. If your dog’s belly switch is sticking out or swollen it could be a problem known together umbilical hernia. In a complex hernia the components of the abdomen become trapped in the belly button, and left untreated it deserve to be fatal.

If you an alert any swelling about your dogs belly switch make an appointment with your veterinarian for the suitable diagnosis & treatment.


Pro tip: Dogs that love belly rubs make the hunt for the elusive belly switch easy. They’ll it is in so chill castle won’t even an alert you’re being a weirdo.

Can You check out Your Dogs ship Button?

I’m happy to say ns finally found Laika’s ship button, despite it did take a most belly rubs and coaxing. It’s simply a tiny, flat hairless scar that usually goes unnoticed.

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Have you checked out your dogs belly button? Is it really small? carry out you desire to discover it without elevating suspicion? shot some great old fashioned ship rubs.